My Cloth Wipes Reunion

After six months of using disposable wipes, I was finally able to reunite with my cloth wipes a couple of weeks ago. The original reason I stopped using them this past spring was when we put our house on the market and I did a major de-cluttering and staging of the house. I am all about spreading the love and awareness, but having your house on the market is not the time to risk distractions for the buyer. My plan was to use disposable wipes until we reached our new home across the country so it was a temporary switch.

After a week on the road and another ten days in a hotel, we finally were able to move into our new home and I remember setting the wipes warmer and AC adapter aside as I was waiting to buy some replacement antimicrobial pillows. Dozens of boxes and a few different organization scenarios of my toddler’s room later, the wipes warmer and AC adapter had gotten separated and the plug was nowhere to be found. I searched all over his room and in the hall bathroom and could not think where in the world it could have gone. Did it get tangled in packing paper and boxes and accidentally taken to the recycling center?

After searching multiple times and again just a few weeks ago, I had no luck. I was tired of spending money on disposable wipes, missed the soft and thorough cleaning abilities of my cloth wipes and knew that the moment I purchased a replacement plug or wipes warmer that I would find the plug, so I held off. Then it hit me that with another baby on the way I would want two wipe warmers: one in my toddler’s room and another by the baby’s bed. I took the plunge and ordered a second wipes warmer and figured it would give me four months to find the missing AC adapter (or buy a new one) before the baby arrived.

I found the AC plug the day after I ordered the second one.– I guess that was the only way I was ever going to find it. I chuckled as I discovered it set on top of my breast pump in the closet, which I completely looked over thinking it was part of the pump’s AC plug poking out of the zipper. If you could not guess my favorite wipes warmer is the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer and we have been using our original for almost three years (see my original wipes warmer review). The wipes warmer appears exactly the same as our model from a few years back, except one improvement I noticed was that they have updated the AC Adapter so it is not nearly as heavy or bulky.

I am currently using our original wipes warmer with our new Prince Lionheart Modular Diaper Depot, which has ample room to store all of our cloth wipes as well as wipes solutions and diaper ointments on the sides. I plan on using our Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot I purchased a couple of years ago in the new nursery with our second wipes warmer. Although these diaper depots are geared towards disposable diapers I find they are the perfect size to fit stacks of folded cloth wipes, flushable liners and they may even accommodate some sizes of all-in-two inserts or prefolds.

I am happy to be back in our cloth diapering routine and the past few months have reminded me why I love cloth wipes:

What are your favorite things about cloth wipes or if you have not made the switch, what is holding you back?

A modular diaper depot was provided by Prince Lionheart, but all other items mentioned were purchased by the author.

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. If you find yourself in a similar situation down the line, remember a spray bottle and a stack of cloth wipes work well too. I just spray a wipe as I need it. You could also pre-spray/wet a days worth of wipes and store them fan folded in one of your disposable wipes containers. =)

    • I know, right? I have a peri bottle I’ve used in the past as well. It was just one of those funks I got it after having the same cloth wipes routine for so many years I guess I turned into an “old dog” and didn’t know it!


  1. […] concern triggered a reassessment of my decision and was a good reminder and affirmation about why I love cloth wipes. Personally cloth wipes do not take more time for me than when I use disposable ones, but I realize […]

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