Two Things That Make Me Smile ~Plus~ Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diaper #Giveaway (9/26)

Rock-a-Bum Piano

A sample was provided for this review, but no compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own.

After a little break I started to teach a new piano student this month and as a result my kids are showing more interest in playing our piano more regularly. I have tried to make an effort to play more often despite the chaos of daily life with three young kiddos, but it can be hard to do any “real” playing. When I sit at the piano the baby wants to be held, the toddler bangs on the keys in the lower register making my notes almost inaudible and my daughter enthusiastically yells as she choreographs her latest dance to our cacophony.

So as I sit here in the rare silence of my little ones all napping at the same time, I am reminded of two things that I love: music and cloth diapers. I need to embrace the stage I am in my life and accept that my music may consist of “Old McDonald” on the guitar and our lively piano quartets for the time being, but this stage will pass by too soon. I have entered the “soccer mom” stage of my life where my oldest started kindergarten and my days are filled with school bus pick-ups, carting a van full of kids between activities, nap times that rarely seem to coincide and trying to get a meal thrown together at the end of the day. Despite all the hustle and bustle I need to write about cloth diapers more often, because they are something that still make me smile even after five years of changing diapers (and that is kind of a big deal).

I recently had the chance to test out a diaper that brings together these two smile-worthy topics as you can see in the photo of my newest little diaper tester above. Rock-a-Bums are a pocket diaper that can also be used as a cover, all-in-one, all-in-two or hybrid diaper. The diaper includes two stay-dry inserts with grey bamboo charcoal to battle dinginess in style and we were brave enough to test this diaper out for the first time using both inserts overnight with success.  It has a good size range and fit on my chunky daughter with plenty of room to grow and has plenty of daytime absorption using one insert for the time being. This is the first diaper with bamboo charcoal I have used and I am loving it so far—only time will tell how well they will hold up to stains after we enter the world of solid foods later this month…

I think I may be a little partial to this diaper because of the musical reference in the name and it matches our lovely Shoenhut piano I was lucky enough to score at a garage sale this summer, but it has been performing well for us and you have to admit it looks really good next to her little piano.

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A sample was provided for this review by Rock-a-Bums, but no compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Adorable picture!! What a cute face :)))
    I love the bamboo charcoal too!


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