How Did You Spend Your Earth Day? ~Plus~ Charlie Banana Bundle #Giveaway (4/29)

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Happy Earth Day! We are having a warm and sunny streak this week in rainy Washington and I am looking forward to having a few days with the highs in the 60s and little to no rain in the forecast. I felt like I should have done something special in honor ofย  today, but I put the recycle out on the curb, ordered some cloth diapers I found on sale, used cloth diapers on two kids, enjoyed the sunshine and was reminded that I am trying to make greener choices every day. So then I did not feel as bad.

CB Diaper StackWhether you are researching cloth diapers, a veteran, getting ready for swimming in the warm months ahead or gearing up for potty training, Charlie Banana has a treat for one lucky reader. Charlie Banana is offering a bundle of two one size diapers, and a 2-in-1 swim diaper and cloth trainer to celebrate Earth Day this week. As you can see from the photo above, they are colorful and regular diapers in my kids’ diaper rotation.

So enter the fun giveaway below and share how you spent your day this year!

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I am a Charlie Banana blogger and this giveaway is sponsored by Charlie Banana.ย 

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Michelle Lynch says:

    Of course we cloth diapered!

    • Plan on cloth diapering when he gains weight.

    • Sarah sidnam says:

      Yep! We cloth diapered too!

    • catherine says:

      Well i spoke to my friend about cloth diapering her daughter. So tomorrow i will speak to her about the benefits of cloth diapering with charlie banana best decision i made for my son. I will be advocatinh charlie banana diapers through the real diaper association. Once i become a circle leader. :) thanks for everything.

  2. I spent my day with a sick baby and wasn’t very green at all. :(

  3. Christa Nyleen says:

    I took my kids to the park, did a load of diaper laundry and harvested our bee’s honey

  4. Jenette Zecena says:

    I spent earth day with my mother. It’s actually her birthday. I also browsed online for all the cloth diaper deals :)

  5. Meredith E. says:

    We are thinking of starting to compost.

  6. I’ve been looking for a cloth solution for the swim diaper…Charlie Banana must be the way to go!

  7. Sara sneigoski says:

    I plan on using cloth wipes soon!! It will definitely be easier and more environmentally friendly:)

  8. Maegan Sonksen says:

    Earth Day was supposed to be my daughters due date but she came a month early. So to celebrate her being one day shy of one month old on Earth day we spent the entire day inside snuggled on the couch. The weather was dreary here so not a good day to be outside with a tiny girl so it was official due date snuggle day with me and my princess. And we also celebrated her princess day with all pink cloth diapers :)

  9. Katie Uebner says:

    I spent the day with my 6 year old ad my 8 week old. I also decided to start cloth diapering full time today (as my 8 week old is FINALLY big enough to fit into the large stash of great second hand Bumgenius 4.0s I scored!). Good way to spend Earth Day I think! I’d love to try out Charlie Banana. I’ve seen them at Target and wondered how well they worked, and since then I’ve heard good things!

  10. It was a beautiful sunny Earth Day here, but unfortunately my 3 year old was really sick today so we ended up staying inside. :-( I’ve been planning to do some home upgrades (windows, furnace, etc.) to increase our energy efficiency when we can afford them.

  11. I’m thinking about switching to cloth pads once my period starts back!

  12. We walked to school today instead of taking the school bus (2.5 mile round trip). Not an easy task for an 8-month pregnant lady, but we did it! :)

  13. We used cloth diapers!

  14. I made sure every possible recyclable was recycled.

  15. Cerena Lynn says:

    I’m starting to make all my own soaps, and I’m gonna start going shampoo free and washing my hair with baking soda. :)

  16. Our green change/addition this year is cloth diapering our LO due in June!

  17. I have already made the green change of cloth diapering just this year! And we are composting and gardening!

  18. We cloth diaper lo, teaching my girls to compost and recycle and enjoyed the sun all day

  19. Melissa A. says:

    I went for a run in the beautfiul weather. Also researching my next project, reusable makeup remover wipes. As I continue with my DIY projects I am converting my family to a greener life style.

  20. Amy Adams says:

    We cloth diapered all day :-)

  21. I am thinking of making my own green cleaners

  22. We stayed home! It had been a busy week last week and weekend and we needed a “C” day. We watched the catipillar cocooon, took the compost out and read books.

  23. We spent a pretty quiet day at home on Earth day. My green change for the year is beginning to compost our kitchen scraps.

  24. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I plan to start a garden for my family this year!

  25. Jenny B. says:

    I didn’t do anything special for Earth Day, although I did drop off some recycling since it had been building up for a while.

  26. Laurie Snow says:

    I had to work the night shift before and after, so I spent the day sleeping…

  27. We didn’t really do anything. I took advantage of an Earth Day sale and took the kids outside for a little. We had a really nice day yesterday too. :-)

  28. I used Lunette for the first time. Great product!

  29. Andrea H says:

    We cloth diaper, breastfeed, recycle, upcycle, & constantly pick up garbage (thanks to me 4 year old who insists we do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), but I’m going to start cutting my shower time down.

  30. My family didn’t do anything special for earth day, but we do our part every day by cloth diapering, using homemade detergents, recycling and upcycling a lot of things that would normally go in the trash. I did share information about cloth diapers with friends as well.

  31. ginger g. says:

    I’d like to get more plants for indoors.

  32. I am hoping to start cloth diapering soon.

  33. kimberly pugliese says:

    i spent the day changing cloth diapers and pushing through some braxton hicks!!! hahaa

  34. I didn’t do much very differently, but I am happy with my green choices! I has the chance to pick up a loose bottle on a walk and put it in my recycle bin. It was a nice reminder that we all have to work together to take care of our environment!

  35. Jenn McClearn says:

    I want to start using cloth diapers at night and maybe while on the road just not sure how to handle the super messy ones while on the go :/

  36. We spent earth day outside at the ball fields enjoying the outdoors. We picked up extra trash here and there on the way out of the fields.

