Realizing My Body’s New Potentials

I have done a pretty good job losing my baby weight after both of my children. I have gotten down to around five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight with both kids, but I started my second pregnancy much heavier after I gained weight after my auto accident. Over the past couple of months I have decided that I need to think outside of the box I once knew. My friend recently got her personal trainer certification and has been running exercise groups for her friends and has inspired me to find out what I can do rather than focus on everything that I can no longer do.

I have been working out twice a week with the gals and trying to go on walks a couple days a week, and although I initially lost a couple of pounds I have gained two pounds in the last few weeks. Really? There is nothing more frustrating than gaining weight when you are actually making an effort to lose weight and get healthy. I keep telling my husband that I want the easy way out and get a tummy tuck. Although I am not completely serious, it sure would be nice to have a jump start to maintain a trimmer physique.

Come to find out that I am not the only one having the same frustration. I talked to a friend the other week and found out she even went to a surgeon recently to find out the price of breast implants and a tummy tuck. She is not going to follow through with it at this point, but like me I think she is struggling to embrace the body she has after childbearing. Motherhood, life events, and age all change our bodies in one form or another so how we keep healthy evolves over the years. It can be hard to accept that we cannot do something we used to or that the exercises and routines that worked for us before need to be changed as our bodies change.

I asked to be measured by my friend when we started exercising together a couple of months ago, which was the best thing I have done because it is helping me feel less discouraged. Ten weeks later I got remeasured and I am still a bit bewildered that I lost three inches in my waist alone. It seems that I have been gaining some muscle back that I had lost since the accident, and although I still do not feel a huge difference in my clothing the measurements are proof that something is happening.

Although I still have my “problem area” (baby tummy zone) to tackle, I am feeling renewed motivation and know that I need to get over the number I see on the scale. That does not show enough of the picture to mentally and emotionally reward me for my efforts. Can women get the same body back before bearing children? Rarely the same body in my opinion, but I believe that we can achieve a beautiful, healthy body if we accept and embrace our body’s new potentials rather than focus on the I used-to-be’s.

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  1. For me the only thing that ever worked was a juice fast (obviously not 100% since I was nursing). After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead I couldn’t NOT do something!

    I found it varies so much with each pregnancy. After my #4 the weight fell off quickly, not so with #5.

    • I have looked into juice fasts, but it seems like it flushes your system to reset it for better health more than keeping the weight off. Did the pounds stay off for you?

  2. Emi,

    You are right on! My body will never be the same- most women’s aren’t as they bear children, age, and deal with all of life’s circumstances. But I love my body for what it is capable of. I think your new approach is a healthy one that will lead to a happy Mommy. Good for you! Thanks for posting this.

    • Susie I love how you said “my body for what it is capable of”. Creating a life is a ridiculously awesome and humbling feat and I am still in awe sometimes when I think that I carried my kids inside me! I just want to be healthier and feel healthier. but more importantly stop trying to be a size six again. These hips are never going to shrink that small again!

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