Ones & Twos All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ #Giveaway (6/6)

Here is my little man’s new favorite spot: on a step stool playing kitchen. He has actually figured out that he can move the step stool where he wants to get into more trouble than he could before. He is a very curious, busy boy and as much fun as he is, he leaves a trail of toys and snacks across the house and I am constantly chasing after him to keep the house in shape. Without enough hours in a day to keep up with the kids and keep the house in “for sale” shape, I have been relying on a lot of all-in-ones and prefolds to simplify my life and laundry.

One of the all-in-ones in my rotation has been the Ones & Twos AIO cloth diaper. This is modeled to be an easy transition for families or caregivers moving over from disposable diapers with its aplix closures and straight forward design. It is relatively trim and comes with a doubler that cane be set on top or stuffed in a pocket opening to increase the absorption. I can see the diaper being a good option for newborns on the lowest setting without the doubler and a no-fuss daytime option for older infants and toddlers. I personally have not used this overnight, because it does not offer enough absorption for my toddler, but it may work for some light wetting infants

My son is a pretty average sized toddler and wetter so this diaper has worked fine for us during the day. I can see how very heavy wetters or chubby babies may outgrow the rise or the absorption as older toddlers, so like all diapers this may not be for everyone. My daughter was off the charts for the first three years of her life and a very heavy wetter so this diaper may not have been as strong as an option for us then, but it works for us now.

Overall this is an easy to use diaper, but the trim fit will compromise some absorption even with the added doubler, so you may need to change diapers more frequently. I did not receive a bamboo booster to review so I cannot comment on the amount of absorption it adds, but since bamboo is a pretty thirsty textile it may be a good option for your heavy wetters or to reduce the number of diaper changes. I will be curious to see how the aplix closure wear over the months and I would be eager to see a snap version released in the future.

Overall Rating: 9

Overall Fit:


Size/Weight Range:
6.5 lbs – 39 lbs (3kg – 18kg)

Closure Style:

Ease of Use:

There is a thin layer of absorption sewn into the diaper appropriate for newborns and very light wetters (or if you prefer the trade off of frequent diaper changes for a trimmer fit) and the diaper also includes a stay dry doubler that can be set on top for medium wetters. Bamboo soakers are also available for purchase in 2-packs to be used in addition to the included soaker for heavy wetters, naptime and may even work for some little ones overnight.

Materials Used:
PUL, suedecloth


Pocket Opening:


Good adjustability

Hugs thighs well and can be adjusted well with the aplix closures.

Casing/Elastic Style:




Care and Use:




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A sample was received to facilitate the review. No compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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