My Nesting is in Full Gear: Sewing Sister Quilts

Sister Quilts

Although the to-do list is not getting shorter and I am growing anxious to get everything done before baby’s arrival, I found myself procrastinating some of my to-do list this past month by taking on a quilting project (I did hire a doula though, so that is one thing off my list). What started out as one quilt turned into two and it only seemed fitting that they become sister quilts. I am drawn to quilts that have a good amount of white space with pops of color and I love how the quilts turned out. My daughter already has her quilt on her bed and sister’s is folded and tucked away with her other blankets awaiting her arrival.

Quilt Portrait

The fabric is a MODA Mary Engelbreit print called Basket of Flowers that has a retro feel to it and I love the blue and white polka dot fabric to give it some extra personality. Both of the quilts have the polka dot fabric on the back, but only the infant lap quilt also has it on the border. I have had this fabric for years and it was just waiting for the right project to come along and it finally did! The funny thing is that I had ordered some new fabric to make a baby quilt, which got me in a quilting mood that led me to dig up this fabric. The new MODA fabric bundle I ordered has arrived, but I do not dare start another quilt until I get my taxes and some professional certification requirements done this week!

Sister Quilt Stack

What are some of the irrational things you do when you are nesting that just have to be done despite the lengthy to-do lists?

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  1. LOVE the quilts!! That’s one thing I hope to do if/when I am pregnant.

  2. amothersdesign says:

    The quilts are beautiful. I have been tempted to start a new one, but with an 8 month old always wanting to play, I think they will have to wait.

    • It is hard to sew or quilt with little ones, that is for sure. My son is two now and his sister can entertain him for little bits of time, but it takes weeks to get anything done with such little chunks of time to sew! He will get big in the blink of an eye, so enjoy your time with him and you will have plenty of time for sewing in the future.

  3. Those are sweet quilts.

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