  37. We stayed in today, but I had a nice talk with my oldest son about being green and why we do the things that we do such as recycle, compost, grow our some of our own food etc. And my new favorite thing I just made was some un-paper towels, we love them!

  38. What a great giveaway!! For Earth Day we went to the Disney store and the kids traded in plastic bafs for reusable ones :)

  39. *bags

  40. We took our 11 month old to the park for the first time and he loved the swings!

  41. Trisha W. says:

    We don’t celebrate Earth Day on one day. We use cloth diapers/napkins/rags on a daily basis. We also recycle, compost, etc.

  42. Giveaway!

  43. Cloth diapers are my favorite baby item! I need an Orange CB to add to my collection!

  44. We plan to start using un-paper towels. We spent Earth Day by being outside, taking a walk around the neighborhood to pick up trash. We recycle, compost, use cloth snack bags and napkins, and we don’t buy bottled water.

  45. Our greener change will be that we will be using our own bags while shopping (no plastic) and switching over to cloth wipes full time.

  46. We celebrated Earth Day by enjoying the beautiful weather and doing some spring cleaning in our neighborhood … my 3 year old and I managed to pick up a big bad of trash AND a full bag of recycling!

  47. We’re eliminating plastic from our kitchen (Saran wrap, ziplocks, etc) and line drying nearly everything now that spring is here.

  48. Tristania S. says:

    Compost! Reuse containers.

  49. Spent the day at home, cloth diapering my 3 month old and planted some clover with my 7 year old.

  50. took out recycle bin, ordered a stash of cd as well!! making burp cloths out of scraps of fabric, every piece counts!!

  51. jenna young says:

    Nothing too special, we love the earth everyday tho. So well make up for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. We spent the day in the house resting, and trying to prepare the nursery for our son.

  53. I did an Earth Day blog post, but I try to live every day like Earth Day and always trying to be more green.

  54. We recycle, I use mama cloth and we cloth diaper!! :)

  55. Stephani mantle says:

    We went for a walk and blow bubbles. I wold love to start cloth dispersing my 11 month old.
    Hopefully my soon to be 2 year old will be out of diapers soon. We started a compost bin in our back yard last summer.

  56. Cara Staten says:

    We used our cloth diapers and spent a lot of time outside playing!

  57. On Earth Day I worked from home so that I would save on gas, I didn’t do any laundry or dishes to conserve water for the day, I bought more cloth diapers, and used reusable bags at the grocery store.

  58. I try to be kinder to the earth every day. Right now i am trying to teach my 3 year old not to waste water- so far it is a losing battle!

  59. Chelsea Pelzer says:

    I want to try and get into more greener products over the next couple months.

  60. Veronica M. says:

    Spent the beautiful outside with my five kids :)

  61. Lauren Gokhale says:

    We celebrated by not putting out any trash on trash day…for the third consecutive trash day. I credit Charlie Banana as I now avoid contributing the 70+ disposable diapers/week into landfills.

  62. We dreid diapers outside yesterday.

  63. Miranda M. says:

    We started our very first garden this weekend

  64. The day was very busy with running errands and such. I did however manage to buy the supplies I need to make my own naturally safe laundry detergent! We are working on switching over to making everything natural and safe.

  65. Cloth diapering/more recycling!

  66. Amber Burridge says:

    We picked up garbage on our walk home from school :)

  67. Ginger M. says:

    We didn’t go anywhere special for Earth Day, but celebrate it every day by using cloth, recycling, and using hand-me-down toys and clothes :)

  68. I spent my Earth Day doing fluff laundry!

  69. Carrie C says:

    We are hoping to start a garden and compost pile this year. I am also starting to use reusable lunch sacks/bags!

  70. Amanda C. says:

    We planted a tree for Earth Day.

  71. I try my best to recycle what I can on a daily basis. My goal this year is to petition for curbside recycling in our neighborhood- it seems archaic that we don’t have a service available that will do it in our city yet, and it would make a large impact if the neighborhoods would come together to find a company who would be willing to do so.

  72. Took joy in watering my garden, saw beauty in all of the growing life around me, and made good choices like line-drying my cloth diapers!

  73. Earth Day is everyday around here! We use cloth in as many ways as we can, recycle, garden and much more

  74. Melissa P says:

    We didn’t do anything on earth day, but this weekend we’ll be giving away trees for arbor day. I’m always trying to use less napkins and paper towels and use cloth when I can. Hoping to eliminate the paper napkins all together.

  75. katie klein says:

    We rode our bikes yesterday! It was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it.

  76. I washed cloth diapers and worked in the garden ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. We spent earth day in our vegetable garden….and of course was a load or two of cloth diapers!!! :)

  78. Jennifer S says:

    We spent the day tending to our garden.

  79. I spent Earth Day reading books about bugs with my bug mad toddler n her baby brother :)

  80. Carmon Juneau says:

    We went for a walk, and have begun to use cloth napkins instead of paper.

  81. Viridiana Casas says:

    We are trying to recycle more and teach our kids the importance of it.

  82. I spent the day wishing I had my newly ordered stash of cloth diapers already :-)

  83. Happy earth day

  84. We started using cloth diapers and we want to start a compost pile this year.

  85. I am going to plant a bunch of veggies in the backyard before the month is over!

  86. Took the bus to work instead of driving.

  87. I spent Earth Day at home with my littles. My next “green” change is that we are switching to cloth diapers and wipes for the first time! Baby #3 is due in August!

  88. My new green attempt that I started this week for earth day is using cloth napkins. Lovin it already!

  89. heidi (hajdi) says:

    Cloth diapered my baby, but that’s an every day thing here! Ate some responsible craft chocolate made by a chocolate maker who cares for the farmers, supports cocoa preservation, and still knows how to make fine chocolate!

