What This Little Boy is Made Of ~Plus~ Lil’ Vehicle Toys Giveaway (9/24)

Trucks, trains, helicopters and planes, my busy toddler is all boy. He rarely seems to run out of steam and I am having a hard time allowing my daughter –our resident artist— room for her creativity, while trying to minimize the time he has access to reaching her crayons and art supplies. He has recently started to place crayons on the wall or furniture, look at me knowing fully well that it is not allowed, and saying “color?” as if there was really any question as to whether it was a surface he was allowed to drawn on. Thankfully, it has all washed clean so far.

Not that coloring on the walls is “boy” behavior, but I am definitely learning a lot about both personality and gender differences between my two kids. Like the picture above. My daughter will pose and put on her prettiest smile for photos, while my little guy (if we are lucky enough to catch him still) juts out his lower teeth and scrunches his nose. I cannot help but wonder if our next baby will be a girl or boy and what kind of personality they will bring to our family. Part of me is wishing for a girl, but I think part of that is that all this boy behavior is still novel and has been keeping me on my toes.

We have recently added the new MegaBloks Lil’ Vehicles Dylan and Sonny to his car bin and my son is one happy camper. Our MegaBloks collection all started last winter when grandma and grandpa got him a big bag of MegaBloks for his birthday last winter and although he loves to build with the blocks, he prefers to use them on the MegaBloks trucks and vehicles. We had one MegaBloks dump truck from earlier this year, but my son seems to prefer the smaller size of these new releases. Or perhaps it is the little men they came with that we could also pop on top of towers and other block creations.

Sister is always game for playing blocks and cars with her brother, and they have been taking turns with Sonny and Dylan this past week and filling them with blocks. As hectic as the past couple of months have been with our move and my morning sickness, I have really seen the kids grow closer and become best friends and it always bring a smile to my face.

Do you have little ones that love all things that go? Enter below for you chance to win one of two sets of the new Dylan and Sonny Lil’ Vehicles.

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