Can a Pregnant Woman Get Some Fresh Air Around Here?

I take on a new appreciation for fresh air when I am pregnant. It seems like I cannot get enough and it is never crisp enough to tame my nausea. You can often find me first thing in the morning, with my face practically pressed up against the screen of the kitchen window trying to suck in some of the chilly early morning air as I nibble on something bland to settle my stomach. And forget a hot shower—I have to leave the door open a crack and keep the water lukewarm (or even cool) to avoid feeling suffocated. Oh, the glamor of pregnancy.

This “shortage” of fresh air is not new to this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I also got severe sinus issues during the second trimester that I finally resolved after splurging on a pricey air purifier. Unfortunately, this air purifier I purchased two years ago is no longer with us. It had a tall tower shape that had to be placed 12-15 inches away from the wall and met its fate one day when my daughter was exploring nearby and knocked it over. Although it still turned on, the occasional snapping and crackling sound it made me too nervous to continue its use.

One of the first things that caught my eye about the Rabbit Air purifier was its shape and design. The air is filtered in through the front and comes out the top, which eliminates the need to keep it far from the wall and in addition to being placed flush against the wall its wider width makes it sturdier than the tower shaped model we previously owned. The multi-filter system was a little intimidating at first, but after learning that the filters only need to be replaced every one to two years, it seems relatively affordable to maintain depending on your frequency of use. One of the filters can also be customized to better generic zovirax for sale tackle pet dander, odors or pollen, depending on your needs.

After having a little time with the air purifier in our previous home we were able to put it to work in our new home this summer. It worked overtime during the first few weeks of unpacking as we kicked up a good amount on dust and while we have had the windows open during the summer months. My hope is to maintain the air quality in my home to avoid any sinus issues this pregnancy and to keep the air as fresh as possible for my needy pregnant lungs.

I would eagerly add another one of these air purifiers to our home to take care of the second floor, but the price is definitely daunting. Luckily there are a few different models available, which offer a few different price ranges, but it is definitely an investment. I love the Artist Series purifiers which offer a variety of designs to jazz up a room or complement your home’s décor and the Paul Frank patterns would be adorable in a child’s space.

This air purifier has been whisper quiet, except when I inevitably burn the second side of the bread while making grilled cheese or the cats plop down in front of the odor sensor and I know that it is working when it kicks into high gear. I do not think I have had a visitor or family member who has not asked what it was (definitely a conversation starter) and I really love the cherry blossom design that reminds me of home. It can be wall mounted if you want it off of the floor and has been all around awesome– although that may be my hormones talking.

All three of my pregnancies have been different so far, but have had a few things in common like my need for cool, clean air. What was a common “symptom” you have had with your pregnancies?

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