Two Cars, Two Kids & Twenty-Two Hundred Miles


In the past couple of weeks we have survived ten days of hotels, five days driving and nine states with two cars, two kids and two cats, which now that I stop and think about it, is quite the accomplishment! Although thankful to be out of the car, we are eager to get back into a routine as we camp out at a hotel the rest of the week then move into an empty house while we wait for our things to be delivered. The most frustrating thing is knowing our things are IN Washington, they are just so busy this time of year in our military community that our delivery date looks like it may not be until the middle of next week, much later than we had been planning.

The kids have been doing surprisingly well, so it is Mom and Dad who are exhausted! I think that the biggest adjustment for the kids will be getting used to not being as spoiled once we get settled over the next few weeks after being on the road and seeing relatives. I am craving heaps of green vegetables and my own mommy time at the end of the night to rejuvenate.

What has helped you the most when you have moved or been on the road for an extended period of time?

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  1. Trisha W. says:

    First, I can relate to your road trip. We just returned from a road trip with a family of nine. Unfortunately our trip included an extra week of ‘vacation’ while we waited for our transmission to be replaced. That scenario involved seven kids and I riding buckled up on the back of a flat bed tow truck with no A/C.

    As for moving, I once moved nearly nine months pregnant with a toddler in tow. We too moved into an empty house for a few days before our belongings arrived. All we had was the little bit we had stuffed into the back of our pick-up truck and covered with a tarp. I most missed having a refrigerator. My tip would be to get your children’s rooms as set up as you can with the few items you have in your cars. When your moving truck arrives, get the beds set up first and have the bulk of your boxes delivered to your garage. That will allow you some elbow room to unpack your house. If possible, be out in the garage sorting your boxes by room and facing all of the labels the same way. You will appreciate the effort when you go in search of some item in particular. Also, if your kiddos are small enough to need a child-proofed house, I would suggest going out to pick up some outlet covers and door knob covers for your outside accessible doors that don’t have deadbolts on them to discourage little ones from escaping without your knowledge. Finally, have night lights set up in the bathrooms to help your kiddos find their way in the middle of the night.

    • Thank you so much for your advice! The first of two shipments arrived on Friday and the first boxes I unpacked were for the kids rooms and it made all the difference. Granted they are still missing some things, but they rooms are the more “home-y” of the house and I think it is helping them to adjust. I feel silly being stressed out with just two kiddos, but am glad to have veteran moms like you who have been through it all to shine some light during this chaotic time. 😀


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