We are Moving!

We have lived in one place for five years (and my husband for six), which any of you in the military or with friends in the military know is rare. The hard thing has been that we did not know we were going to be here this long, so we have been on our toes the past couple of years wondering when this inevitable day would come. Although it is not quite here yet, we found out where we are moving in the summer and I thought I would share it with all of you!

Do any of you recognize the mountain pictured? If you guessed Mt. Rainer, you can guess where we will be next. Ft. Lewis Washington! It is between Tacoma and Olympia and I believe it is about 45 minutes from Seattle. Although I have never been there and my husband has only been there for a brief visit years ago, we know that it will be a really great fit for our family.

I am a city girl and rural life has been a good experience, but I am ready for the hustle and bustle of civilization! I know it rains a lot there, but the Pollyanna in me says that it will be reminiscent of the month-long rainy season I grew up with in Japan so a cute pair of rain boots and I will be good to go. Aside from my nervousness about selling our home and taking on my first move with children to the opposite side of the country, I am really very excited. We could not ask for a better assignment.

There are more opportunities for me to work part time there and we even have a rental home already picked out and are waiting to secure the paperwork. It definitely helps to have so many friends already living there to scope things out for us (sometime else that happens when you live somewhere so long) and I was surprised to find out how many childhood friends and acquaintances are in the state as well. I also hear there’s a nice green parenting community and lots of Japanese food!

Are any of you from the Seattle area?

photo by: jeweledlion
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  1. Saw the picture and knew immediately, without looking at your post, where you were moving. I grew up in Tacoma and knew MANY military families! If you need any suggestions for great things to do, I have a huge list! Enjoy, western Washington is such a beautiful place to live!

    • I definitely want the list! I am especially excited that we will be moving in the summer as I hear that is the most beautiful time of the year.

      • Emi,

        Yes, summer is a nice time of year, less rain. Although, some years summer is very short with only a couple of days in the 90’s. Okay, here the list just off the top of my head:

        1. You will definitely want to check out Mount St. Helen’s, it erupted in the 80’s and there is lots of neat information about how the mountain is recovering, plus is it beautiful.
        2. You can also visit Mount Ranier. Also, gorgeous.
        3. In Tacoma, there is a nice little beach called Titlow Beach. You can walk probably several miles on the public beach when the tide is out and even walk right under the Narrows Bridge (actually there are two bridges there now). Check out the history of the Narrows Bridge, it is very interesting. Right next to the beach, there is a nice park with a pond, walking trails, fields, and community center. I cannot tell you how much of my childhood was spent there!
        4. There is also a moderately sized Zoo in Tacoma at Point Defiance. The Zoo is obviously a great place for kids as well as the free park around the Zoo.
        5. I know there is a huge water park on the other side of the bridge. I have not been there is years but it was always a good time.
        6. You can also check out Gig Harbor (also on the other side of the bridge). It is a neat town to walk around, very scenic.

        I hope some of these suggestions are helpful. Let me know what you get to try!

        • You’re a doll! Thank you so much. We definitely want to take advantage of the summer while we are there and these are great outdoor activities for us. I am getting so excited 😀

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