Last Minute Christmas Shopping at JCPenny

There are two more shopping days until Christmas and I know there are a good number of you who still have a few things to get on your list. I am still lacking in stocking stuffers, so that is on my agenda tomorrow and Saturday since I need some unaccompanied shopping time to wrap that up. I finished shopping for my husband last week at JCPenny and got a few extra gifts on post yesterday for my sister-in-law who is coming on Sunday to celebrate my little guy’s birthday. All in all I have been significantly more on-top of my holiday shopping this year compared to previous years, but little things seem to keep creeping up on me that I have forgotten.

We live in a rural area so shopping options can be limited and although I do a good portion of my shopping online, we do have a some stores where we can shop without driving an hour away. One of these stores is JCPenny which is about a 25 minute drive away in the next town over, but we usually stop by when we have other errands to run or want some different shopping options. I don’t want to get my family something they see at the locals stores week after week, so driving a little ways away keeps things more interesting! Last weekend we had a number of stores to visit and a birthday party gift to pick up– and I had forgotten how busy stores got during the holidays!

When we walked into JCPenny I was seduced by the clothing and since I was running low on any long sleeved and winter clothing in my post-baby size, I ended coming home with some shirts and a sweater. The fleece bath robes on display looked so comfortable that I was tempted to come home with one even though I already have two I rarely wear! For whatever reason I always think of sleepwear and slippers during Christmas and often think about making it a Christmas tradition like some families to have new pajamas as one of our Christmas gifts. I suppose it’s because we open gifts in our pajamas, so why not get something cute, warm and practical, right?

My daughter and I branched away from the boys for a few minutes to find another gift for my husband although it is hard to keep anything a secret with a three-year-old. The only thing secret about Daddy’s gift is that he doesn’t know what color it is, and my daughter made sure she whispered what we got him. That’s what secret means in a three-year-old’s mind I suppose. It was still fun sneaking around with her and trying to keep my husband from seeing exactly what we were getting. We also browsed through the girls and infant clothing, purses, shoes and toys to make sure there wasn’t anything else we needed, and I was excited to put a coupon we picked up at the entrance to good use at the checkout line.

Who do you have left to shop for and do you go shopping with or without your kids?


JCPenney Don’t Panic Last Minute Shopping Guide


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of JCPenney and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. My shopping experience was in no way related to this article– it just happened to be one of the stores we went shopping at last weekend!

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