  90. Kathryn Vigness says:

    We celebrate the Earth everyday! Cloth diapers, reusable bags, natural and green products…we can’t get enough!

  91. My husband and I spent earth day at home… Had all the windows open in the house and spent the day outside. We recently got 25 chickens to do some ‘homesteading’ of our own. We are expecting our first baby and planning to cloth diaper as well!!

  92. Andrea Vick says:

    We started cloth diapering 2 months ago. Baby is happier! Composting, recycling, baby clothing exchanges. Every bit helps :)

  93. As the baby approaches, I am converting our household to a green lifestyle. We are planning a garden, switching over to safe cleaners and using cloth instead of paper towels and napkins. I never knew it was so easy!

  94. We planted our annual summer veggie garden!

  95. I spent earth day celebrating my mother in laws birthday.

  96. We spent the day outside. Playing, gardening, running amok! We also focused on earthy lessons for homeschooling.

  97. Darlene Reed says:

    I cloth diaper part time but would like to go green by doing it full time:)

  98. Adrienne Eastwood says:

    I spent Earth day cleaning up the yard.

  99. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    We spent the day talking about all the green stuff we do everyday, and why we do it with our kids.

  100. We played outside and picked up litter near our house!

  101. We didn’t do much yesterday, but we do plan to cloth diaper again. We’ve also started our garden for the year and now bake our own bread and snacks instead of buying processed.

  102. Michelle D. says:

    Just bought my first set of cloth “paper” towels!

  103. We had a cold day in NE so just hung inside most of the day but did get out to check the progress of our bulbs. Every day is Earth Day for us so we celebrated by living the most sustainably that we can!

  104. I didn’t do anything special for Earth Day besides sort our recycling. :)

  105. I tried to celebrate Earth Day not only once a year.
    I will use cloth diapers for my future baby
    I always keep my grocery on my fabric Bag instead using plastic bag
    And I try to convince my pregnant friends to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers, although it’s hard to make them stop using dispo diapers, I will still try it.

  106. Michelle Coulston says:

    Just started cd a few weeks ago and wish I had with my older children. Love it!

  107. Amanda M. says:

    I hope to start composting !

  108. Worked on garden plans-waiting patiently for it to warm up enough to plant!

  109. We plan to grow more of our own food and cut down on energy usage

  110. I spent my earth day replanting veggies, hang drying a few diapers & liners that I’m getting ready for our first bundle of joy to arrive & wear. Also we plan on continuing our cloth diaper stash & teaching our friends all about them so they can also make the switch & start saving the plant one diaper/wipe at a time!

  111. I am always trying to find little ways to love greener and less wasteful. I cloth diapers my daughter, bought some organic produce. Ate a fresh homemade dinner. Used my microfiber cleaning cloths to clean the kitchen with no chemicals.

  112. I went jogging by the ocean

  113. Andi snyder says:

    We are going to cloth diaper our 1 week old SOON

  114. Stacie Hasten says:

    For Earth Day I talked about cloth diapering to some friends that use disposables as well as got the family recycling bin started!

  115. As a soon to be parent I have made many changes in our lives. I am making meals fresh and from scratch. I’ve made sure my usable grocery bags are in each car. My husband and I also had an energy audit done on our house to see where we are losing our energy. Everything in our home and outside our home is getting greener. Now that we are preparing for the arrival of our baby we are making better decisions. Using Cloth diapers, re-purposing furniture for the baby room, getting a natural company to treat our lawn, and always recycling. Our Recycling bin is larger then our trash can. Its also always the fullest. These are all big steps for my husband and I. We are having a great time getting greener!

  116. I try to recycle as much as possible. And we just started a garden!

  117. Tonya Tungateutside enjoying the beautiful day!:)

  118. It was finally nice enough to play outside! We were able to plant some flowers and give our cloth some much needed sun time on the line!

  119. Chris Morris says:

    We cloth diapered and hung the diapers out to dry. Nothing too spectacular, but I am so very happy to be cloth diapering – enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would!

  120. Catherine Fiscua says:

    Started weeding and cleaning up my garden to play for new plants. And of course cloth diapered with our favorite Charlie Banana diapers!

  121. Brittany says:

    I’m planning on cloth diapering the next baby.

  122. Cara Pringle says:

    We cloth diaper and haven’t got the chance to try CB’s yet! While on mat leave we are booked for Swimming lessons at the Y this summer too. As far as being green, we recycle, compost and used to take the bus to work until we moved out of a bus zone. Most evenings we enjoy candle light or just darkness instead of turning our lights. On Earth day we always try to BBQ supper and play outside.

  123. I told several friends about cloth diapers and the benefits of using them. That on top of the green decisions I make everyday.

  124. Tended to the strawberry plants in the yard and kept my sweet gal in her Charlie Banana cloth diapers all day!

  125. My oldest was in school where they celebrated and talked about Earth Day and I took my younger 2 kids to our preschool center.

  126. Kathleen sharp says:

    We switched to cloth wipes!

  127. wendy martinez says:

    Spent the day preparing this new baby’s nursery. She will be a cloth diaper baby!

  128. We didn’t drive anywhere or make any purchases. We simply stayed home, played outside, and appreciated!

  129. Cara Potter says:

    We recycle and use cloth diapers every day!

  130. Tanya Bullock says:

    We just started cloth diapering. I love it! I will never go back. I have even gotten a couple people to try cloth

  131. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    It was my daughter’s birthday! We celebrated at home.

  132. Stephanie H says:

    We went on a walk to enjoy the fresh air!

  133. I made my first cloth diaper purchase.

  134. I spent earth day using public transportation and a reusable cloth diaper for my potty-training toddler. Next earth day I will be cloth diapering my new baby!

