Seven Ways to Upcycle Old Business Cards & 250 Uprinting Business Card Giveaway (7/31)

I finally got rid of a couple hundred old business cards I had lying around for the past couple of years as I did some last minute de-cluttering before our movers arrived last month. I had explored different ways to upcycle your business cards and tried some things but never got around to other ideas so the rest went off to the recycle center. What can I say, as organized as I strive to be, there is a little bit of a hoarder in me!

In addition to my own cards, there are business cards I get on a regular basis, from stores I make purchases from online, to offices I visit for this, that or the other thing. My goal for the second half of this year is to digitize a lot more of our files and business cards by scanning them and shredding the less crucial papers that take up space (and added a lot of weight to our recent move!) so I will likely have a few more stacks of cards to fiddle around with before I see them on their way.

Below are some of the ideas I have tried or brainstormed, but I am curious: how do you re-purpose yours?

1. Cut up a drawing or picture and glue it to the backs of the business cards to make a simple puzzle.

2. I know that I often get duplicate cards from stores I order from online or offices I stop by more than once. Set some aside in your purse to use for a game of memory in the waiting room or on the road.

3. Use as markers for seedlings so you know what you are transplanting when it’s time to move them outdoors.

4. Make homemade paper. This would be a great summer project for your kids who are home from school and even toddlers will love ripping up the cards into bits and pieces. I remember making paper in elementary school and thinking it was the coolest.

5. A flash diffuser for SLR cameras. This would work with old or new cards, of course, but it makes for much softer lighting with fewer shadows.

6. Bring new life to them by decorating them with scrap paper and make adorable place setting cards at your next social or get together.

7. Use them as embellishments or to make a 3-D effect when making handmade cards. No one will need to know what text was on the other side, unless that is part of your artistic twist.

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  1. Amy Fine says:

    I NEVER thought about reusing business cards and I HATE to throw them away so I have a box full of business cards wondering what to do with them (sometimes the kids play with them and use them as their “credit cards” when they play store…but those are some really awesome ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! :)

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