Our Back to School Splurges & Steals

Some products mentioned in this article were provided as samples from companies and affiliate links may be used when available. All other products were purchased by my family, but all views and opinions of the products included are my own.


It is less than one week until my daughter starts kindergarten! Where has the summer gone (or that past five years for that matter)? I still need to get a couple of last minute supplies this weekend, but we finished getting some new outfits and shoes this past week. I ordered a couple of Hanna Andersson outfits during their back-to-school and free shipping sale, got some mini Boden bermuda shorts at thredUP online, and we got a stylish new top to review from Stella Blu.

The Hanna Andersson outfits I bought can be mixed and matched with some of her other Hanna pieces and the grey cardigan will be handy when the rain starts up again this fall and will match with most of her wardrobe. Their back-to-school sale runs through this weekend and their unders are also on sale if you are looking for some organic cotton trainers or underwear. Their clothing is definitely a splurge, but we have been blessed with a lot of hand me downs and all of the Hannas we have had passed down to us are still in fantastic shape so they are well made.

Stella BluThe Stella Blu shirt (pictured, above) has a fashion-forward “big girl” feel to it and I was nervous that the thin, almost tissue-like thickness would be see through, but it is not. They pride themselves on using the softest fabrics and non-toxic inks with bright, fun “rock-n-roll” street wear designs for optimum confidence and expression for kids. My daughter loves her butterfly tee and we bought it with a little room to grow so it will definitely fit through the school year. Their sizing starts as small as 3-6 mos. (perfect with a pair of woolies!) and is also available in a long sleeve design.

ThredUP is one of my new favorite shops to browse for brand name clothing, because I can shop in my PJs and unlike a consignment store where the selection is small for each size there are thousands of items in stock. I love brand names, but refuse to pay full price, so this is the perfect place for me since everything is already at sale prices and either gently used or brand new. I have not yet taken advantage of their store credit program since our family is still growing, but I plan on going through my clothing to fill up a bag of women’s clothing sometime this fall.

I dragged the kids up to Seattle (in traffic) for a meet and greet with the thredUP CEO a couple of weeks ago and came home with a cute thredUP T-shirt, which they will get plenty of free advertisement from me wearing it around town, and a coupon code for my readers! Exclusive TCDR coupon code for 25% off your order at thredUP! Enter “EMI25” at checkout now through August 31st!


My latest order included Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, GAP and more for my family all for under $80!

My daughter is growing like a weed and since most of her shoes are too tight, we are starting the school year in style with a pair of Vans Hello Kitty lace sneakers and Costco’s finest Australian sheepskin boots. She has been practicing hard to tie shoe laces all summer in hopes of getting lace shoes and earned herself a pair. I, on the other hand, was excited to find real sheepskin boots at Costco for $20, because tan matches with almost everything and it is a easy-to-slip-on alternative to lace shoes and good for the wet winter weather here in Washington. I treated them with a protective spray and we are good to go!

Last, but not least we got her long locks trimmed and hair accessories to coordinate with her outfits. It was her first hair cut in her five years of life and the longer we waited to trim or cut it, the harder it was to swallow the idea of cutting her golden locks. She has been begging for a hair cut and although I did not entertain her desire for a bob we met in the middle with an “Alice” length. So my Rapunzel is now Alice for the time being, but it looks for much fresher and healthier and will grow back quickly.

Our favorite ouchless hair elastics are made by Goody, but we recently found a new favorite product in their line: softies! They are soft, no-clip “grips” that cling to the hair like a giant piece of Velcro, but in adorable star and heart shapes. We like them, because their material minimizes painful bumps, which seem inevitable with an active kindergartener, and my daughter likes that they are easy for her to put in by herself.


What splurges and steals have you purchased during your back to school shopping?

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