Adding Cheer this Time of Year with Leaping Sheep Wool Dryer Balls #giveaway (12/22)

It has been three years since I purchased my first wool dryer balls and I have never turned back. Over the years I have made my own and built my stash with different brands to make laundry easier by eliminating the need to dig out the dryer balls after each load, because they love to get stuck in footed jammies and fitted sheets. They have all been of varying quality, colors and sizes, but have done the job.

Leaping Sheep wool dryer balls are my first set of dryer balls with a decorative accent and the swirl design adds interest and an extra punch of color. They seem to be the nicest set I have owned and are tightly felted, durable and the vibrant colors have not faded. The 7cm size has been perfect and they are the only set I have been using since I got them. My other dryer balls are jealously watching as they have taken their spotlight, but they will likely get included back in my laundry routine in the new year.

I am often asked how many dryer balls I recommend and I generally say four per load will do the job. You can get away with two or three, but four seems to be a good number that has worked for my family and for most people’s pocketbook. The more dryer balls you use the more you will benefit from their moisture absorbing abilities and the more their will aid in reducing wrinkles by bouncing against the clothing around them. The Leaping Sheep website recommends six to eight per load, which you could purchase all at once or add to your collection a little at a time.

Wool dryer balls definitely seem like more of an investment, similar to the way in which cloth diapers set people back at first glance. They are an investment that will save you money in the long run and they last for years. Dryer balls may get lint on them over time and although this will not affect their performance, they can easily be removed if it bothers you. In my experience the more the balls are felted from the beginning the less they have seemed to acquire lint. Leaping Sheep balls are tightly felted so I do not anticipate very much lint over the years. The same rule seems to apply to unraveling. Both my original and handmade dryer balls still showed the texture of the wool thread and have occasionally unraveled a little or had pieces of yarn come loose, but the good news is that they can be re-felted back on with a little time and elbow grease.

Want to take the plunge or add some merriment to your existing wool dryer ball collection? Visit Leaping Sheep to see their color selections and try your luck at winning a set of four gorgeous dryer balls in the giveaway below.
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This review, giveaway and article was sponsored by Leaping Sheep, however, the views and opinions are my own.

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