Holiday Birthday Bash: Mega Bloks Toys for Boys & Girls

So I am still in denial in many ways that 1) it’s almost Christmas 2) my son turns one on the same day. Where did the year go? He shuffles all over the house holding the wall, couch, ottoman, my pant leg and takes an occasional single step while reaching to grab his next anchor. I wait in anticipation for when he will be brave enough to take his first real steps. My daughter was already walking by eleven months, but she was a late crawler and was more determined to walk. I still have my daughter’s plastic walking stroller that she uses with her dolls although my husband is not a fan of my son using it to aid him in walking and we have a plastic shopping cart that the little guy also likes to hold onto and stumble around the house.

One of the gifts my little guy will be getting Christmas Night is a Mega Bloks Build n Go Walker and my parents actually got him a coordinating Mega Blocks set they gave me to hide for the next couple weeks, without even knowing I was working on this article for this gift guide. I guess they remember how much my brothers played with their plastic blocks when they were young and I am confident they will get years and years of love.

As much as I prefer wooden toys, the thing I like about the plastic toys we own is that they are easier to clean and sanitize, especially when other playmates are over and my little guy still sticks things in his mouth. I like the grow-with-me nature of this Build n Go Walker so it can be tugged along from behind as he grows older and also that it stores blocks inside. And doesn’t it look like the perfect toy for him to use as a toy lawn mower or even a vacuum cleaner when he gets a little older?

I had no idea how many different series and themes of products Mega Bloks sold until I started researching for this article and my Hello Kitty obsessed three-year-old finds a perfect medium between her girly and tomboyish nature with the Hello Kitty Big House block set. She loves to play with these kinds of blocks at her friend’s houses and I know she will go crazy when she sees that she will soon have her own girly set to play with to her heart’s content. This particular set has lots of tiny pieces we will have to limit to playtime during brother’s nap or at the kitchen table but she and her little friends are so Hello Kitty crazy that it will get lots of playtime. Although it includes stickers to decorate the house and accessories, I will likely put these on for her so they are straight and stick properly. If you are purchasing them for a significantly older child they may have fun putting the stickers on themselves, but preschoolers will probably need help if you want the stickers to last and the set to look halfway decent.

So if you are still searching for holiday gifts be sure to check out Mega Bloks as have a huge line of toys that infants, toddlers, boy and girls will love. Seriously, from Hello Kitty to Halo, they have products for a wide range of ages and preferences. I had no idea! For additional information about these and other products visit Mega Bloks online.

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