I Need a Better Nursing Pillow For My Back ~Plus~ JJ Cole Feeding and Nursing Pillow #Giveaway (11/20)

After nursing two babies I still struggle the first couple of months of breastfeeding. One of the struggles I have had is with back pain as I am a fairly tall mama at around 5’9” and although my infants and toddlers are off the growth charts, I have tiny newborn babies for the first 6-8 weeks. I still have the original Boppy pillow I purchased when my daughter was born as well as a second Boppy pillow I purchased after my son was born so I could leave them in different rooms in the house and because my original one seemed to have lost its loft. I thought a new one would help prop my baby up against my body better, but it still lacked enough height and I would wrestle with the curved end to try and fold it against itself to get more of a boost.

I still have both of these pillows in storage that will get used in some way, shape or form but am exploring options to help make my first couple months of nursing a little kinder on my body this next time around. In my online exploration I found the Leachco Natural Boost pillow, which seems to offer a similar pillow-like feel for both baby and mom, but has a removable booster pillow for the newborn stage Leachco are also the makers of the Snoogle pillow I coveted my last pregnancy). At a slightly more affordable price than some of the other popular nursing pillows on the market it seems like a strong option, although there is not a separate washable cover which I am not a fan of and some reviews complain about it being too soft and unsupportive.

Pillows such as My Brest Friend and the JJ Cole Feeding and Nursing Pillow advertise a firmer material that seems to hold the baby at a better height according to reviews, but may not be as comfortable or convenient as the pillow-like feeding pillows. My Brest Friend offers a strap to secure the pillow in place, but may be harder for one-handed use and the JJ Cole pillow is more compact and will work in a wider range of seats, but looks like it will need to be completely flipped over when changing sides.

Overall, the reviews and price ranges for most of the top selling brands seem to be comparable and I am thinking that what works best comes down to personal preference, body shape and how long it is used before a review is actually written. I will probably get creative and double stack my existing Boppys and strap them together to use in one room, but I definitely plan on trying some different options this time around. The JJ Cole Feeding and Nursing Pillow has gotten praise for its height and support, so I plan to put it to good use, but am open to exploring other options in the meantime.

I also realize that I may need to finally break down and invest in a nursing stool. I have looked at these for years and always wonder if a step stool would achieve similar results or if the angle really makes a difference. Kidkraft and My Brest Friend make an adjustable stool where it can be customized to have different angles and there is the Medela nursing stool I have looked at a number of times. Although I wonder if it is worth the investment, I remind myself that I spend more money per adjustment or massage at the chiropractor so if it really does help maybe I just need to take the plunge.

What was your favorite nursing or feeding pillow and how did it work with your body type and furniture?

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  1. I ended up using my bucky pillow mostly. I have a boppy but it didn’t fit in the chair all that well. It was nice for the couch though. I didn’t have any others to try.

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