Ten Favorite Fun Winter Activities ~Plus~ A Flower in the Snow {Book} #Giveaway (1/18)

A Flower in the Snow

I am happy to be a part of the Countdown to Winter Blog Tour promoting A FLOWER IN THE SNOW by Tracey Corderoy and Sophie Allsopp. As many of you know we love books and this is a story that has a quietness about it that reminds me of freshly fallen snow. It is a sweet story about two friends Bear and Luna who discover the true meaning of friendship.

In this story, Bear searches the world for a special flower for his best friend, Luna, and she discovers what truly makes her happiest in life is having Bear at her side to share every wonderful moment. The ideal gift book for your loved ones, this gentle tale of Luna and her Bear who learn the true meaning of friendship will warm your heart all winter long.

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky has provided some fun, frosty activities from Luna and Bear to celebrate winter and is also offering one lucky reader a copy of the new release.  To learn more about A Flower in the Snow and other available titles, visit Sourcebooks online.

Luna & Bear’s Top Ten Favorite Fun Winter Activities

1. Skating & Sledding

Skating: Bundle up and find your local ice rink!  Skating is the perfect winter activity to enjoy with family and friends.

Sledding: Sledding is a great pastime.  Scout out some local hills and try to find the best one by the end of winter!  Don’t have a sled?  Borrow your plastic recycling or trash can lid and slide away!

2. Build a snowman

Outisde: There are so many ways to build a snowman.  Keep is classy and use a scarf, hat, buttons, sticks, and a carrot.  Or, mix it up and put the snowman on his head! Find some old boots and put them on his legs (sticks).

Inside or warm weather: If you want to stay inside, gather up some craft supplies that you might find around your house.  You can use paper plates to make the snowman’s body and different colored construction paper to create his face and clothes! Extras:  Make him snazzy by adding some glitter or use pipe cleaners to make his arms.

3. Winter Cookies & Cocoa

Nothing is better than coming inside from the chilly weather than sitting down to a nice cup of hot cocoa.  After you have warmed up, search for your favorite sugar cookie recipe, bake, and decorate with icing to make snowman faces.

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to get outside with friends or family.  Create a list of your local winter flower and fauna and try to find these plants while on a walk.  It’s a great way to learn about your area and have fun too! Reward yourself and others with some cookies and cocoa when you finish.

5. Dance in the snowflakes and catch them on your tongue

Frolic in the snow and throw your head back to catch a taste of winter.  Outside it might be chilly, but it’s always fun to be silly!

6. Snow paint

It’s not very easy to make chalk drawings on damp pavement (or snow covered).  Instead gather some squeeze bottles, fill them with water, add some food coloring, and shake!  Take the new snow paint bottles outside and create some colorful designs.

7. Snowy Decorations

Paper Snowflakes: Paper snowflakes are fun and pretty.  You’ll need paper and scissors to cut out pretty designs.  If the snow doesn’t reach you, try taping snowflakes to the window to pretend it’s a winter wonderland outside your home.
*Don’t catch these snowflakes on your tongue!

Make a collage:Grab some old magazines and newspapers and cut out winter images.  These images might be snowflakes, warm cocoa, or even a great book!  Create your own image of winter or even your ideal winter wonderland.
*This is what people did before Pinterest

8. Snow Castles

Snow castles are just like sand castles—only use snow as your main building foundation.  If there is no snow to be had, stay inside to gather old toilet paper rolls, paper, cotton balls, and glue.  Glue the cotton balls onto the toilet paper rolls to create snowy towers for your castle.

9. Snow Angels

Make sure you’re prepared to have snow all over you before you flap your arms and feet in the snow.  We challenge you to try to get up out of the snow without leaving footprints!  It’s hard!

10. Winter Activities Potluck

Take scrap pieces of paper and write down as many winter activity ideas as you want onto each piece. You can use the activities above, but here are a few suggestions:

“Decorate cookies with Mom”
“Build a snowman with Dad”
“Drive around and see all the pretty house decorations”
“Curl up on the couch and read”
“Catch a snowflake on your tongue”

Then, put them all in a jar, tin, or other container. Each weekend, pick out an activity to do with friends and family.  That way, whether you have a gray, gloomy weather or a sunny, snowy day, you already have plenty of fun, frosty ideas to keep you smiling throughout the season!

Have a happy winter!

Your friends,

Luna & Bear

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A sample of the book was provided, but no monetary compensation was received. The views and opinions are my own.

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