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My Top 5 Car Seat Reminders Plus a Look at Our New Car Seat

It has been quite some time since I have written about car seats and car seat safety and now that we moved my son into my daughter’s car seat and bought her a new one I figure it is about time. As a refresher or for those of you who are new and have not […]

Do You Know Your Family Health History?

So we are at the end of American Heart Month and Welch’s has got family health history and heart health on my mind. I regularly worry about my family’s nutrition and things of that nature, but a healthy heart is not typically what I have in the forefront of my mind. I try and provide […]

Coo Coo for Coconut Oil

I have been compelled by coconut oil this past month and have been finding dozens of different ways it can be used. Boy is it one versatile product! I am all about having multitasking products in my home and I think it has found a permanent place in my pantry. I actually have gotten to […]

A Week Without Cloth Diapers & Healthier Disposables to Consider

There have been days or times where I have turned to disposable diapers over the years or used disposable liners with a cloth cover; Yet I cannot think of a time that I went a whole week at home without a cloth diaper. I typically only turn to disposables for an occasional day while I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Celery Art

I saw the cutest idea in a magazine recently and when I was cutting up some celery for dinner last night I decided to keep my preschooler busy with a fun Valentine’s Day art project! The bottom of a celery stalk is usually cut off and discarded, but it makes the most adorable “rose” shaped […]

The Quintessence of Successful Goals & Organization

We are well on our way into February, but I still have lots of simplifying to tackle– doesn’t sound too simplistic now, does it? But just as a refresher from my previous article, my goal is to weed out the different forms of clutter in my life so I can focus on what is most […]

Categories versus Tags in WordPress

So it has been months since I officially made my switch to WordPress, but between traveling the month of October, the holidays and some personal legal matters that have been consuming my life the past two months I still feel like a newbie. One thing that was on my to-do list, but was put on […]

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