Let’s Talk About Newborn Cloth Diapers

Newborn MomentI talked about my most recent experience with newborn cloth diapers over on the Charlie Banana blog this spring and came to a conclusion. Because newborn diapers are the easiest cloth diapers to wash, particularly for exclusively breastfed babies, it may be the best time for families to consider starting to use cloth. I have friends who have made conscious decisions to wait until the chaos of the first few months die down or when their little one is big enough to fit in one size diapers without swimming in them to start cloth diapering. And although it may seem overwhelming to new parents during the sleep deprived weeks following a new baby’s birth, with a little planning things may go smoother than you think.

Newborn diapers make a difference! The second time around definitely went smoother than my first time cloth diapering a newborn with my son (I did not discover cloth until my oldest was a couple of months old), and I attribute this to a larger newborn diaper stash. Although many one size diapers will work from birth up I personally find them bulky and awkward on my tiny newborns for the first month and have had a more pleasant time cloth diapering during the newborn stage the more newborn diapers I have had at my finger tips. My babies go from average or below average at birth to being off the charts in the course of a month, so although my experience with their rapid growth may be unique to the general cloth diapering world, it does give me a little peek into a couple of different newborn body types (tiny and not-so-tiny). If you are on a budget consider a newborn diaper rental program or good old prefolds and covers.

The compulsive organizer in me wants my diapers neatly stacked and organized by style and brand, but this is not realistic during the postpartum weeks. Do not bother neatly stacking or folding the diapers. You are changing so many diapers a day that they will not stay in their organized state anyways, so by letting this go you can save yourself a few minutes during the day, which may give you enough time to have a decent potty break! If you just cannot let go of your diaper organization, consider getting a cute wooden or colorful laundry basket where they can still look adorable and semi-organized in the nursery.

If you are new to newborn cloth diapering, but are still cloth diapering another child, I would recommend washing your newborn diapers separately from other loads. The last thing you want is some ammonia or yeast drama to spread to your newborn and since the load sizes have to stay the same anyways, it is not any more laundry. If anything keeping the loads separate avoids potential complications, so I say stay on the safe side to avoid any headaches.

The main frustration for me while cloth diapering a newborn has been finding a good fit when the fit changes from day to day and week to week. My “go-to” newborn diaper during the first couple of weeks is not the same as my preferred diaper weeks later. For this reason I recommend having a few different brands and styles in your newborn diaper stash. Hopefully, your babies grow at a slower rate than mine, because that will mean you will probably have fewer issues finding a good fit, and a good fit is unique to your bundle of joy. Even if you have cloth diapered a newborn before each baby is so different and life circumstances also vary, so you may find that your favorites change.

I will discuss some different brands I have tried for the first time and second time in the coming weeks and I am curious, what would be your #1 cloth diapering advice for newborns?


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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. in the newborn stage I loved the GMD Workhorse Orange egde with a cover. I also had Bumgenius AIO’s and Lil Joey’s all good dipes. I got much more use out of the Workhorse as it fit longer.

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