Cheeky Cloth Diaper Review ~Plus~ AI2 or Fitted #Clothdiapers #Giveaway (4/23)

Spring is here, which is the beginning of “wear fitted diapers around the house without covers” season for us. What I used to do when my daughter was young was put a piece of felted wool I made from an old sweater under the soaker of her fitted diapers to add a little protection while she ran around the house to reduce soaking through the wet zone; however, the new Cheeky Cloth diaper we were able to review makes for a much more practical and effective version of my previous attempts at showing off adorable fitted diaper prints. Cheeky cloth diapers are available in both a traditional fitted and all-in-one or snap-in-one style (referred to as an all-in-two in her shop, presumably because the soaker snaps in) and the all-in-two style has a hidden layer of PUL sewn under the cotton fabric.

I wouldn’t recommend this style for naptime or overnight without a cover, because you will get some wicking at the legs when it is saturated (at least by a toddler), but it makes for one happy mama when I get to show off my fitted fluff in style without any wet spots left around the house. The bamboo inner is soft, the designer print is adorable and we only had occasional wicking when he had saturated the diaper. Do not let this turn you off, because it is important to understand the pros, cons and conventional uses for each style of diaper and that it will depend on your child’s age and wetting patterns.

The diaper fabrics are prewashed before sewing so you do not get any uneven shrinkage and it has washed up beautifully. I personally love to let my kiddos run around in their fitted diapers around the house, but I would recommend that you use a cover with the all-in-two style as well, since a diaper change may get delayed if you get stuck in the grocery line and there’s nothing more embarrassing (in the world of cloth diapers) than having wets spots on their pant legs. So enjoy the cuteness at home and put a cover on it when you are out and about and you are good to go.

Last but not least, the mama behind Cheeky Cloth is from Washington State where I will be moving in the summer! I just had to shout that out as we get excited and anxious about our move this summer.

Overall Rating:  8.75

Overall Fit:


Size/Weight Range:
One size

Closure Style:

Ease of Use:

  Moderate absorption good for daytime use. The fitted version or all in two with a cover will obviously hold more moisture when needed. Doublers may also be purchased in sets of two for added absorption for heavy wetters, naptime and even overnight for some babies.

Materials Used:
  Cotton, bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, PUL


Pocket Opening:

Moderate, adjustable

Good adjustability and includes cross over snaps for skinny babies and for making cloth diaper “bundles” when changing diapers away from home.

  Soft on his legs, but good protection until saturated. This seems to be more a result of the style of diaper (hidden PUL) than the fit of the though elastic. Not an issue when a cover is used.

Casing/Elastic Style:



$24.50 (AI2), $19.50 (Fitted)





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