Every Pregnancy Deserves a Blessingway ~Plus~ Blessingway Giveaway Blog Hop

ds-blessingway-200This is my third pregnancy and I do not by any means expect anyone to throw me a baby shower. I generally think that one baby shower per gender is a good rule of thumb, although I still think that every pregnancy, baby and birth deserves a celebration. I have thrown showers for friends expecting a second child out of love and excitement for their upcoming addition, and feel that it is a fun way to celebrate and connect with other mothers. I was just introduced to the term blessingway for this giveaway hop and I did a little research to see exactly what it was. Unlike a baby shower, which has a more product and gift based focus to help new moms get the essential items she needs, a blessingway is a celebration of pregnancy and motherhood.

I threw a blessingway of sorts a couple of years ago for five friends who were expecting their second, third, fourth or fifth babies who did not expect a baby shower. Many people brought gifts, but the theme and focus of the morning were centered around pampering the expectant moms and celebrating motherhood. There was good food, pedicures, foot rubs, games and great conversation. This is something I would love to have this pregnancy! My favorite ideas from the DiaperShops blog were a quilt square blessingway and a freezer meal blessingway. These would be two activities I would love to do with friends, although a “girl’s day out” or a potluck to eat yummy food and mingle with friends would also be welcome before the sleepless nights and chaos of the newborn stage.

I am excited to share with you a Blessingway Giveaway Blog Hop sponsored by DiaperShops to bless your upcoming addition or so that you can shower a loved one with some newborn fluff. There may not always be a lot of things that a mother needs for additional babies, but some baby gear may be getting worn or if they cloth diaper they may want to dive into the world of newborn cloth diapers if they have not already. Seriously, if you think cloth diaper are cute, newborn diapers are the cutest of the cute. I tried a balance of newborn and one size diapers with my son and I am already starting to stock up on additional newborn diapers for this little one. One size diapers can work, but they are bulky on my tiny newborns and the newborn diapers were always the first that I would reach for. Some new brands I have my eye on this time around? The sustainablebabyish Happy Little Clouds and the Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex.

In addition to this blog hop giveaway there is also a Virtual Blessingway Giveaway going on at the Kelly’s Closet Facebook page through February 15th so be sure to check that out as well as enter this giveaway in the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. My church has the same view, that every baby should be celebrated. My third shower is this weekend. While I feel very strange having a third shower, I feel loved and blessed to have friends who are this excited over our little girl! Plus, it’s a great excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and enjoy some girl time! :-)

  2. I am not pregnant, but all three of the bridesmaids are! I’m entering all of these give aways to try to help them get started with cloth, which I hope to use when it’s our turn!

  3. Tamara Sz says:

    Something we love to do in our family when one of my sisters is pregnant is a 3rd trimester pedicure. That way, your toes are pretty for delivery! I also always love to take a meal to new moms!

  4. Love the idea of a blessingway – that’s new to me, too! You shared some great suggestions, and I think another simple way to help would be offering to take the child[ren] for a day, night, or weekend, so the mom- or parents-to-be can have time for whatever she/they need or want to do.

  5. I would love to take her older kids off of her hands for an overnight babysitting extravaganza so that she and the dad-to-be could have one more REAL date before the newborn-craziness ensues!

  6. courtney k says:

    I always try to cook a couple meals or freeze some for mamas-to-be!

  7. I love to eat, but I hate cooking. I have a friend who’s pregnant, and I’m already planning on giving her family the blessing of home-cooked, non-takeout food. I also plan on bringing her some of my homemade ice cream!

  8. What a neat idea!! After having five, I love the idea of the Freezer Meals!

  9. Melissa Conn says:

    My SIL is a first time mom-to-be! I’m helping her by sharing what I have learned over the last year and passing along LOTS of stuff my toddler doesn’t need anymore. She and my BIL feel much more confident knowing they can always rely on us for knowledge and support.

  10. I love the idea of giving freezer meals! I’ve done the quilt method where you put together a quilt square. The moms love it! Every baby is a blessing and reason to celebrate!