  135. I spent the day recycling plastic bags for reusable ones & purchased green cleaning products to help minimize the carbon footprint ๐Ÿ˜‰

  136. Emily Shelley says:

    We are using cloth diapers and spreading the word on cloth diapers!

  137. We spent half the day at the doctor and pharmacy because my daughter is sick. :/

  138. Was at home with the kids and did what we do every day. At our home Earth Day is every day. :)

  139. Lidia Winck says:

    We didn’t do anything! At 8 mo. Pregnant with my first, all I wanted to do was stay home and research cloth diapers! :) I will be new to this and a free pack would come in handy! Thank you! :)

  140. Brittney Cartalino says:

    Bought all organic groceries and cloth diaper shopping I’m just getting started cloth diapering so building a stash to start with and breastfeeding my 6 week old son :)

  141. Christena says:

    My greener change I am going to make is by CDing once we adopt. My older two (now 10 & 8) used disposables and we are going full time cloth diapers this time around. Now we just need the baby to diaper! (Waiting family, home study ready!)

  142. DS is due in 23 days and his cloth diaper stash is prepped and ready!! Looking forward to giving my son a green start with cloth diapers!!

  143. Rebecca L says:

    We didn’t really do anything for the day, but I’m excitedly waiting for my new natural all purpose cleaner to arrive! :)

  144. Joanna L says:

    I sewed cloth diapers, and of course, cloth diapered my daughter, and washed her diapers.

  145. Jessica Stratton says:

    We usually spend earth day cleaning up the yard but this year there is still snow on the ground so we decided to push our celebration back until the weekend. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. We next way to be greener, we are going to buy a solar panel to run our exterior lights. After that we are going to look into more solar panels. I am so excited!

  146. Cloth diapers for our little one :)

  147. Patricia says:

    My next big green move is cloth diapers! yay

  148. Chrissy Walker says:

    We covered up our tomato plants Earth Day night because it got really cold. We also ate a mixed greens salad freshly chopped off the lettuce plant I planted a few days prior. :-)

  149. I spent my Earth Day doing cloth diaper laundry!

  150. I spent Earth Day making vintage upcycled headbands and trying out new vegetarian recipes.

  151. We didn’t do much out of the ordinary for earth day — we recycled, reused, used cloth diapers part-time (we’re currently making the transition from disposables), turned off unneeded appliances, etc.

  152. I spent earth day with a very fussy, teething and clingy 11 month old. while still trying to play and entertain my 3 year old :)

  153. We cloth diapered. Recycled. Used wool dryer balls. Im hoping to use more soapnuts rather then commercial detergent and more cloth napkins.

  154. Jessica Pace says:

    We taught our kids the value of reusing things by having a tie-dye playdate with some friends!

  155. We spent our day at our local fish pond, bird watching!

  156. Leslie W. Young says:

    We participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change Denver!

  157. I spent my day this year, making earth ball rice crispy treats with the kids, doing a scavenger hunt outside, and washing cloth diapers of course!!

  158. Spent the day celebrating my babe’s daddy’s first birthday since becoming a dad – we were unaware of earth day, but the small fella of course was cloth bummed :-)

  159. Elizabeth says:

    We spend our earth day by recycling, using less water, also using our Charlie banana diapers and cloth wiped.

  160. Dalia Sierra says:

    I cloth diapered my toddler and infant. used eco friendly cleaners, and fed my baby organic snacks.

  161. We played outside, went for a long walk, and had to make a trip to the doctor for my sickly boy.

  162. Nicolette Capuano says:

    My 15 month old daughter and I went to our local arbouretum and planted trees with other children.

  163. Michelle burton says:

    Glad I found this blog!! So inspiring!!!

  164. Elizabeth says:

    I am working on phasing out paper towels. Microfiber cloths work so much better and if you air dry them, pretty energy conscious.

  165. Spent the day hanging out clothes on the line and cloth diapering…as well as making my own cleaners :)

  166. jennifer martinez says:

    Researching cloth diapering and getting super excited!

  167. Cloth diapered, watched Wall-e, took a walk… and got rained on. LOL. We’re going to try composting this year.

  168. Melinda P. says:

    We stayed home (no burning up gas), worked on our garden some and did lots of nursing and cloth diaper changes which are both environmentally friendly ๐Ÿ˜›

  169. Joy Luck says:

    I made my own baby food.

  170. Kriztina Ruiz says:

    We started to use cloth wipes full time, and my next green change is using green cleaning solutions. :-)

  171. We spent our day spring cleaning (with eco-friendly cleaners, of course) and as always, My kiddo wore his CB’s – they are our favorite and the first ones I reach for!!!

  172. cloth diapers of course!!

  173. Erica Davis says:

    We didn’t do too much for earth day. We did get outside and enjoy nature!!

  174. We (22mon/mom) spent the morning watering our garden, then gathering our recyclables, then off to Kaiser for prenatal appt. later in the day we shopped whole foods and then went to grandma/pa’s house for dinner. After dinner Harlow watered her little blueberry garden over there.

  175. Colleen Rodriguez says:

    Biggest fan of Charlie Banana right here!!!!

  176. I spent.mine.eating home made cookies with a special friend :-)

  177. We cloth diapered, conserved water, and stayed in!

  178. Bernadette Alvarado says:

    I stayed in with my newborn baby and 1 year old daughter! A very relaxing yet uneventful earth day! :)

  179. Starting to compost!

  180. Cloth diapered and I use eco friendly detergent :)

  181. Allison M says:

    I ran my first 5K! Gorgeous weather and beautiful trail around Duke’s campus supporting cancer patients. Then we went home and gardened. :) What a fun Earth day! Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  182. Christie says:

    Only 24 weeks here. So I read the baby The Lorax.

  183. I spent the day home with a sick baby:(

  184. looking forward to CD’ing for the frst time, with my 3rd child!

