Another Step Towards Being (More) Plastic Free with Innobaby’s Din Din Dish

A sample was provided by Innobaby to facilitate this review, but no compensation was received. As I mentioned in the article, we purchased a second plate because the kids loved it so much!

So it is pretty much impossible to be completely plastic free these days between coatings on receipts, electrical cords and packaging materials, but I am trying to make steps towards having less plastic in my home. It is something that will take time and I know that we will never be one hundred percent plastic free, but I am taking baby steps to do what I can by starting with some of the things that I feel I want to change the most, like dinnerware. Thankfully there is not very much to switch for our adult plates and bowls which are mainly ceramic, but we have a drawer full of children’s plastic-ware that just needs to go.

Even my husband, who is the yang to my green living yin, has been tossing some of the plastic plates in the recycle bin as the pictures have started to peel which really makes you wonder what is rubbing off on their food and going through their bodies. Since glass and ceramic materials are not a good fit for my “hulk” of a toddler (you do not want to see this little guy when he gets angry), I started to research stainless steel products that would be functional and fun when I came across these adorable Innobaby plates.

Innobaby J

They are functional dishes because they not only separate the food for finicky eaters, but the sections also make it easier for little hands to scoop food out. The different sections encourage my kids to eat a variety of foods at mealtime and the plastic lids (so there is a little plastic involved here, but these plates are available without them) are great for making meals ahead or storing what your little ones have not finished to eat later. The dishes are fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe, and I can almost guarantee that toddlers will turn the dish on its side at least a time or two to “drive” it around the counter or table. So you may want to let your kids explore them first without any food inside.

Innobaby K

My kids liked the plate and pink lid Innobaby provided us for this review so much that I ordered a second one (with a blue lid) to keep them from fighting over them too much and they were cute and functional enough that they did not have to beg me too much. My little guy is obsessed with vehicles and since he is a finicky eater, I wanted to encourage him to be more open to a variety of foods at mealtime with this fun dish.

My toddler also loves his new Sippin’ Smart sippy cup they had sent for him to test out, which is pretty innovative. I love the weighted straw and the grow-with-me design that allows the stainless steel tumbler to be used past the toddler years. Thankfully, my five-year-old did not beg to have a matching one and they are happy just having their own bus dishes. So the bottom line is that these dishes are darling and I am happy that I was able to find them for my kids so that they could have a fun alternative to the colorful plastic plates they used to use.

Although they may outgrow fighting over using these dishes eventually, we still have another little one who will be eating baby food then table food before we know it and I would rather invest in fun and functional dishes that I feel better about using than plastic. Stainless steel is definitely a little bit of an investment though. Are any of you also trying to go more plastic free for your family?

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  1. We’ve been trying to replace our plastic with either glass or stainless steel. For example my 6 year old daughter takes her lunch in a glass Lock and Lock, a stainless steel container for fruits and vegetables, and a Kleen Kanteen. Sandwiches are sent in a hand made cloth sandwich bag which I got on Etsy. The kids have used real glasses since they learned how to drink from a cup around 11 months. There is always something that we can replace. Right now I’m trying to find stainless steel Popsicle molds, and maybe a glass coffee maker.
    Thanks for the post. I’m pregnant with my third and if relatives are looking for gift ideas, that dish would be a great gift to receive.

  2. I have been looking to get a meal plate that’s similar to this for a while, I know I can’t ditch all the plastics in my house at once but I’d like to take small steps!

    • That’s what I am trying to do as well! When my oldest was young I made sure everything was BPA free plastic and now that the replacement plastics have started to be questionable I figure I can try and avoid buying any new plastic and stick with something I feel better about.

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