This is What a $256 Bobby Pin Looks Like

It pins hair back with ease, can add volume when placed just right and is a gorgeous brown shade brought back all the way from Japan. You must think I have lost my mind. Who in their right mind would spend $256 on a single bobby pin? Well I did today.

I was on week three of line drying since our dryer broke Earth Day weekend (irony at its finest) and had only been able to do some light air only drying since the dryer turns on, it just does not get hot. It would take four hours to dry a regular load though… so it was not efficient in any way, shape or form. I put my one umbrella rack on the porch that had been gathering dust and pollen and it has been working over time to make life more manageable.

It has gotten me thinking about the importance of having the right equipment for line drying. If I did not have a drying rack it would have been very stressful, and if I had more than one drying rack it would make things easier for me. So the amount of work line drying takes is really relative to the equipment you do or do not have. So I believe that to effectively line dry all your laundry you need more than one drying rack for a family of four.

The brand certified repairman finally came today and opened up the machine to see what the scoop was. Did the fuse blow? Or worse, did the heating element burn out? Those would be the two possibilities for what we were experiencing. The bad news was that it was the heating element. Something that rarely happens and that he had only dealt with on a rare occasion.

A few minutes later, he emerged with the blown heating element along with the culprit of this unfortunate accident. A bobby pin. My husband and I laughed that nervous laugh where you do not know whether to laugh or cry, but I think the jovial personality of the repair main helped us keep ourselves together. I will not lie, there is a part of me that still wants to scream in frustration. Really a bobby pin?

So lesson learned. Bobby pins are narrow enough to fit in some of the crevices in a dryer that coins or other items frequently left in pockets would not. So keep close tabs on  those bobby pins, mamas, bobby pins and dryers are not a good mix.

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  1. Emily Ashton says:

    Clever Post! But I am SO sorry about your dryer!!

    • Unbelievable, right? Perhaps they should start putting an extra screen door type material behind the holes up top to avoid this sort of thing. You’d think they would think of that sort of thing on a $1000 dryer!

  2. Adrianna Cooper says:

    Oh my! So THIS is what happened to your dryer! I’m going to be checking pockets again!

  3. The underwire in bras can also be a problem for dryers. My repairman found 2 when my dryer went out, I was lucky it only shorted out a wired, so easily could have been the heating element. No telling how long that underwire had been hanging out inside the dryer-months or years.

  4. we had this same thing happen, except to our washer. the bobby pin got stuck in the pump and it wasn’t draining properly for a week before we found the bobby pin. who would have thought?!

  5. I just finished putting my dryer back together after it wouldn’t stop heating, even after the cycle was over. the culprit? a bobby pin!!! at least I’m not the only one!


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