  185. Finally getting my seedlings planted and cloth diapering of course!

  186. spent the day working! :o)

  187. Of course, we cloth diapered. Also, we were drinking water out of a reusable bottle, and watched a little Captain Planet. Next year, when we have our own yard we will start or work in our garden!!!

  188. Awaiting the arrival of our first baby and wanting to cloth diaper.

  189. Played outside and looked up some cloth diaper deals for my little one I’m expecting in a couple of weeks.

  190. We cloth diapered, and ate leftovers so we didn’t even need to use the stove/oven!

  191. Melissa G. says:

    We spent the day with my MIL, it was her birthday! I have been planning my produce garden, but we keep getting snow, one day spring may actually show up so I can do some planting!

  192. Jennifer says:

    Lots and lots of yard work!!!

  193. Amber White says:

    I spent it working of course! =) Then got off work and spent time outside with both of my boys!!

  194. kathy aranguren says:

    #3 on the way i would like to cloth diaper full time this time. Did partime with my first 2.

  195. Hanging out with my sweet 11 week old boy.

  196. Breanna Phillips says:

    I spent Earth Day playing outside with my little man and puppies.

  197. Olivia Cookman says:

    I spent Earth day on a plane so I wasn’t very green at all, but when my baby is born in August we will be cloth diapering!

  198. Samantha Chapman says:

    We spent our day in cloth of course :) and cleaning all the garbage from our yard and around our nieghbors place as well :)

  199. We planted in our back yard and took a walk to help clean a park

  200. I cloth diapered my baby and bike commuted to work!

  201. Sylvia Larson says:

    We cloth diapered like all the time and I started drying everything outside instead the drier. I got a little lazy with that the last few month so I thought I will start that again. The diapers smell better like that ether way. :)

  202. I spent Earth Day outside enjoying the sunshine.

  203. Christina says:

    We used our cloth diapers, walked to school to pick up big sissy and use the water we warm bottles with to rinse them after feelings before they are washed :)

  204. would love this for my 8 month old!
    we celebrated with a picnic dinner in the park! love that grass between tour toes spring feeling

  205. Rachel H. says:

    It was the first day in 12 weeks that I didn’t have morning sickness! Plus, we went grocery shopping, helped organize and set up a food co-op, used cloth on little boy, cleaned up pee off the floor from my 2.5 year old, let him also help make mini pizza’s for supper, and used up the “getting old” apples by making a pie!

  206. Cloth diaper! Considering using small towels instead of do many paper towels! I hate buying those!

  207. We enjoyed the gorgeous weather at our favorite neighborhood park – wearing cloth diapers, of course :)

  208. I spent the day with my little girl. Love every day with her!

  209. Christie says:

    We cloth diapered & ate delicious veggies from our Bountiful Basket.

  210. I spent the day making a solution for my new cloth wipes. :)

  211. Kandle Ynostrosa says:

    We played with our garden and planted green things!

  212. i went on a walk and enjoyed the sunshine!

  213. Cortney Niederer says:

    I put the recycle bin out, didn’t use the dishwasher and hand washed dishes, hung my cloth diapers and inserts to dry, drank tap water instead of my usual bottled water, and used no paper towels. It doesn’t seem like much but I am changing things a little at a time. :)

  214. Celebrated 5 months with my baby girl by enjoying this beautiful sunny Seattle weather!

  215. Jennifer geyer says:

    Picnic at the park!

  216. Michelle Paul says:

    I CD my little guy and enjoy playing outside with him in the fresh air.

  217. Spent earth day looking into making naturally dyed wool to start knitting with. Also looked at the pics that my mom has sent of her garden and talked to DD about seeds. We are stationed in the desert so there’s only so much growning we can do out here. :(

  218. For earth day we did our usual cloth diapering and cloth wipes :) I also took advantage of some diaper sales! My older son read us an earth day story he wrote at school :) he also reminded dad to turn things off when not using them.

  219. Angelique Kim says:

    We cloth diapered and spent the day without lights! I already recycle and do my best to re-use and be frugal. I’m hoping to learn more tactics for re-using old material.

  220. christy isttc says:

    We are switching to cloth diapers! We are using disposable wipes right now but are hoping to switch to cloth wipes as well.

  221. We celebrated by taking a walk and feeding some horses. It was a beautiful day here. One of the first in a long while.

  222. We try to live every day green! So it was just a normal day in our household :)

  223. Spent the day with my almost two year old rocking a pocket cloth playing inside due to some nasty Florida weather & then taught my Monday evening dance class :)

  224. Nicole Bear says:

    My husband and I took our baby girl with us to do a beach cleanup. We spend a lot of time at the beach (and we usually clean a little every time we are there) so we make sure to help keep them clean.

  225. Cloth diapered!

  226. ally ally ally says:

    walk and park!!! baby swings are the best

  227. nothing different for earth day but we cloth diaper at our house everyday

  228. We enjoyed a nice day outside and love our cloth diapers!

  229. Spent the day with my kids and did laundry, which included my cloth diapers.

  230. Melissa Conn says:

    We went biking! I also got some reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags to help eliminate some of our disposable plastic use.

  231. we planned on camping, but it dropped to 30 degrees! So we stayed inside.

  232. Summer Coker says:

    On Earth Day my nine year old and I worked on a “Beautification Project” zero for an area by his school grounds. Still enjoying gardening at six months pregnant, hope it stays that way! I

  233. Aside from having my dd in cloth I don’t know that I did much that was green for Earth day. I had some bad morning sickness all day :(

  234. My 10 month old decided to take a 6 hr nap so we didn’t go for a walk or do anything till the afternoon;) we already cloth diaper and will be switching to cloth wipes very soon!

  235. Tatiana G. says:

    Outside enjoying the warm weather and sunshine!

  236. We are looking for the right cloth swim diaper and im dying to try charlie banana! Also we are trying to get better at recycling

  237. Leslie Cary says:

    We are having our first baby in June and have decided to cloth diaper!

