Scorched Grilled Pizza and Toddlers on the Run ~Plus~ Grilling Tool Set #giveaway (8/7)

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Grilling makes me think of summertime and America as my early memories of grilling are from when my family would visit my grandparents in the summer when I was young and my grandpa would make burgers and white hots on his grill (any New York State-ers will know what I am talking about!). They did not grill like this in Japan so this was a treat we would have every couple of years with plenty of potato salad, chips and other mouth watering dishes my grandparents, aunts and uncles would lay out for a family picnic.

We finally bought our own grill this summer and when the opportunity came my way I was ready to take on the challenge of grilling a pizza. We are regular pizza eaters at our house and this gave us the opportunity to try and grill one to see if it would add the lovely taste of summer to a favorite family dish and spared us from warming up the inside of our house with the oven. We had only fired up the grill a few times and are still trying to figure out the art of charcoal grilling, so I was not confident enough to try putting the dough directly on the grates as the online tutorial from Pillsbury shows so we used a cast iron skillet instead.

My husband loves convenience so the Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough we tried was perfect for him to help with pizza night this past week. I chose the artisan whole wheat variety to try which comes out of the container in a rectangular shape, but if you are using a round pan like we did it only takes a minute to reshape. I felt like doing something a little different so I went with a margarita pizza reminiscent of one I ate in Italy years ago and it turned out well minus the scorched bottom that resulted from chasing a run away toddler down the block just when it was time to take it off the grill.

I also tossed some pluots and white peaches on the grill after the pizza was almost done as that was something else I had seen on cooking shows that I had never tried. As we get more confident in our grilling skills I would definitely like to try grilling directly on the grills the next time around! I was just a little worried that we would have a stuck-on mess or that our dough would ooze down into the coals if we did not have the temperature quite right. Have you grilled pizza before? How did it turn out?


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