The Hiney Lineys Versa is an Updated, Accessorized Version of the Original You Love ~Plus~ #Giveaway (2/3)

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When I had the opportunity to review the original Hiney Lineys Sized All-in-Three system it was clear it was the perfect solution for families to put their prefolds to good use as inserts. Or another way of thinking of the system was as a cover for prefolds or other inserts with a snap-in stay dry lining option. The snap in liner was one of thoes things that I had thought of in my head as a future invention I needed to tackle if it did not come to pass, but I was relieved after this original review to see that there was a product on the market much like I had envisioned.

Fast forward almost two years later and we have the new Hiney Lineys Versa, which still offers the snap-in stay dry liner but has some nice improvements. First of all, the sizing system has been updated so that there are less covers and liners to purchase. The one size cover fits from 12-35 pounds and may be the only cover you will need through potty training, but a newborn and big kid version is also available. The newborn size would be an affordable way to cloth diaper your newborn with newborn prefolds, but still have the stay dry layer against their bottom.

Another new accessory of the Versa is a soaker can be snapped onto the liner to make it an all-in-two diaper. Snap the liner off with the insert attached, pop a new one on and have a much better contained version of an all-in-two thanks to the stay dry liner. One of my personal peeves for all-in-two style diapers is cleaning #2’s that go “overboard” and soil the cover. The Hiney Liney Versa offers a better solution to try and avoid those messes since their liners cover the majority of the inner surface area. The inserts are made of either Zorb II which I received or soft Indian cotton which is clearly a nod to the prefolds most commonly associated with the Hiney Lineys cover.

To read a more detailed description of the system, click on the image above to be directed to the Hiney Lineys blog.


Overall Rating: 8.5

Overall Fit:


Size/Weight Range:
Newborn (up to 15 lbs.), One Size (12-35 lbs.), Big Kid (30-60 lbs.)

Closure Style:
Aplix (snap closures also available)

Ease of Use:

The optional snap-in soakers have moderate absorption and snap onto the liner for easy diaper changes.

Materials Used:
PUL, rip stop nylon, suedecloth


Pocket Opening:


Good adjustability

The cover and liner together offer good protection around the legs to contain messes.

Casing/Elastic Style:
Channeled. Fold over elastic in stay dry liner.



$16.95/per cover, $4.95/liner, and snap-in inserts start at $4.95. The cost can be a little deceiving here, because it seems expensive if you only buy one cover, insert and/or liner. Although they can be used without a liner as a cover over a prefold, for example, all of the other products are meant to be used as a system with a 3:1 or 4:1 ration of covers to liners. Visit the Hiney Liney Cost Analysis page for additional information.

Care and Use:





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A diaper was provided by Hiney Lineys for this review. No monetary compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Jennifer B says:

    the biggest surprise was that you can wash BF poop without rinsing… and it works!

  2. added your button … also, the biggest surprise is how much I would really love it

  3. the biggest surprise was how obsessed I became with cloth…WTH??

  4. Sarah Hull says:

    The biggest surprise was how much I would enjoy cloth diapering…and also how much I would wish that I hadn’t gotten a front loader and that I had stuck with my top loader for soaking diapers.

  5. The biggest surprise for me was the smell. I mean, I hardly noticed how bad sposies smelled (from all the perfumes and chemicals) until I switched to cloth and then had to deal with the smell of my nephew’s sposies anytime I was over for a visit!

  6. Tamara Szogedi says:

    How much I loved it!

  7. I have always been curious about Hiney Lineys…They are always on my list…

  8. My biggest surprise was actually how UNCOMPLICATED cloth diapering is…Everyone always makes a face when you discuss CD…”WHY!?! It’s so GROSS!!” Actually…no so gross!

  9. Rebecca M. says:

    How easy it was and how much I enjoyed it!

  10. The biggest surprise was how much I came to adore & enjoy cloth diapering.

  11. The biggest surprise I had after I started cloth diapering was that it wasn’t gross. I think I expected to have to touch poo. After a while I loved that my boys no longer had rashes!