  238. I went for a long walk with my husband and dog – appreciating the beautiful day seems like the perfect way to spend Earth Day!

  239. We cloth diapered. : ) Loving it!

  240. Tamara Sz says:

    A greener change I want to make is to eat more organic food this year!

  241. Working, sadly. BUT I did receive my Charlie Banana OS Bootcamp pack. That pretty much made my day as well as my husband’s, who was formerly in the military.

  242. I spent 90 minutes outside in the common area of my condo complex cleaning up the trash, recyclables, broken glass, and rusty nails/screws that my less thoughtful neighbors had left cluttering the area.

  243. Amanda Lyles says:

    My brother and sister in law are having their first baby in June. They want to use cloth diapers and this would be a GREAT way to start there collection!

  244. Lisa Garrett says:

    I spent most of the day at home with my sick child. Poor little guy….

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  245. Sarah Rossrr says:

    I bought Charlie Banana diapers on a great sale! I will use cloth diapers full time on my newest addition, Vivian Juel.

  246. Strapped my 9 month old baby on my back and went for a hike along our local creek to enjoy some nature!!

  247. Tanica Davis says:

    My cousin just announced her pregnancy and cloths diapers would be a great baby shower gift. Prefect way to introduce this alternative to diapers to her

  248. We played outside and my one year old picked flowers for the first time :)

  249. Every day is Earth day in our home, We are eco friendly year round. This year we celebrated by planting our garden and spending some extra time in nature. We even turned our lights off for an hour and used the sunshine instead.

  250. I spent my Earth Day doctoring a sick baby and toddler. Hoping I don’t spend the rest of the week doctoring the other 2 kids and myself.

  251. Jacqueline says:

    Enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!

  252. My daughter and I planted a garden

  253. Karen Massey says:

    I spent the day sunning my cloth diapers!

  254. We cloth diapered and went to the park for some fun time cc

  255. We went for a 5-mile hike in the hills of Clairmont, CA. Beautiful, with cloth-diapered baby!

  256. I am using Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers now. On earth day we enjoyed the earth and weather. We are working on getting a garden started with the family. Our girls want to start recycling.

  257. We spent the day in cloth and planted our butterfly bushes for earth day before swim lessons.

  258. I washed cloth diapers and even used wool dryer balls in the dryer. It feels good throwing those dirty diapers in the washer and knowing that they can be reused!

  259. leebaby2012 says:

    We participated in the great cloth diaper change on Saturday and washed diapers on the actual earth day

  260. Unfortunately I was at work but I like to think I’m pretty “green” all year long. I compost, recycle, re-use, grow my own veggies (or at least try to) and eat organically whenever possible.

  261. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    I received my first glass straw. Going to definitely order more for my family.

  262. Laura K. Cowan says:

    I planted our first raised bed garden!

  263. Jessica s says:

    I went hiking.

  264. My next greener change I hope to make it switching to cloth diapers so I am producing less waste.

  265. Victoria says:

    We finished planting our raised bed garden and a few fruit trees.

  266. We cloth diapered, and worked on our yard. Earlier in the week my boys each picked a plant to plant. :)

  267. The “green” change I would like to make this year is cloth diapering Baby #2. Our oldest had acid reflux and colic and it was just too much for us to consider at the time. Also, my husband wasn’t on board at the time and he is 100% on board now. :) We also started our first garden this year and we’re raising backyard chickens – can’t wait for our first free-range organic brown eggs in July or so!

  268. Melissa Moore says:

    We planted a tree.

  269. clothed diapered of course!!

  270. We planted some plants :)

  271. I bought cloth diapers for the first time on Earth Day. I am excited to get them in the mail!

  272. brooke t says:

    we played outside!

  273. Samantha Cuhel says:

    We spread bread crumbs outside for the poor little birds. We got another snow storm, so all the birds that started migrating back were stuck with a snow covered ground and no way to find much food!

  274. Jeanne Flock says:

    Cloth diapered, recycled, used unpaper towels, went out and bought all Method cleaning stuff since its all natural.

  275. I made a change by bringing my own reusable cup to work on earth day. I will try to do that more often.

  276. I hope to start a garden

  277. For Earth Day, I did my normal cloth diapering! I used green cleaning and personal care products. And I played outside with my kids in the delightful weather! :) YAY EARTH!

  278. We used our cloth diapers and wipes all day (of course), went to the park to spend as much time out in the beautiful weather as we could and my little guy nursed. (Because breastfeeding is great for the environment as well. <3)

  279. My husband and I were both sick :( Ugh! Hopefully my baby boy wont get it!!

  280. make homemade shampoo n conditioner! definatly garden n composting!

  281. Earth Day for me is just another day.

  282. Danielle Ericsson says:

    I spent Earth day at the OB office, would have liked to have spent it outside though it was beautiful here.

  283. Catherine says:

    Didn’t do anything special for Earth Day, we are already pretty careful. One area I hope to work on this year is laundry and cleaning supplies.

  284. I spent my day cloth diapering, (with old ones, hoping to make the switch to Charlie Banana soon!), and outside with the kids!

  285. We enjoyed the sun outside.

  286. The Kellogg Bird Sanctuary had free admission in honor of Earth Day. So I went over there and did some hiking!

  287. Jennifer says:

    We cloth diapered, of course. I also made a fresh batch of homemade wipes solution and organized stuff for a used kids clothing sale.

  288. I cleaned on Earth day, lol! We have an inspection this Friday. I did use cloth diapers and cloth cleaning rags to clean. :)

  289. I spent today switching my charlie banana diapers to the xs size, prepping for my new baby coming in a couple of weeks!

  290. I hope to be able to recycle more!

  291. Colleen Maurina says:

    We are getting ready to plant our large vegetable garden and plan to do some canning and freezing during the season.

