New Babykicks Basic Pocket Diaper and the Updated Premium Pocket Diaper


New products always bring a feeling of excitement, because it signifies how far cloth diapers have come and that they continue to get better and offer more options for families. Babykicks has just released two products, a new Basic Pocket Diaper and an updated product they have named their Premium Pocket Diaper. I received these last weekend and have only had a chance to use them a couple of times after prep, but they have everything we have loved about Babykicks over the years with some added upgrades.


Basic Pocket Diaper

At $15.99 per diaper, these will be in good competition with other popular one size pocket diapers on the market, but with some added hemp absorption. It has a one size microfiber and hemp combination insert that can be stuffed or set on top as an all in two (hemp side up) for easier diaper prep or added money savings.

The insert is long and needs to be folded to fit in, particularly on the lower rise settings, but this works well for us since my son is a front wetter. There are no stitch “guides” for where to fold the insert like the premium insert, but it marries microfiber and hemp for a thirsty insert. The pocket opening is in the front of the diaper, so I usually stuff it then fold it over and tuck it in the opening, but you would probably want to fold it first if you want the added absorption in the back.

It fits my son well and the narrow crotch allows a trimmer fit (see orange diaper, above). The microfleece is soft, stay dry and will hopefully stay in tip top shape wash after wash. All in all this seems to be a great diaper for its price point and I will keep you updated with its durability as we are able to use it longer.


Premium Pocket Diaper

This is an updated version of their 3G Pocket Diaper and it seems as though they have taken the good and made it a notch better. The first difference with both of these releases is the aplix option (see red diaper, above). Although I have more snap than velcro diapers that I personally own and prefer, velcro are essential in our stash for babysitters and the squirmy diaper changing stages.

I received this diaper in aplix closures and was surprised how much I like it! It is highly adjustable (it is also available in their original side snapping closures) and the velcro is soft to the touch. I would have loved this on my daughter during her diapering years who was off the charts in height and weight (she is now officially on the charts in the 93rd to 97th percentile at the age of four)! The long tabs also work in our favor for my son because I can overlap the tabs to get a tighter fit around his waist.

They have kept the soft fleece leg gussets to allow air flow and reduce red marks on thighs and they have added a new bamboo velour inner lining. The velour is soft and has a low pile which I hope will add to its durability and stay dry nature. The insert is a one size hemp insert with stitching to give guidelines as to where to fold it for different sizes and is generously wide in the back. It reminds me of the seat on a bicycle in its shape and gives added absorption in the back to allow the insert to stay slightly trimmer without compromising absorption.


My verdict between the two? I think I prefer the premium diaper with its added features, but I like the basic pocket diaper as well. They each meet the needs of different budgets and preferences, and I look forward to seeing how the aplix wears over the months and how the microfiber and hemp insert continues to wash up.

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. I would love to try babykicks! I just ordered some hemparoos to try out! Found you on the Cloth Diaper Blog Hop. We have a cloth diapering bloggers facebook group to share and get ideas about blogging and cloth diapers! I would love for you to join us, we have so much fun!!


  2. You can’t beat the gentleness of the fleece leg gussets on chunky thighs!


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