Does Supplementing With Vitamins Make Me a Terrible Mom?

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

With my oldest the thought of giving her a daily vitamin did not even occur to me. She had added vitamins in her baby and toddler food, milk and I tried really hard to provide healthy food choices and trusted that she was getting the nutrients she needed. Then my son came along.

During the early stages of baby and table food he did pretty well, but after he entered the toddler years he became quite a challenge at mealtime. Unless it was in the form of a smoothie with fruit he refused to have anything to do with vegetables. I continued to offer them and tried to find creative ways to incorporate them in to meals, but failed most of the time in getting him to eat anything but carbs and fruit.

So around his second birthday a giant bottle of vitamins caught my eye when I was shopping at Costco. The easy to chew gummy shape seemed appealing and I immediately noticed the words “naturally sourced colors and flavors” and “made in the USA” on the bottle. They were recommended for ages two and up, so I bought it and it has been a staple in our cabinet ever since. Both of my kids beg for their daily vitamins and they like to make their vitamins talk to each other before eating them and it becomes a fun part of our routine.

That part of my brain telling me that supplements are unnecessary if they are eating a balanced diet grew quieter as I realized my son needed a supplement to get him through his picky eating phase. I was not a terrible mom, because my son would not eat the organic vegetables I tried to prepare a million different ways. I continue to offer vegetables at each meal and play around with creative ways to incorporate more greens into his diet and we are making some improvement, but for the time being I feel less worried about him having balanced nutrients while he is on a vitamin.

L’il Critters also offers Vitamin D supplements especially for those of you who also live in rainy, overcast areas of the country like me, as well as Calcium, Omega-3 DHA, Fiber, Immune C and I was excited to see they offer a Fruit & Veggie supplement as well! You can see that our sample bottle of vitamins came just in time as we ran out of our giant Costco bottle just a couple of days after our reinforcements arrived. My son is also modeling with the Calcium supplements I have been getting in our favorite Costco size (photos, above). Visit L’il Critters online to see their full selection of products as well as a retailer near you and you can also visit them on Facebook.

Have you battled with a picky eater?

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  1. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, a lot of our population is Vitamin D deficient! My doctor told me to take a vitamin D supplement for pregnancy (in addition to prenatals). So don’t feel horrible for giving your children vitamins. Although, like you mentioned, a lot of the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet, taking vitamins isn’t going to hurt (unless they have too much Iron, but as far as I know this brand and other gummy vitamin brands completely omit Iron just because it can be hazardous if a child gets into the bottle and decides to eat them all!). If your child’s body doesn’t absorb the nutrients, it just gets filtered out through pee! No harm done!

    • We are currently south of Seattle, so we are in a similar boat! I have been slacking on my baby’s Vitamin D drops (as in have yet to give her any), but now that the rainy “season” has started again I need to get on top of things. I will confess I take their gummy vitamins myself in lieu of my prenatals every once in a while. I still have a lot of kid in me! 😀

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