Holiday Birthday Bash: Do You Have Your Copy of the Changing Diapers Book? ~Plus~ Fuzzi Bunz OS Diaper #Giveaway (12/16)

If you don’t now is the time to get one! Whether you want a good one-stop resource or want to give the gift that keeps on giving (you know, saving a friend thousands of dollars!) this book is an exciting milestone in the cloth diaper community. For a limited time you can also buy and get one free, so you will have one to giveaway during the holidays or to keep as an invaluable baby shower or new mother gift. I know that local moms frequently come to me to follow up with additional questions that arise after they start cloth diapering, and although I am always happy to answer questions this is a resource I recommend for all cloth diapering families, since it answers most common questions or cloth diapering needs.

When I started cloth diapering, I had a couple of friends who I hounded with questions and tried to find all the information I could online, but I didn’t have one “go-to” resource like this. That is what got me started in my blogging as I tried new diapers, sifted through and consolidated information from websites I found, but if my husband wasn’t deployed I don’t think I would have had the hours to spend on that in the beginning. I mean, who really has the time? I still encourage families to do their research, but it’s nice to find all the basic information in one place and there are few people who know their cloth diapers like Kelly does!

The Changing Diapers book is about the size of my hand, so it is the perfect purse or diaper bag size and would tuck in very nicely into a Christmas Stocking! This book is easy to toss in your bag for those long waits at the doctor’s office when you’re pregnant or reading during nap time. Kelly writes clearly and outlines all of the information necessary to make the decision to use cloth diapers, how to start and tips, tricks and information to help you along the way. She even has included sections in the back where you can write in your favorite cloth diaper retailers, a cloth diaper bag and supply check-list, and dozens of brands and resources (like my blog!).

Buy it!
Visit or participating retailers to get your copy of Changing Diapers and to take advantage of promotional offers. For instructions on the current B1G1 offer, other giveaways and additional information visit


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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Jenny McClamroch says:

    How quickly it becomes second nature and you’re no longer overwhelmed by it!

  2. I was surprised at how easy it really is. Yeah, there is a lot more laundry but it’s so worth that extra time for me!

  3. That once I figured out what I wanted to try, it started to make sense…and that my daughter would be excited to wear them.

  4. Colleen Maurina says:

    I was surprised at how absorbent cloth diapers are and how quick and easy to use!

  5. I was most surprised about how addicted I became to the whole cloth diapering movement, that I’d actually enjoy it enough to become an advocate among all my friends.

  6. Sarah Hull says:

    The biggest surprise was how easy it was (and how much fun I would have cloth diapering!)

  7. Lauren Knipp says:

    I haven’t started yet (2 months to go!) but I’m surprised at how addicted I already am to buying diapers! They’re so cute and fun to get in the mail!

  8. how many other CDing moms i met and the wonderful friendships that blossomed

  9. Tamara Szogedi says:

    How much LESS stinky my house was! I also was amazed at how much I ended up loving it!

  10. rebecca williams says:

    I was surprised how easy it is to use cloth, and I always want to have more cloth…

  11. Angela Heffner says:

    how easy cloth diapers are to use… and clean!

  12. sara myrick says:

    Well we still have 10 weeks to go before we officially get to start trying our cloth stash but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how many different options there are to buy and how easy it was to make some of them on my own!

  13. My biggest surprise was the laundry: how much, how often…and he smell I can’t get rid of.

  14. Amanda Nordman says:

    I was surprised by how easy it was!

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I didn’t realize how nice it would be to never have to worry about going out to buy diapers.

  16. Kim Pollock says:

    How easy it was, and how much money it really saved!

  17. I was surprised about how easy it is to travel with cloth.

  18. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’m surprised at how addicting it has become…and I don’t even have one in CDs full time anymore!! LOL

  19. How easy it really is

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