Holiday Birthday Bash: Array Gift Takes the Guessing Out of Gifting this Holiday Season ~Plus~ $100 Array GC #Giveaway (12/16)

So we all have those people that are impossible to shop for, or we are so busy that we are already stressed out about finishing our holiday shopping for the season. Gift cards are a fantastic option to make sure your friends and loved ones get what they really want off their holiday wishlist this season and Array Gift puts the guesswork out of choosing one by letting the recipient choose for themselves! With over 500 stores to choose from including GAP, Toys R Us, Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods, they will definitely find something they will love. I have done a good portion of my holiday shopping online this year and Amazon is always a go-to store for me and I was thrilled to see Amazon as one of the gift card choices when I was using the site to review! The gift cards arrived within the week and I can say we will have some happy little munchkins on Christmas morning.

I was actually pleased enough with my experience using this site that I ordered an instant Array code for a friend this past week. I had been trying to decide on what gift card to get her as a thank you gift, but didn’t know what to get. I almost got her a Spa Finder card the other week, but wasn’t sold on the idea in case she preferred a different way to spoil herself. And with Spa Finder as one of the hundreds of cards to choose from she still has that option, but if she has her eye on something else she will have the choice to get that as well. So I am confident that I made the right choice by leaving the decision in her hands and I was excited at her thankfulness and surprise after I emailed the Array code for her to redeem.

The Array Gift instant gift card:

•Takes the guesswork out of gift giving!


•Allows you to shop from your computer — avoid mall parking, crowds, lines, frustration and dreaded

•Is the perfect gift every time, for every occasion.

The codes are sold in $25 increments so recipients can even redeem gift cards from multiple stores, depending on the gifted amount. And with no fees and expiration dates it doesn’t cost you anything additional, and Array takes care of the shipping of the gift cards once they are selected. To learn more about Array Gift and to see what retailers they have to choose from, visit

Win it!

An Array code was provided to facilitate this article. Additional instant Array was purchased all on my own!

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  1. My husband is the hardest to shop for because he’s very picky. Whenever I complain about him being picky, he always says it should be a compliment that he picked me to marry. LOL.

  2. Hardest to shop for? That would be the parents, for both Hubby and I. When asked what they want, they say “nothing, if we want it, we just go get it”. ARGH. I’m working to retrain them as Peanut will one day want to get his grandparents something, I’m sure.

  3. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    My mom is the hardest to shop for. Every year she only asks for pots and pans. I’d love to get her something different this year.

  4. My Mom is the hardest person to shop for

  5. tubbytelly says:

    My parents…I never know what to get them. And they insist they don’t need/want anything. They don’t even let me treat when we go out to eat.

  6. courtney b says:

    my dad is the hardest to shop for..

  7. Probably the inlaws..they have everything, and I have no idea what to get them.

  8. My oldest brother is by far the hardest to shop for. Even if I luck out and get the right thing, then he wil say it’s the wrong kind, or wrong brand, gosh he is tuff on me.
    chocho1957 at

  9. Rebecca Shockley says:

    I don’t why, but my Dad is. I wish this wasn’t so!

  10. My father-in-law. He doesn’t want anything yet I search every year for something.

    • For me it’s all the men in my family. It seems like they always get what they want when they want it rather then waiting so someone else can get it as a gift! My Dad is the very hardest though. We always got him highlighters and pens as children (he’s a professor), but I can’t do that anymore!

  11. It’s got to be my mom. She always buys stuff for herself so I never know what to get her!

  12. FIL is the hardest one.

  13. My brother is the hardest by far. The men in my life are generally harder to shop for than the women.

  14. Lauren Knipp says:

    My dad and father in law are very hard to shop for…and hubby isn’t great at giving ideas or shopping!

  15. Carla Garcia says:

    The hardest to shop for is my MIL. I never have ANY idea what to get her.

  16. my sister is the hardest to shop for. she never says what she wants, or if she does, it is some weird particular item

  17. Cathy Wallace says:

    My sis is the hardest and the grandson the easiest (always a long list)

  18. Debbie jackson says:

    hubby is the toughest to shop for

  19. rebecca williams says:

    My dad is the hardest to shop for…everything he wants is expenive

  20. Jennifer marie says:

    My father in law is the hardest to shop for-never know what he would want!

  21. My father in law!

  22. Ashley Hatten says:

    my Dad is by far the hardest person to shop for!!

  23. sara myrick says:

    My husband but that is usually because we always end up leaving each other till last on the gift list and then there isn’t enough time to really shop around for that special present or afford it when we find it!

  24. Gina M Maddox says:

    My dad is the most difficult to shop for.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. Mommydoll13 says:

    my dad i never know what to get him


  26. My mother in law is the hardest to shop for!

  27. Kim Pollock says:

    The in-laws are always the hardest every year!

  28. my mother

  29. My oldest sister is definitely the hardest to stop for. Thanks.

  30. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My dad! He never wants anything and he has everything! LOL

  31. My brother is the hardest to shop for.

  32. My brother & his wife! And they don’t like gift cards! While I love them, ugh.

  33. jamie villari says:

    I beleive my mother in law is the hardest person to shop for. I never know what she needs…
    jamie villari

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