  12. How nice it was to not have to go buy diapers.

  13. sara myrick says:

    This will be our first time cloth diapering, baby is due in a few weeks so we haven’t actually started yet but I can say that what has surprised me thus far is just how many incredible options there are! At first all of the options and information were really overwhelming but now I am really excited about them. I have even made some of my own fitteds and prefolds and my own detergent. :)

  14. my biggest surprise was how easy it is

  15. How few diapers can be washed at once.

  16. The biggest surprise for me was how much I’d like it! I was surprised that it could actually make diapering fun! Haha!

  17. lindsay coffman says:

    My biggest surprise after cloth diapering was how easy it was, that and how addicting it is!! :)

  18. I haven’t started CDing yet, but I am looking forwarding to it.

  19. Ashley Elwell says:

    For me the surprise is a negative…I am surprised at how much trouble I am having at getting them clean and finding a laundering solution that will work for me.. :(

  20. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    I had to get over the laundry routine. I am not sure I have it quite right. Maybe I can blame our washing machine :)


    follow your other blog on GFC tubbytelly

  21. How addicted I would become, I can’t stop buying diapers!!

  22. The biggest suprise of clothe diapering is how easy it is! I’d heard too many poop horror stories…and I LOVE cloth diapering!

  23. Biggest surprise for me so far has been how EASY it is. lol! It’s almost as easy as disposables & so much cheaper & baby/environmentally friendly! :)

  24. These look brilliant. Thanks for review :) Biggest surprise of cd’ing was how big the diaper butt is lol. I was all about onesies and cute baby denim with my first baby (I used disposables with her). Now I am all about leg warmers and t-shirts.

  25. The amount of time it took to find the best that minimized leaks!

  26. Audrey M. says:

    My biggest surprise was realizing I would rather have a top loading washing machine!

  27. How thick they are!!

  28. Beth Rance says:

    How easily the poo rolled off into the toilet!

  29. I’ve been reading a lot about Hiney Lineys lately, and would love to try one out! For now we’ve just been using prefolds and covers, but the stay dry versa liner seems great.

  30. oh, and biggest surprise? How big her bum looks/how it makes outfits fit so differently from disaposables.

  31. Hailey Goodman says:

    My biggest surprise was how cloth diapering can be good for the environment and a fun hobby.

  32. Just getting started.. Surprises? Strangely it makes me enjoy laundry more.. ??

  33. Pamela Frechette says:

    I cannot wait to try these diapers! They look fantastic!

  34. My biggest surprise was how easy it was. People kept telling me that, but it’s like when people tell you time with your little ones will go too fast; you believe it but you just don’t really understand it until you’re there living it.

  35. I was surprised how fashionable it made me feel about baby. I wanted people to see my kids diapers!

  36. That there are so many cute diapers out there.

  37. How many different types of diapers there are

  38. The biggest surprise I has was how easy using cloth diapers actually was.

  39. Elizabeth V. says:

    I’ve been looking at these deciding if we really need another diaper…winning one would be a great way to try them!

  40. How addicting buying all those cute diapers would be!

  41. Andrea Shindeldecker says:

    Really nice breakdown and rating system. I’ll definitely be back. Still want to try a Hiney Liney.

  42. My biggest surprise has been how much of an advocate I have become! I talk about it with new and soon-to-be new mom all the time!

  43. Jen Harvey says:

    My biggest surprise was that because of us, some of our friends started cloth diapering too! Plus, it was less complicated than I thought it would be! It has become a hobby for me!

  44. My biggest surprise was that it was trickier than I thought to come up with a washing routine that worked. but it was worth it!

  45. The biggest surprise was not a single blowout! Cloth contains the worst EBF pooplosions!

  46. I have not yet started using them, but I am surprised with how mainstream CDing is. I have seen wet bag at my son’s daycare in the infant room!

  47. Melissa P. says:

    suprised how addictive CDing is!

  48. Alisha Smith says:

    sounds like a great diaper!!

  49. Alisha Smith says:

    Biggest surprise was how easy it really is to CD! I was expecting it to be much more of a pain lol

  50. Jenny McClamroch says:

    How easy it really is!

