Little Boys & Their Dump Truck Toys

What is it about steering wheels and dumping that just make little boys tick? We had a birthday party for my daughter at an outdoor park last weekend and there was one point where I panicked, because we had lost sight of our toddler. I thought my husband had him and he thought I had him. Come to find he had walked over to the playground equipment with some of the older kids, climbed up all the stairs to the top to play with the steering wheel. So he ended up being in sight, we just did not think to look up. Crazy boys!

I am starting to see the gender differences between my kids now that he is a toddler. Sure they are different kids, but he goes for the blocks and cars over the stuffed animals and dolls, and if he sees a steering wheel his eyes light up. We welcomed a new Steer-Me Steve dump truck to our toy bin last week and the first thing he grabbed for was the steering wheel (of course) and he had a ball pushing it around the wood floors of the living room and hallway.

My parents got him a big bag of Mega Bloks for his birthday this past Christmas so this is a perfect complement to those toys we already have. He is practicing stacking the blocks on the top portion of the dump truck and pushing it around while making a vroom sound. My daughter likes to share with him and pull the lever, which he is still trying to get the hang of, but I like how he can pull the back down to spill the blocks without the lever so it accommodates for different stages of development.

To see their whole range of products visit Mega Bloks online and be sure to stay in the loop and to enter contests through the Mega Bloks Family Club online and Mega Bloks on Facebook. The Family Club currently has a mother’s day giveaway for a spa day and Apple iPad! Now to the fun part. Two lucky tots will get a Mega Bloks Steer-Me Steeve of their very own. Enter the widget below for your chance to win!


Product Details

Your truck loving child can drive around with the Steer-me Steve Dump Truck by Mega Bloks and pretend he is a big rig driver himself. Steer-me Steve is perfectly designed for little hands to grip the steer along wheel as they drive through the house picking up the included blocks in the set as his cargo. Stack the blocks on the truck bed or carry them to a new location for construction – it’s all up to Steve and where your child takes him. Once Steer-me Steve and your child reach their destination, the dump truck bed empties the cargo with a simple lever pull. After Steve is empty, it is time to go find another load!

Steer-me Steve’s happy, smiling face encourages interaction with your child as they drive around looking for new building adventures!

• Easy grip plastic steer along steering wheel

• Quick pull lever to empty cargo

• Fun, colorful design

• Includes 7 big Maxi blocks

• Cheerful, friendly face

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