Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

So we are less than a week from Christmas and hopefully I am not the only one who just realized I completely forgot about stocking stuffers! We will inevitably put some snacks and treats in them, but I like to put small toys and non-sugar goodies in for my kiddos to dig out as well. Below are some ideas of things I have bought or just thought were cool or fun.

Bath Toys
I decided to put some bath toys in my kid’s stockings last year to gradually phase out their other icky ones and I will be continuing the tradition this year. I got each of my kids a Boon Odd Duck last year and love that they don’t have a hole at the bottom! No disgusting mildew or forgotten water and as always Boon products are BPA, Pthalate and PVC free. We also love our Boon Water Bugs they got last year and we will be adding the Skip Hop Dunck to our bath time collection this year. Although we won’t put these to the test until after they find them Christmas morning, I like how they are a multi-tasker in the sense that they are both a toy and can be used to rinse off suds.

Probably our biggest collection of infant or preschooler gear, I am always excited for opportunities to add more books to our big collection! Board books and soft books are the most practical options at this point, because it is as important for them to handle the books and practice turning the pages as it is to hear the words and see the colors and pictures. Some of our favorite books for little ones are Goodnight Moon (one of my childhood favorites), Ten Little Ladybugs, Yummy Yucky, Tuck Me In, Guess How Much I Love You, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, and the Baby’s First series. 

Small Toys
I usually toss in small presents or gifts into our stockings as well, whether or not they are from Santa, mainly to keep them away from the pets. Stackers are a great toy to both entertain kids and work on their fine motors skills. The Plan Toys Stacking Rings looks like a good option and from what I remember from seeing these earlier this fall they are smaller in size so would fit nicely in a stocking. The Brights Starts Giggables Rolling Ball has been a big hit with most my kids the pastmonth and is fist sized (once it’s out of the packaging anyways) and available in many fun animal varieties. Balls in general are well loved at our house and I like the Oballs we own, buy acyclovir 400 mg online because my little guys could hold them from when he was just a couple of months old.

I am a big advocate of music and believe in providing higher quality instruments made for little hands from a young age for them to create music and explore. Whether the budget-friendly clave sticks or a nice wee sized cabasa or even egg shakers, instruments bring lots of joy, fun and entertainment! Meinl makes a lot of great instruments for little hands in their Nino line and Remo also has a great children’s line you should check out. Most of these are perfectly stuffable for your little tikes.

Whether your baby starts teething at three months like my daughter or not until seven months or older like my son, you will want teethers to help bring them some comfort. I love natural options like wooden teething rings and I got a Junior Ringley organic cotton and wood teether for my son’s stocking last year, and we have added the adorable sun one to our collection this fall. You will, of course, want a lovely organic toy strap to attach to it to keep it off the ground when they wind up to throw it, drop it and wail it around. We love our Pippalily polkadot strap and I am tempted to get one in black since everything is being flug across the room by little man these days. Not an issue until we are out and about or in the car.

Razberry teethers have been a favorite of ours since my daughter was an infant and toddler, and although my son did not seem to like them nearly as much as my daughter, we still keep one on hand for when he cuts the next set of teeth. I have coveted the natural rubber Sophie the Giraffe teether, but have resisted the temptation to get one in fear that my dogs will discover it and I will be devastated. Perhaps with a second Pippalily strap we could reserve it to use for teething when we are away from home (and the dogs).

Appeteethers are a more comical, yet surprisingly practical option. Their food theme is really for the caregiver’s entertainment, but I received a sample and was surprised that they are actually shaped so that they can use it for their front or back teeth. Although I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this product it is BPA, Pthalate and PVC free, durable and we can use it in the kid’s play kitchen beyond the teething months.

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