  51. Abbey Vizelka says:

    I was surprised by how easy it was!

  52. Courtney Dennis says:

    How addicting it is!!!

  53. Jessica Bricka says:

    How easy my husband jumped on board.

  54. Theresa Beazley says:

    The biggest surprise to me was how much I would LOVE to cd my son. I’m obsessed with diapers and while I knew I’d stick with it to save money, I didn’t think I’d stick with it because I loved it so much – but I do!!

  55. Pollyanna Valenzuela says:

    my biggest surprise was the ammonia stinks…

  56. Pollyanna Valenzuela says:

    on my blog… you were on there even before the giveaway!! :)

  57. I haven’t started yet but I’m sure it will be the cost savings.

  58. my bigest surprise so far is how quickly I fell in love and became addicted to cd-ing!

  59. Emily Murnen says:

    I haven’t started using cloth diapers yet, since my first isn’t due until March. I am surprised how many different types of cloth diapers there are and how much support there is in the CD community!

  60. Melissa kaul says:

    My biggest surprise was finding out about the snappy. I had tried cloth with my first but she was so wiggly I always stuck myself. Modern cloth is so easy!

  61. The biggest surprise was how easily it bewcame a normal part of my routine.

  62. Jutta Pearce says:

    How hard laundry was to figure out! But we did and I’m proud to say through all the trials we are still cloth diapering a year later!

  63. Sara Davis says:

    I haven’t started yet. My little one is due in May, so I can’t say exactly yet what my biggest surprise is. But I will say it came as a surprise to myself that I decided I want to, even though I hadn’t known anyone else to do so.

  64. The biggest surprise for me was how easy it ended up being. People think it is more difficult than using disposables and once you get the hang of it, it’s actually easier!

  65. heather harber says:

    I researched cloth alot before deciding to use it and i have to say my biggest surprise was that i could ever get so excited for new fluff and fluffy mail haha. starting this journey i never expected an addiction.

  66. heather harber says:

    I researched cloth alot before deciding to use it and i have to say my biggest surprise was that i could ever get so excited for new fluff and fluffy mail haha. starting this journey i never expected an addiction.

  67. heather harber says:

    I researched cloth alot before deciding to use it and i have to say my biggest surprise was that i could ever get so excited for new fluff and fluffy mail haha. starting this journey i never expected an addiction! i love my fluff :)

  68. tessa smith says:

    it was easy!!

  69. The biggest surprise was how often I think about diapers!

  70. That I would become obsessed with cloth diapers! I can’t stop talking about them. I mean, its diapers, right? WRONG! So much more than that.

  71. The biggest suprise was how easy it really was. All this info about the different wash routines is soo scary and confusing, what ended up working for us was to use the FULL amount and just rinse,rinse,rinse!

  72. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says:

    The biggest surprise for me is how easy it has been. I really expected it to be yucky but something you had to do if you wanted to save money. It’s been fun!

  73. I am surprised at how much I enjoyed it! :)

  74. Cathy Lockerby says:

    My biggest surprise was the fact that it wasn’t as hard or bad as I thought it would be.

  75. Danielle Tisdale says:

    My biggest surprise was the fact that it was addicting. I didn’t know I would love diapers!

  76. Elizabeth says:

    I love my fluff.

  77. The biggest surprise was how routine it becomes! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  78. Maria Ivey says:

    The most surprising thing is how addictive it is!

  79. The biggest surprise, honestly, is how many opinions people have about how we want to diaper our child. Literally nobody other than my younger sister is helpful or supportive in my family (except my husband). Most of them are like “oh well you’ll give that up once the baby comes.. the thought of dealing with poop and laundry will make you crazy.” Ugh.

  80. The biggest surprise was how ADDICTED I became!!


  81. The biggest surprise to me, is how easy it is! :)

  82. My biggest surprise was having to deal with stripping them. I had no idea about biofilm and detergent buildup so when mine started repelling I had to do some research to figure out what the heck was going on.

  83. I have continuously been interested in Hiney Lineys…They are continuously on my list.

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