Mama, I Want Some Popcorn

This is a request I often dodge and we only indulge in popcorn every once in a while. Why? Mainly because I have known about the toxic gases that microwave popcorn bags contain and I feel guilty about making it with this knowledge is in the back of my head. I am not sure if I want to spend the money on or add to my kitchen gadget clutter with a air popper (plus most are made of plastic, and I would guess they are not favorable plastics). I was sitting this morning in the (almost) peace of only one child being awake and I read about how you can make popcorn in the microwave in a brown paper bag!

I know you earth conscious mamas will ask if there is an eco-friendly alternative to using a new brown paper bag every time and I am exploring that, but it is not any more trash than the prepackaged microwave popcorn and much more easily biodegradable since it does not have any icky plastic coatings on it. The one recipe I found is here and another one here. The second link refers to a microwave bowl that you can also purchase which seems more eco-friendly because it is reusable, but I have no idea what kind of plastic is used.

So what is a mama to do? My brain is ticking and I cannot help but think there must be a way to make this is a glass bowl which would solve the mystery plastic problem, but would be reusable. Now I need to figure out what I would use to loosely cover the popcorn, yet be secure enough to hold the popped kernels in. Plastic wrap? Freezer paper? parchment paper? I have officially rid my pantry of the “evil” prepackaged varieties and have a large bag of kernels waiting to be experimented with. Of course I cannot help but think that an on-the-stove method may be the easiest alternative that will not require any new equipment. Let the experiments begin!

How do you make your popcorn?

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  1. I use an air popper…but I’ve heard the stove option is really good, too.

  2. I usually just make it on the stove on a pot. Works great and is SUPER easy!!

  3. Heather Mills says:

    I use a large stainless steel pot with a lid. Put in about one-third cup of coconut oil and heat on medium until melted. I put in 1 kernel and wait for it to pop, then add the rest of the popcorn. Shake unroll popping almost stops. This popcorn needs no butter, salt is to taste. This is very delicious and coconut oil is very healthy.

  4. I literally have a blog post about this exact same thing going up on Thursday (not copying, I promise). My solution is to pop the kernels without anything on them, and then reuse the bag for at least 3 pops. So what I do is just pop completely plain kernels, and then add a quick spritz of olive oil and a pinch of salt in a bowl once it’s popped and save the bag for a few more uses.

  5. I use a hot air popper (the area where seeds sit & pop is metal inside the plastic) & it allows my toddler to watch it pop.
    I also have made it in a poton stove like the previous poster mentioned but not as much fun for toddler since they not allowed by stove to watch.
    As far as microwaving popcorn in glass bowl I would try w/ a little oil at least to help them pop. Using plastic wrap in micro is thought to be cancer-causing so please avoid. How about covering w/ very slightly larger glass bowl so as to sit on top & fully cover

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