Does the Genie Bra Solve My Pregnant Body’s Needs?

Genie BraWhen I am pregnant, my bras and I do not get along. Changes in my body shape, size and contour have me shuffling through different cup and band sizes and I still get frustrated with shifting or discomfort. I have also noticed in both my second and current pregnancies that I start to get this strange rubbing and chaffing at the bra strap adjustments during the third trimester. I attributed this to all of my weight gain during my last pregnancy, but I have gained less than half this time around and it recently started bothering me again.

At first I thought it was a certain size or brand, but I am noticing it with a number of different bras and I think it’s just my body contour changing again—if I adjust the clasps any looser my bras do not stay in place as I like them, but if the band support feels right then the straps rub me the wrong way. It has been pretty annoying, so when the opportunity to try a Genie Bra came along I jumped at the chance. After all, I had glanced at them from time to time out of curiosity, but never got around to giving them a try.

The things that appealed to me about the Genie Bra even before being pregnant was the seamless style and supposed comfort. As a pregnant mom I also loved the idea of the slight flexibility in cup and band size that could accommodate to many of my body’s changes and I was desperate to find a comfortable option that did not irritate my shoulder blades.

I had to play around with sizing a little bit as I was on the border of two sizes and although both could have worked for kicking around at home, the smaller size provided me more support to wear out of the house on errands. The seamless design is very comfortable, helps me to avoid my bra strap rubbing issues and provided adequate support for wearing it around the house and for everyday errands. It is not a bra that I would wear for every occasion, but it is definitely a great compliment to my T-shirt and jeans ensemble that is so common when I am taking care of my kids and it is a nice option during this stage of my pregnancy.

One thing I did not like was that the modesty pads needed to be removed before washing them, which means you need to reinsert them each time you want to wear it again. I definitely prefer the fit and added support of the modesty pads, but feel too lazy to want to slip them in and take them out each laundry day so have been wearing my bras without them. I am sure I could try and wash them together without any severe consequences, but I did not want to alter the fit, support or function of the bra. I am not sure how the bra would pan out while nursing in about a month from now, but I may try to see if the larger size I tried would give me extra room for milk production or have more stretch to work for nursing. Either way, this bra has worked well for this stage in my pregnancy and it will be a good sleep or casual bra down the road.

What are some wardrobe frustrations you have encountered when you were pregnant?

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. I really wanted to like the Genie Bra but all it gave me was a uniboob at the largest size. They definitely do not make them to fit all boobs.

    • Yeah, it definitely seems like a comfort bra for average-sized chests– I can’t imagine it would give enough support to really well endowed ladies!

  2. I am not a fan either. The modesty pads don’t stay in place, and it does not give enough support.

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