  292. I seriously considered cloth diapering.. and have been on a researching frenzy!

  293. Anne Perry says:

    Everyday is earth day!! We read books about recycling, planted celery and basil and did some earth day arts and crafts

  294. Michelle Lee Carter says:

    We cloth diapered, of course, did Earth Day friendly crafts, we decided to go shopping and only use reusable bags (which, I admit, I’m not always good at using), and we planted a tree with my daughters Girl Scout troop!!!

  295. Another day at the park and practicing walking!

  296. just started mama cloth so that will deffinately reduce waste

  297. Michelle L says:

    We spent Earth Day together as a family outdoors. :)

  298. I planted my vegetable garden!

  299. Gabrielle says:

    Pretty much like a regular day — school, choir rehearsal. But I did happen to drop off the recycling that day, and hang dry the receiving blankets I was pre-washing :)

  300. We are using our own compost to get our square foot garden going for the season. I have been using cloth diapers on my 3rd child for the last 6 months, better late than never!

  301. I wish we did more, but have to say I didn’t spend it any different than any other day. I guess my only green thing would be my cloth diapering.

  302. Homeschooling my 6 kids and rearranging my house to make room for a surprise baby! :)

  303. We cloth diapered!

  304. Jennifer M. says:

    Switching to mama cloth

  305. We picked up trash on the bike trail.

  306. The weather was beautiful here so I took a walk.

  307. ashley a says:

    Thank you so much for the giveaway….i love charlie banana!

  308. I’m switching to cloth diapers for my second child due on May 11th!

  309. We’re planning on cloth diapering when LO comes, and we’re hoping to also phase out all chemical-laden cleaners before then too!

  310. Nikole H. says:

    The next green step we are working on is moving to cloth napkins!

  311. I worked! LOL We have started a garden and if everything goes well, we will add to it! have a black thumb but dh seems to have a slightly green thumb!

  312. Planted some flowers and didn’t use the car. We took an extra long walk =]

  313. I just purchased my first set of cloth for my 10 month old! Decided to make the switch to help keep a greener earth!

  314. bianca olivarez says:

    Our next step towards going green is to grow our own veggies!

  315. Krystal Soboleski says:

    i cloth diaper and went to the great cloth diaper change with a new CDing friend. and my next green step is glass straws

  316. Jen Palmer says:

    I’m hoping to grow my own veggies and shop from the bulk bins at the grocery store, bringing my own containers.

  317. we are using reusable snack bags. they are super cute and fewer plastic bags are used!

  318. Melanie Dauterive says:

    I had to work

  319. Patricia B says:

    I spent Earth Day changing cloth diapers, and enjoying being outside durring baseball practice. I also plan on using the dryer less to use less eletricity.

  320. played at the park with the kids

  321. This was my first Earth Day cloth diapering!

  322. started the garden… and enjoyed letting the baby eat eveything in the yard.
    hoping to have weeded out more disposable products by the end of this year… so far so good!

  323. Alyssa H says:

    I went to there wasn’t much exciting there.But I did carpool…

  324. I plan on getting rid of paper towels and finding a reusable solution. I’m also thinking about a switch to cloth wipes.

  325. we painted some rocks. we also have a garden growing and are trying to be smart about our choices…

  326. Julie L. says:

    When my current cleaners are gone, I want to switch to super green cleaning products for the whole house!

  327. Planted trees and ordered diapers!

  328. I cohosted a Great Cloth Diaper Change event for Earth Day

  329. Planted a tree at a local assisted living home.

  330. I’m on pregnancy bedrest, I did not do much for Earth Day.

  331. Planned my veggie garden for this year!

  332. I looked for deals on cloth diapers since I will have 2 kiddos in them and washed some diapers and dried them outside in the beautiful sunshine.

  333. Vicki Hall says:

    I planted flowers , cloth diapered, and picked up litter from outside

  334. Valerie S says:

    Gardening without chemicals!

  335. Beth Ann says:

    We use cloth diapers, and plan to start using cloth wipes soon!

  336. Going to start cloth diapering.

  337. My next ‘green’ venture is to try mama cloth.

  338. I took my kids to a park.

  339. Our next green change is going to be making our own snack and bread bags!

  340. Erin Cleary says:

    We took back our garden and are learning about cloth diapering

  341. I am eating less processed foods and instead making more from scratch.

  342. we planted a vegetable garden

  343. Tried mama cloth for the first time, and hung laundry out first time this spring!

  344. Ashley Hilton says:

    Watched Planet Earth with my family

  345. Danielle D says:

    I spent it shoveling snow, trying to get to the grass :)

  346. We spent Earth Day gardening!

  347. We stopped using paper towels.

  348. Kimberly says:

    Well, I had hoped to spend the day giving birth to our baby (due April 21st), but alas, I am still pregnant! My children and I spent the day outside. The kids planted some flowers for me when their daddy got home from work. Our newest adventure, composting.

  349. I want to start worm farm for composting

  350. this year every day has been earth day for me. i guess you could say that is kind of my resolution this year is to be a bit greener. some new things i am trying is mama cloth (sewing some currently) and also going to give menstrual cups ago. after the mama cloth i am planning to sew up some “unpaper” papertowels, I saw a really cute idea for that on fishsticks designs

  351. We are building a compost bin this year

  352. We took a hike on Earth Day.

  353. Raquel Beaty says:

    We are planting a garden this year and will continue to use cloth diapers for baby #3 due in July!

  354. Emily Myers says:

    My next green step is to cloth diaper. I just heard about Charlie Banana at the Bump Club and Beyond Chicago event called Spring into Green at Sprout SF. It was very informative and interesting. I’m glad I went because I hadn’t considered cloth diapering before.

  355. Melissa Arndt says:

    I went to the local Earth Day festival in our small town.

