Son, This is Not the Time to Start Using the Potty ~Plus~ Bummis New Style Training Pant #Giveaway (3/13)

Bummis New Style TrainerThe reality is that he is not quite ready at this point, but when he successfully went potty last week I think we all freaked out. With my due date just weeks away I got a little nervous about the possibility that he was ready to learn when I would have a newborn to adjust to any day and with the sensation of going outside of his diaper being so novel I think he is also a little intimidated. I could not help but think that potty training now would bring added stress and that he would surely regress once the baby arrives this month.

Well we shouted hooray, I gave him a chocolate covered almond as a reward and I took a deep breath. Although it has ended up being a one time deal so far, I am continuing my more or less laid back approach at this age (26 months) where there are potty chairs in the bathrooms and he is invited to use them, but I am not “training” or pushing anything. My daughter was using the potty pretty regularly at this age, but my little guy is not showing as much interest as she did. We are talking a little more about going potty, reading our potty book that initiated our last success (our new Potty book by Leslie Patricelli) and asking “do you have any pee-pee/poo-poo coming?”, but his answer is almost always no. And that is okay.

We do our diaper-free time a lot after bath and before we get his nighttime diaper on, but I have started to get out and use the few training pants we have so that I do not have as many clean ups to deal with yet. One brand new training pant we were able to try this week is one that Bummis is just launching and I am seriously in love. We have all cotton trainers that are great for catching dribbles once he has started showing more interest in using the potty or when I want to give him a chance to air out from his diapers, but a waterproof layer is must in the early stages of potty learning. The new Bummis trainer offers the trimness of the all cotton trainers we have, the convenience of the waterproof outer layer and I cannot get over how stretchy and easy they are to pull on and off. Easier than any trainer we have ever owned and I am eager to purchase some more when he is ready to get serious.

These new style trainers are starting to ship to your favorite retailers this week and I think you will be thrilled with the stretchy, seemingly comfortable fit of these little trainers. My son is 30 pounds and is wearing the size Large trainer in the photos above (for 30-35 lbs.) and has some room to grow. These do not have a lot of built in absorption, but I would imagine you could put a stay dry insert or doubler inside if needed during the early stages of potty training or for nap time. The trainer will be available in white and pistachio dot.

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  1. I had the same laid back approach with my son. The funny thing is that the only time that he would use the potty was when it was in the living room! lol We had linoleum floors, so I wasn’t too worried about. I figured that as long as he was using it, we could work on him using the big toilet later. He was almost three. Ain’t no point in pushing them if they’re not ready! :-)

  2. <3

  3. Thanks for the review! I would love to try these. Any idea when they will be available for purchase?

    • I know that Bummis was starting to ship them out to retailers last week, so they should start being available any day depending on the retailer.

  4. Shannon Reed says:

    I have been using cloth diapers along with the diaper sprayer by blueberry diapers and I have to say I am happy with the whole experience- not as hard as it looked. And we have that book too- my son loves it=)


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