  11. I love the pedicure idea. If mom is wanting to clothe diaper I think making a diaper cake with prefolds, cloth wipes and baby wash cloths would be cute.

  12. Meghan V. says:

    I have a friend from church who is adopting their first baby. She wants to cloth diaper and even try to nurse the new baby. It seems like quite a daunting task so I want to help in anyway I can.

  13. A gift of dinner, pack of paper plates and plastic utensils, with a hot loaf of homemade bread and a jar of homemade jam.

  14. Take a meal after the baby is born!

  15. I like the quilt idea, but don’t know crafty people. So, the freeze meals is awesome!

  16. This is a great giveaway! Such a thoughtful idea indeed!

  17. I like to offer meals and cleaning to the new mom :)

  18. Colleen Maurina says:

    I really like the idea of a freezer meal blessingway. I might use this for my daughter who is going to have a baby girl the beginning of April – so excited!

  19. Mandy Nelson says:

    I love giving a Cracker Barrel gift card. Then the family can order Family Meal to-go when they want.

  20. I like offering food, support, and free babysitting for older siblings.

  21. i loved my freezer meals s i would do that, and calling before i go to the store to see if she needs anything.

  22. Alessandra Peterson says:

    My church is really good about getting meals to moms with new babies and so helping out with that service is one way I like to help new moms!

  23. My little sister is expecting her first baby and I love to help her with advice on what to buy, what she needs, and where to get the best prices. A friend of me brought me a big container of homemade spaghetti and meat balls to stick in my freezer and a package of spaghetti noodles when I had my second baby. I loved that idea. My older sister had her second baby 2 months ago and to help her I watched their oldest for the day while they were in the hospital. I also like visiting the mom in the hospital and bringing a treat like a smoothie or a caramel apple or asking if there is something I can pick up and bring the daddy to eat in the hospital since most hospitals don’t feed the dad. I think every baby is a miracle and a blessing and love the excitement of the birth of a new baby!!!

  24. I definitely make meals for new moms or folks who have had surgery or for people who just need some extra support. I certainly appreciated it right after my little gal was born!

  25. Laurie Snow says:

    Cleaning their house… dishes, floors, laundry!

  26. anne perry says:

    Henna on belly and feet

  27. Melissa K says:

    I would get the giraffe knee pads.

  28. My sister has 3 little girls, and is finally having her first little boy. I plan on making meals to bring her and watching her girls so she can rest. :)

  29. My friends and I always throw a small party for every new baby. It’s a reason to get together and contrary to some beliefs, there is *always* something needed. 😉

  30. Joelyn Metzler says:

    http://www.takethemameal.com has been an awesome way to organize meal blessings for the new moms in my life!

  31. I just had my first massage ever today at 8 months pregnant, and it was such a relief for an achy body! I think I may start gifting massages for mommies to be, because it is a splurge that most of my friends would not think to do for themselves while in saving money for baby mode.

  32. I just made my sister a cloth diaper cake for her 2nd baby boy due next month!

  33. I had a c-section with residual complications. For me, having someone offer to come walk my dogs was the best thing ever! My husband didn’t get any time off, and works 14-hour days, I had worried our 80+lb dogs would suffer, but my Dad stepped in to help!
    There was also an invaluable woman who came to the NICU every day to offer moms support. My son was born at 31 weeks, and spent his first month there, my family was supportive, but there are just some things only a fellow NICU mom can relate to! When my son is a little older, maybe a year old, I plan to do the same!

  34. I wish we had had frozen meals on hand after my son was born. That sounds like a great idea to keep on hand for baby number two. I didnt start cloth diapering my son till he was almost a year old so im very excited to check out all the different NB cloth diapers. They are so tiny and cute!

  35. I love the idea of a blessingway. We won’t need anything much for our next baby (still TTC #4) but I didn’t get a shower with either of my first two and would love to celebrate the new life when it happens.

