My Favorite Mama Cloth Fabrics & $25 Pink Lemonade GC #giveaway

Pink Lemonade Luna

After taking the plunge into postpartum mama cloth this past spring, I will say that the combination of minky or velour and fleece is one of my favorites. I have tried a number of different fabrics over the years and they seem to be the softest and easiest to keep clean. I have a good-sized collection of mama cloth I have collected over the years, yet I only had a couple in a similar fabric combination, since I started to use the cloth pads a lot less once I discovered reusable menstrual cups.

Pink Lemonade offers seven different sizes, which accommodates to difference body types and absorption needs, as well as two different widths. The mini panty liners I received are a perfect pair with a reusable menstrual cup or to use with light absorption needs, and there are six additional sizes up to a 13” postpartum pad. Unfortunately, I did not connect with this shop during my postpartum weeks, but I am confident that they would have been one of my favorites. And seriously, who could resist this fierce animal print combination I chose? Perhaps you mama cloth skeptics will think twice with some of these fabric selections!

Pink Lemonade Spread

The woman behind Pink Lemonade is a mother of four who chose to work at home after her third child and she prides herself on using quality fabrics. The pads are well made and as a fabric snob myself I appreciate the durability and quality appearance this brings to her products. The WindPro fleece used most commonly in her menstrual and nursing pads may sound familiar to some cloth diapering families as it is a high quality fleece fabric that can often be found in diaper covers.

Thankfully, Aunt Flo has not yet returned after having my most recent baby, but the mini panty liners are small and soft so they can be used to keep things fresh any day of the month. They will be a nice compliment to my reusable menstrual cups when I need to dust them off sometime this year and although it is not a time of the month I ever look forward to, at least the soft, pretty fabrics can add a little cheer! Visit Pink Lemonade online or on Etsy for additional information and to see in stock items.

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Samples were provided for this article, but no compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own.

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Heather Lucas says:

    I would get some of the panty liners BC I have some other more absorbent pads and have a cup waiting for once I get pp Aunt flow back.

  2. Jennifer A. says:

    There are so many great things at the Pink Lemonade online store! I’m not sure what I’ll decide on if I win, but I’m torn between the wet/dry bag, minky pads, or bamboo breast pads! :)

  3. I’d love to get the Set of 4 7.5 Inch Minky Pantyliners

  4. thanks so much for this review! i’ve been on a search for some better mama cloth and this company looks like it might just fit the bill :)

  5. Anne Perry says:

    8 Inch Orange Minky Light Pad with Fleece back

  6. I would get the 11 Inch Berries Bamboo Velour Overnight Pad with Fleece back and the 9 Inch Purple Minky Day Pad with Fleece back

  7. I would get two 13 inch post partum pads

  8. I’m currently pregnant, so I would love to have the raw silk and bamboo fleece nursing pads on hand for when baby gets here. The fabric sounds so nice, and apparently the silk is also great for fighting yeast.

  9. I’d get 8 inch light pad minky Rainbow Owls.

  10. I would get a few of the 9 Inch Purple Floral Minky Day Pad with Fleece back.

  11. I would get the 8 inch light pads and the 11 inch overnight pads

  12. Rebecca Peters says:

    I would def get the Set of Six 7.5 Inch Hand Dyed Bamboo Velour Pantyliners in Surprise Colors with Fleece backs, also the 13 inch hot pink tie dyed minky Post Partum Pad with Fleece back

  13. I need to add some 11 in overnight and 10 in heavy pads to my stash!

  14. I’d buy a set of four 8 inch Print Minky Light Pads with Fleece backs

  15. I’d get some 7.5 inch liners.

  16. eleah salomons says:

    set of 3 9 inch minky day pads

  17. I’d get the set of four 7.5″ minky pantyliners.

  18. chelsea preston says:

    I would get the 10 Inch Fire Bamboo Velour Heavy Pad with Fleece back the 10 Inch Pink and Brown Paisley minky Heavy Pad with Fleece back and the 6 Inch Liner in Purple flowers

  19. I’d either get the nursing pads, the minky pad or the wetbag!

  20. I’d get a Set of 2 7.5 Inch Minky Pantyliners and a Carnival Skulls Small Single Pocket Wet Bag.

  21. Minky pads!

  22. I’d buy some 9″ day pads.

  23. Would love to try some minky liners.

  24. Lily Ivey says:
  25. I would probably get a couple of the overnight pads.

  26. Different types & sizes of pads


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