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Reusable. Healthy. Affordable. These are likely words that motivated you to cloth diaper, switch from paper towels to dishcloths or got you started making your own homemade cleaners. One thing that you may have been intimidated by or avoided completely are reusable feminine hygiene items. The fear of bulkiness, additional laundry, stains. These are all real concerns that cross our minds and often lead us to find alternate ways to be green.

I wrote numerous articles and reviews on mama cloth a couple of years ago when I explored what they were all about and although they felt a heck of a lot better than disposable pads (which I had avoided like the plague), I was curious to try a reusable tampon alternative. I ordered a reusable menstrual cup, but shortly after it arrived I got pregnant. So my experimenting was put on hold.

Fast forward to last winter and I pulled out that reusable menstrual cup that had been waiting 18 months to use and was excited to jump in, feet first. It was not complete love at first sight like I had hoped, as there is a little bit of a learning curve, but I planned to stick with it for a few more cycles. It was probably my second cycle that I really felt like I really had the hang of it, but I still felt like it was a little large. It was not hard to put in or uncomfortable once it was in, but taking it out was a little awkward.

I was introduced to the Lunette brand a couple of months ago and decided to give another brand a try. They have different sizing recommendations and a rainbow of colors so could not help but get excited. The colorful cups are cheerful and make the not-so-cheerful-monthly-side-of-me a little a little happier. The sizing recommendations made me feel like I could choose what was best for my body rather than sticking to a generic “have had children” or “have not had children” sizing.

I still had a hard time deciding on which size to get after reading through their recommendations and ended up getting the smaller size. My cycles had been on the light side and the other brand I had tried felt a little large, so I crossed my fingers that it would work. Thankfully, it worked out for me and I love it!

The material of the smaller size is more flexible and the cup does not feel as bulky. The antenna can be cut shorter, and the flat shape makes it easier to grab. Of course my cycle went back to a normal flow this month so I did have a slight leak on one day, but it was nothing that a liner would not fix. I am eager to try the larger size to see if it would alleviate any leaks and still be similarly comfortable. I would even entertain the idea of using the size 1 for lighter days and the size 2 for heavier days of my cycle. Plus, it is a nice excuse to pick out another color.

So after about six months of using reusable menstrual cups and two cycles with the Lunette, I am proud to say that I am officially a convert to reusable menstrual cups. I wanted so badly to find a reusable option that was comfortable, low maintenance, did not add to my laundry loads for the week, and helped me to feel more in control. More in control of my body, my cycle, and my budget. I am actually even excited to use my reusable cups as each month rolls around, rather than dread its arrival like in the past.

To see the full line of colors and to learn more about the product visit Lunette online. You may also find retailers or shop on their website online, and if you are a store owner and would like to add Lunette Menstrual Cup to your store please click here.

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