To Fold or Not to Fold, That is the Question

To Fold or Not to Fold

I recently shared one of my favorite cloth diapering accessories on a video over at Dirty Diaper Laundry, which makes cloth wipes very easy, but the about six months ago I found something else that makes it even easier. And after using cloth wipes for almost five years I laugh at myself for having just “discovered” this time-saver sooner.

A little secret between you and me is that I have occasional OCD tendencies. Nothing extreme (if you saw my house on any given day you would know I am far from having a disorder), but I have a thing for tidy stacks of clothing, cloth wipes included. I talked about this last year after I took a break from cloth wipes for a spell if you want to check that out. It makes sense to fold the wipes when storing my cloth wipes so I can quickly grab a stack, my oldest can help fold and stack them and they look so tidy in the wipes warmer so why change the way we have been doing things for so long?

Third trimester. That was why.

Earlier this year as my belly grew larger and all of my daily chores seemed to take more effort and energy I gave in one day and tossed an untidy, disorganized bundle of wipes into the wipes warmer. Then I realized two things over the next few weeks. I could fit a few more wipes in the wipes warmer by tossing them in without folding them, which also meant that I was refilling the wipes warmer less often.

I also found that saturating the dry wipes under running water before putting them in the wipes warmer is faster than pouring water over them after setting them in the warmer. At least for us, since we were filling a peri bottle multiple times to saturate the wipes and this also helps keep the antimicrobial pillow wet without needing to add additional water. I still like to fold and stack my wipes on occasion and they store better in our little bathroom drawer when they are folded, but unfolded wipes are my new go-to method for when things are busy. If the cloth wipes are getting low and I am about to put cloth wipes away I save myself a minute by tossing the clean ones in before bothering to fold them.

My last time-saving tip for cloth wipes is to just use plain water. In my early diapering days I was shocked at moms who said they do not bother with wipes solutions. How could they not? They smelled so good and added some cleansing properties to the wipes and only took an extra minute to use. Although all of these things are true I have found myself down the road in their shoes. Whether it is the wisdom of an experienced mother or more likely just a shortcut for a busy, growing family, I only use wipes solutions on occasion. One solution that I do love and reach for is the THinc Balm! Baby Juice Those Wipes solution, because there is no melting wipes cubes or additional time involved (and it smells yummy). It is a lovely product and company you should check out.

Do you fold your cloth wipes?

Wipes Time Saving Tips

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  1. Have you ever had trouble with mildew? I prefer to keep a stack of dry wipes on my changing table next to a thermos pot of warm water and a spritz bottle of wipe solution, mainly because it takes up less space than the big, clunky wipe warmer I have. So I’ve never tried the pre-moistened cloth wipe method, but I keep hearing people say that they’ve had mildew problems when doing it that way.

    • I only ever use a wipes warmer to avoid mildew or other issues. I have never had mildew while using the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer over the past four years (I now own two), and they use an antimicrobial pillow that needs to be changed quarterly. I cannot speak for other wipes warmers though and personally wouldn’t pre-moisten them in any old container.

  2. I LOVE the BALM Baby Juice Those Wipes, too! I use a plastic Huggies wipes box with about 12-14 wipes and 12 oz of water/solution. We live in AZ and this stash of premade wipes will last about a day and a half (I do diaper laundry every other day, so the timing works nicely). I’ve never had mildew issues. Sometimes it’s hard enough just getting my toddler, the diaper and the wipes in the same relative area for a quick change – I can’t imagine having dry wipes and needing an extra bottle around to wet them every time I need to use them.

    • I cheat with my antimicrobial wipes warmer, but it is good to know that a wipes box can work as well. I think the key is that you only wet what you will use over 1-2 days to avoid mildew or other issues.

  3. It was so funny when I clicked to read this I was thinking to myself…maybe I should leave a comment telling her the easiest thing to do is just leave then unfolded lol! Welcome to the world of previously OCD but you will be back to it in no time lol. I use a quotes solution with just water and a squirt of dr bronners to keep the stinks away, that might help people talking about mildew. I use about a teaspoon dr bronners lavender soap for every two cups of water.

    • LOL, so there are more of us, eh? :-) We love Dr. Bronners, although I buy unscented and add my own essential oils depending on what I am using it for!

  4. i need a wipes warmer I think :) i always wait for the sink water to warm up when wetting wipes.

    • You do! I have two now that we have two stories. One is the nursery and one in the hall bathroom for my toddler! I am partial to my PLH Warmies Wipes warmers and I love that it’s made for cloth wipes, but I think there are other brands out there people have some success with. :-)

  5. This was helpful! I’ll be cloth diapering my first child when she arrives next month and I am always looking for some time saving tips! I am definitely going to add the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer to my registry. Thank you for writing this post!


  1. […] if you are careful about how long you keep them wet (to avoid mildew) you can use a wipes warmer.  Emi from The Cloth Diaper Report mentioned this was her favorite diaper accessory so this method does […]

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