Do I Throw in the Towel During Pregnancy?

Although my nausea and fatigue is getting better, it is still slowing me down and wearing me out. One of the consistent culprits that has me hovering over the sink or toilet is when I need to unstuff pocket diapers or clean a poopy one. Dirty diapers are obviously not limited to cloth, but it is true that you may handle or smell their potent contents more than a disposable using family. So what can you do if you are pregnant and they make you nauseous or if you are particularly sensitive to odors in general?

Although I am definitely figuring this out as I go, flushable liners have been my long lost friends to aid with poopy diapers. After being “too lazy” to use them for the past couple of years, I have probably made more work for myself with my little guy who always makes an icky mess. The liners have kept my “plop it” time to a minimum and I can try and toss the diaper in the wetbag and gasp for air before whiffing in too much odor. I typically wash flushable liners that have only been peed on to use again so I do not feel so wasteful and I do not have to keep a separate waste bin around for liners, although this may not be an option for all brands.

All-in-one and prefold diapers have also been a lot friendlier to my senses the past few weeks as all-in-ones do not require unstuffing and prefolds are easy to toss in the wetbag since I don’t have to pull anything out—plus they are thick so they typically do not end up as saturated as my microfiber inserts. I recently purchased some Diaper Rite prefolds and cover from Diaper Junction and I love the shorter length for my go-to newspaper fold. I even added a second Freetime all-in-one diaper to my stash last month when minivan window-shopping turned into a new car purchase and I needed an extra diaper to get us through the evening of paperwork. Luckily there was a cloth diaper-selling boutique just a few miles away!

Even though all-in-two style diapers should fit into a similar category for ease of use since they have similarities with a prefold, I typically find that they are messier to deal with for soiled diapers and it is harder for be to reuse the cover without airing it out, because the inserts get so saturated. I do alternate covers when using prefolds, but I find that I do not always have to do it each diaper change. I think that all-in-twos can also be a good system to use for quick clean up if you have a whole system in use, have covers that you regularly rotate each diaper change, use plenty of absorption and use flushable liners to aid with cleanup.

I cannot leave out the lovely sleeve style diapers such as my two AppleCheeks pocket diapers where the envelope opening means I do not have to unstuff the diaper. These have been in my regular rotation and the last style I will put to the “can I use these when I am pregnant?” test this fall will be fitted diapers. Fall is in the air and I will be bringing out my stash of fitted diapers and wool longies shortly to see if these work out as nicely as my all-in-ones and prefolds. I have not been using these as often as I usually do in the summers as the weather has been so cool here in the Northwest and I typically let my babies go around pant-less in the summer with fitted diapers.

As much as I love how I can customize the absorption of a pocket diaper and have found that they can be one of the easiest to clean without the use of a liner, they have been one of my least favorite to use so far during this pregnancy. The bottom line is that poo and pee stink no matter what kind of diaper you are using, but flushable liners and certain styles of diapers seem to shorten my clean up time.

Do you have a certain style of diaper you always loved, but then things changed with pregnancy, additional children, wetting changes or as your little ones grew?

If you are looking to add an easy-to-use, no fuss system, the Freetime diapers are on Buy 5 Get 1 Free promo at participating retailers right now. I liked the one I purchased enough to buy a second the other week during our car buying emergency, and am looking at adding more to my stash before #3 comes along to cut down on laundry time! I’ve seen some mixed reviews with the velcro, but since I rarely ever buy or use velcro closures I can say that for us the snaps work just fine.

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  1. I’m guessing from your reference to Diaper Junction being a few miles away that your hubby must be stationed at Norfolk or Little Creek/Story? Mine’s stationed at Norfolk, but his ship is moving homeports to Rota, Spain FY 2014!

    As far as changing diapers while pregnant, my plan is to have my son out of diapers by the time I’m pregnant again!

    • We’re actually in Washington State right now (ordered from DJ online during their Free Shipping $19+ promo), but I would LOVE to be stationed in VA someday as that is “home” for me in the U.S.! I need to start exploring some potty learning with my little guy for sure– I am definitely more nervous with him than I was with my daughter, but who knows he may surprise me!

  2. I was just so sensitive during the first part of pregnancy that I could smell the pail the second I walked into the bathroom (even though no on can smell it normally–I was just too sensitive). I hung on as long as I could, but broke down and bought disposables to get through the worst of the first trimester. Once I wasn’t throwing up every day and felt comfortable going back to cloth, I did. :-)

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