Exploring Math & Spelling with the MobiGo 2

My love-hate relationship with technology is how quickly it changes and makes a purchase from a year or two before, a thing of the past. As tempting as it can be at times I rarely upgrade a device just for the sake of having the newest and greatest version– I had my iPhone 3 for years before finally upgrading to the iPhone 4S and I am sure it will be years until I get another updated version. Still it is very exciting when I get the opportunity to try a new or updated device.

My daughter is typically the grateful recipient of our hand-me-downs, such as my husband’s old iPhone that we have loaded with some kid-friendly apps, but she recently had the opportunity to give the new MobiGo 2 a whirl. We got our first MobiGo about two years ago when they first came out on the market and we probably have bought four or five new cartridges over the years for her to play. The MobiGo was one of our travel essentials in the car this summer during our cross-country move and it is something we often pull out for her to play in the afternoons when brother is napping.

So far we have liked all of the updates, which include a stylus that slides into the back of the device, the more ergonomic shape, and we have taken advantage of the downloadable apps for the first time. We are looking forward to the ebooks that will be coming out soon and one of my favorite features is that it is still compatible with all of the cartridges we have collected. The MobiGo 2 comes with three free downloads to get you started, plus has two built-in games in addition to the photo viewer and coloring app.

The three downloads we chose to get started were a Carrot Patch game to work on reading and spelling and a Three Little Pigs game as well as a Sushi game which both focus on addition and subtraction. I like how the downloads are affordable ($4.99 and under) and save space compared to bringing a collection of cartridges along. We may still buy a cartridge or two, since those include the licensed characters she loves, but they are definitely more of an investment.

My daughter has been playing the downloads and built-in apps the most since they are all brand new, but I hope to see her put all of her well-loved cartridges to work again once the novelty of the new apps dies down. I do not know if I would have paid to upgrade our MobiGo, but I definitely can say that the new version is better than the original if anyone were considering the purchase for their child.

The MobiGo 2 is still “screen time”, but a lot more hands on and probably more educational than most cartoons so I definitely allow a few minutes here and there. She asks for help when she wants it or needs it, but also strives to master the concepts so she can have the satisfaction of doing it on her own. It is also a good distraction so my iPhone is not confiscated (and my apps rearranged) by the kids throughout the day. Have you upgraded any devices lately?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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