Do You Know Your Family Health History?

So we are at the end of American Heart Month and Welch’s has got family health history and heart health on my mind. I regularly worry about my family’s nutrition and things of that nature, but a healthy heart is not typically what I have in the forefront of my mind. I try and provide wholesome foods for my family with lots of fruits and vegetables and as a general rule I try not to “drink my calories” unless it is a healthy smoothie.

Welch’s Reward Your Heart campaign emphasizes the importance of knowing your family’s health history, provides shopping tips, coupons, heart-healthy resources and recipes. Even though we don’t buy juice on a regular basis, I love concord grape juice and it is wonderful to have occasionally as a treat. It is probably the most satisfying juice per ounce for me as it has just a deep flavor, which makes it a favorite and why I was intrigued to learn more about their campaign. It is also one of the lesser known foods for heart health next to olive oil, fish and oatmeal. The shopping tips, active lifestyle and other healthy living recommendations from the website are ones that I already strive for, but their emphasis on knowing my family health history really hit home.

Although I know about major illnesses, I do not know a detailed history of my family’s health. I have two grandparents who have suffered strokes and one a heart attack, and a brother with diabetes but I do not know much more than that. I need to make a better effort to get a more detailed family health history so that I have it as a better resource when speaking with my doctor and to pass on to my kids so that they have that information at their fingertips in the future. Welch’s Reward Your Heart program offers a form you can fill out with your family’s health history and print so that you can have it on hand, share it with your family or bring it to your next doctor’s appointment. At the very least you are able to provide your health information to share with your family and hopefully your other family members will be on board about sharing theirs to help you fill in the gaps.

Do you know your family’s heath history?

Welch’s juice samples and campaign information was provided by Welch’s. I was not compensated for this article and the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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