Getting the Car Organized for a Week Long Car Trip ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart Travel #Giveaway (5/24)

We are moving in less than a month and I am getting excited and nervous. I am excited for change, but the thought of a week in the car with two kids and two cats intimidates me. How will the kids do? Will the cats drive us mad? Will my father-in-law be able to help out for part of the drive or will be both be driving separate cars for 36 hours? There are many questions on my mind that will not be answered until we are en route, but I am trying to do my part to minimize stress on the road.

I have started to organize my car to ensure there is a place for food and entertainment in reach and protection for our seats from the dozens of meals we eat on the road. We have been owners of the Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seat Saver for a couple of years now and they are my first defense for crumb and splatter control in the back seats. My kids are always drinking and munching in the car and I can only imagine how horrific my seats would look if I did not have these installed.

I purchased ours to match the interiors of both of our cars and they have kept the leather looking new. Occasional crumbs or drips make it past, but as you can see in the photo (bottom, right) the raised lip in the back and sides catch the majority of things and the rest can be cleaned with a quick brush or wipe. The Seat Saver also serves as a sort of kick mat when your toddlers are still rear facing. We use both sections of the Seat Saver even with infant and toddler seats for this reason, and you can see the wear and tear my little guy has put on one of ours in the picture below (top, right) since his feet have recently gotten long enough to reach.


A new addition to our car is the new Prince Lionheart Back Seat Organizer. This is our second back seat organizer we have owned and I gave up on my last one because it took up a bit of my daughter’s leg room and contents would fall out of some of the pockets when we were driving. So far I like the low profile and although it does not offer as much storage as our previous one, the contents have stayed in place and it offers me more storage than not using one.

It has room for sippy cups or bottles, pockets where we keep our coloring materials, a hook on each side for infant toys, hats or miscellaneous items as well as CD or DVD storage we have not yet utilized, but will on our long drive next month.I like it enough that I am contemplating getting a second for my son to put his things in on the other side, but we may benefit more with a kick mat once he is forward facing as I have a feeling he will not be as kind to our car as my daughter has been.

I can already highly recommend their Two Stage Seat Savers as we have been fans and users for a couple of years now, and our upcoming travels will truly put the Back Seat Organizer to the road trip test. Is your car road trip ready for the summer?

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Samples were provided by Prince Lionheart, but no monetary compensation was received and the views are my own. Additional products mentioned were purchased at my own expense. 

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    Hi Emi, I have your button on my blog, but there was no place to put the url to the button, so I am leaving it here!
    Thanks for the chance to win this organizer!
    Safe Travels!

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