The Sacredness of Naptime & Quiet Play

If you are a parent you know that nap-time is a sacred time. It is your chance as a parent to reclaim your sanity, remember that you really do love your children despite how rundown you feel and that even the toughest of days can have glimpses of peace. It is a time I use to rejuvenate, sneak some chocolate from the emergency stash and, most of the time, to catch up on all of the chores that I did not get done the first half of the day.

Nap-time has been particularly crucial to me over the past few weeks where I have been fatigued and under the weather, and with a preschooler who does not nap (intentionally) anymore, it can be a challenge to find quiet activities that are both engaging and entertaining. Reading, movies, coloring and quiet playtime are go-to activities, but we often need to introduce new activities or toys to keep her attention and interest on those afternoons where the Mom-s never seem to stop.

This week’s heaven-send has been our new Polly Pocket play set, which stirred up plenty of excitement upon its arrival. I remembered how cool Polly Pockets were when I was little and was eager to share this bit of nostalgia with my daughter when the opportunity came. I noticed right away that the pieces were much larger than I remember from those small little cases I remember that doubled as houses and served as a way to take the little toys on the go. Although the new version does not seem as mobile as the ones I remember from yesteryear, they are actually better for keeping track of in addition to the added suction cups on the pieces.

My daughter has been playing with these constantly this week and is excited to tell her friends about them and to show any visitors her new toys. My favorite thing I have seen her do is open up the lid to the Polly potty in the Hangout House and put one of her dolls on it before she runs down the hall to the bathroom herself. The suction cups help save a lot of long, hard set up when the house gets knocked over and are probably my favorite update. She can still lift the pieces on her own, and they end up scattered here and there, but they will not move when she is setting up her scene (and they stick quite well to glass windows and doors for added fun).

Although the novelty of the Polly Pockets may fade over the weeks, I am thankful for the time they have given me to rest during brother’s nap-time as they have kept her content. They encourage imaginative play and creativity—a far better alternative to the T.V., which gets turned on far too often when I am under-the-weather or just plain worn out. So thank you to my busy toddler who wears me out, but wears himself out enough that he takes a long afternoon nap and to a daughter who enjoys getting her “tiny things” out to play with during nap-time! And hopefully mama will get her energetic, old self back soon.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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