  36. Meals!! I haven’t known too many new mama’s,but my SIL and I try to make those first few days easy on each other.
    Also,offering to watch the other children is a big plus.
    During the pregnancy,we try to really be involved and openly excited for one another (most people stopped being excited for us after three babies-we both have four with me going on five :)

  37. I love to make families with new babies meals, they can pop them in the oven and have a nice home cooked meal without all the work :)

  38. Charity Pence says:

    Take a meal after a baby is born:)

  39. I think preparing meals and helping out with household chores will do the mum good and let her have more rest.

  40. Ashley Schroeder says:

    I threw my friend who was pregnant with her 2nd girl a diaper shower and just asked everyone to bring a small pack of diapers to help them! They did not do cloth at first but I think I may have converted her after I found out how much I liked it!!

  41. I would take dinner

  42. With my sister and friends’ pregnancies, I love making gifts, but even more than that, I like to do the little things. Meals are great, but I prefer to run errands or clean the house for them.

  43. Megan Lammers says:

    I would love to bless a friend with a stash of cloth diapers so that they can enter the world of fluff! I think it’s a great idea to pass on the knowledge and the fun of cloth diapering!

  44. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    Making meals for the new mom is always helpful and appreciated!

  45. debbie jackson says:

    free babysitting

  46. rebecca williams says:

    I’m having a little girl and a friend is having a little boy. I gave lots of my baby items that I didn’t need to a friend that was having a boy and didn’t have much. I could have really used the money that I could have gotten if I would have sold the items…but I gave the items to her instead.

  47. I have a friend who is having her first boy (third child) in the next few months… this will be her first time using cloth. I can’t wait to share my favorite fluff with her!

  48. sabrina fletcher says:

    Cleaning up around the house, taking out the trash, or walking the dog… anything besides offering to “watch the baby”… this is the mother’s time to bond with their new little one.

  49. Lynsey K. says:

    Babies are a gift! This would be a wonderful way to get a family to start using cloth diapers. By giving this to a new mom, she might convert to cloth for all of her kids!

  50. I agree that a freezer meal (or several) is a great gift for new parents. They certainly aren’t going to have time to spend in the kitchen! And celebrating each and every pregnancy is a fantastic idea that I completely support!

  51. Ashlyn Lambert says:

    Due in March and I hope i have a friend reading this 😉

  52. one of the most wonderful things that i received after i had my babies was a meal!! I didn’t have to remember to thaw something or to get it into the crock pot or even what we were having. That was soooo wonderful! I would definitely do this for someone i knew that was newly home with a baby.

  53. sweet! I just learned I’m expecting number four! This will be the third in cloth, but would be the first to have newborn dipes.

  54. I love bringing new moms meals, but the idea of a freezer meal blessingway is fantastic! This is my fourth and I don’t “need” anything, but a few meals in the freezer would be a fantastic gift.

  55. I painted my sister-in-laws toe nails when the belly got to big :)

  56. I like to make handmade gifts. :)

  57. I would bless a new mom with a starter kit of cloth diapers. Even if she isn’t planning on using them, i think once she’d see them her mind would be changed!

  58. Jennifer M. says:

    I will be a mom to be in less than a month, so I would help any mom to be the way that others will help me.

  59. I would bring meals after the baby is born

  60. pay it forward and make baby items for mama’s in need and pass on my baby things when done with them. I had mama”s help me out with my firstborn and I could never thank them enough!

  61. I would use the newborn cloth diapers for my baby (due March 10, 2013), and then donate them to another mama after we are done using them.

  62. Natalie Vellekoop says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Although I do think it’s kinda sad not to have a baby shower if you have more than 2 or three children; however, I guess I can understand how it would be difficult to keep making parties… If I ever ran into this situation, I guess I would definitely try to have a mini date with the mother, get her a foot rub, pedicure or buy an outfit. Just overall, make her feel special and loved.

  63. Bringing food or offering to do light cleaning/laundry would be a big help to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time moms!!

  64. A lot of my friends are new mothers… as a young mother myself, I want to encourage my friends that motherhood id so very special. What a gift from God!

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