  356. We took out the recycling and planned out our herb garden! :)

  357. we went to the local botanical garden and hung out outside

  358. I spent Earth Day preparing to move…..nothing too green unfortunately!

  359. Megan McNeal says:

    Caring for my babies

  360. Kate O'Brien says:

    Our next green venture is cloth diapers! We are due with our first in July.

  361. Sarah Hayes says:

    on earth day I used cloth diapers and hung them out to dry :)

  362. My preschooler went to school and we had an Earth Day party. We also moved our 3 in sprouts of herbs to a larger pot and used natural composts:)

  363. Kelsie Jennings says:

    We go for weekend walks on the beach with our family and pick up trash along our way. Making the beaches cleaner for our family, other families, and the ocean life!

  364. we spent earth day working in the yard preparing the garden for summer!

  365. Lily Ivey says:

    We cloth diaper, recycle as much as we can and hoping to get a garden started this year along with composting.

  366. I made cloth wipes out of recycled flannel to use with my cloth diaper stash!

  367. Me and all of my children hand washed some flat diapers preparing for the flats and hand washing challenge. Then we planted our avocado pits.

  368. Natasha Harris says:

    We planted 5 mature blueberry bushes on our property on Earth Day. Slowly adding to our selection of fresh fruit trees and berry patches. Love to know where our family’s food is coming from. I also did diaper laundry and hung it to dry in the sunshine :)

  369. Im new to CD’ing, currently only do it at night, but would like to explore more. But being a single mommy, finding the money to build a stash is hard. This would give me a head start!

  370. We gathered our supplies to switch to cloth!

  371. manisha maertens says:

    On earth day we added new plants to our garden box.

  372. i am switching to cloth wipes and reusable breast pads

  373. We cloth diapered, used cloth wipes, breastfeed, ate homeade baby food, used my steam mop instead of chemicals, and got new reusable bags for groceries.

  374. I took a trunk full of recycling to the center!

  375. We spent earth day at home with a brand new baby.

  376. I am pregnant with my 3rd & final child. I chickened out on cloth diapering with my 1st 2, but this go ’round I really want to cloth diaper. And Charlie Banana is the only brand I am truly interested in. I looked into gDiapers, but Charlie Banana is the brand I keep going back too. So to be more green, I want to Cloth Diaper this baby. I already recycle everything I can. I donate instead of trashing what can be used again. I recycle items in my own home. Example: used all my bird seed that came in a huge plastic container with a lid, so I turned it into my dog’s new food holder.

  377. I spent the day nursing my colicky baby through what must have been an epic growth spurt! We’d love to try cloth diapering once we get through this colic period!

  378. Jennifer P says:

    We worked in the yard! Need to fix up the vegetable garden bed for this year!

  379. Sarah Shepler says:

    I went to a ‘mommy meet-up’ at a park for pregnant women or women with 0-3 month olds.

  380. Charlotte R says:

    My next big plan is cloth diapering

  381. Nicole H. says:

    I’m hoping to start composting.

  382. We took our cans and computer parts to the recycling plant.

  383. We spent the day with a bit of gardening with my tiny gardener, made some raw lunch, and of course cloth diapered! Lit candles with our dinner :-)

  384. Irene Sommerfeld says:

    I’m working switching soaps and detergents to more natural products.

  385. jennafish says:

    nothing out of the oridnary. recycled. used my reusable coffee mug, cloth diapered, composted, etc

  386. Brittany S says:

    Harvested some herb for the week from our herb garden, changed some cloth diapered bums, and spent the day outside and at the park :)

  387. Rachel A. says:

    I am switching to cloth diapers, that is how I’m becoming more green!

  388. Christel Elliott says:

    We relaxed at home.

  389. I recycled all my plastic stuff.

  390. Rachel Wright says:

    I want to make my own shopping bags out of old pants. It should be sturdy and not wear out as fast as the other reusable bags I have had, and the worn out pants will not go onto the trash, and they will save me using a ton of plastic grocery bags, so I guess it is win win win.

  391. Katie Salvador says:

    We quit buying paper towels! I hope to start making our own detergents this year!

  392. Bridget Palkow says:

    Washed our Cloth Diapers by hand.

  393. chrissie hayden says:

    I helped my daughters 3rd grade class clean up boise at ann morrison park. we got bags and bags of trash picked up! I hope to be greener this year by being a first time cloth diaperer. Im excited for this!

  394. Of I’m going to cloth diaper, but also I am starting to use natural deodorants.

  395. rebecca williams says:

    My daughter and I went and cleaned up the local park. Its crazy how people throw trash on the ground.

  396. next green change will be composting and starting a garden, hopefully get the composting started by the fall :)

  397. created a litterless breakfast, lunch and dinner

  398. amber noll says:

    We used unpaper towels :)

  399. Melissa Hunter says:

    Spent it in the garden! I’m also wanting to phase out paper towels!

  400. I’d like to cut down on paper towels

  401. carissa joslyn says:

    I intended to not go anywhere and use as little electricity as possible but that didn’t work out. ended up having to take baby to the doctors. but I really want to look into greener way to use toilet paper, produce less trash & not use paper towels anymore. also use cloth pads for myself as i am using cloth diapers for my baby

  402. Washed our diapers, browsed and entered for more diapers, and spent time cleaning with natural products!

  403. We spent our earth day “recycling” crayons. we chopped up broken crayons, laid them into silicone molds, and “baked” them into new, cool shapes :)

  404. We are starting aquababies soon and I will be needing a swim diaper. The Charlie Banana swim diapers are adorable.

  405. We are trying to use less paper towels. And using all natural cleaners.

  406. We are house hunting and one of the things on my checklist is “green”-ery.

  407. We’d love to start composing.

  408. Planning on using reusable grocery bags.

  409. We didnt do anything special we are trying to live everyday like its earth day! Our Green change is composting!

  410. We switched to cloth diapers!


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