You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too with Cake Lingerie ~Plus~ #Giveaway (11/23)

I had pretty much given up on ever wearing gorgeous bras while nursing. Granted I had seen pretty nursing bras, but I am so persnickety about the quality and materials used in my nursing bras that they rarely ever fit my standards. I had mastitis so bad with my daughter that I swore never to buy any run-of-the-mill brands and the only time I deviated from my favorite brands with my son this past year I got clogged ducts. Yet it can get boring only having a handful of choices between a couple of brands and none of the ones I owned made me feel beautiful. You know that “no one can see it, but I know I am wearing something fabulous” feeling you have when you wear a beautiful bra. I have been missing that.

Pregnancy, nursing and motherhood takes so much out of you and changes your body in so many ways that I often feel blah. And although it is not limited to a cute bra, there is something about a pretty, well-fitted bra that says “you deserve to take care of yourself a little bit more”. I don’t know if it was this Cake Lingerie bra that started it, but the past few weeks I feel like I have been making a better effort to take care of myself. I finally used a gift card I received last Christmas for a massage and hair cut, I started water aerobics twice a week and I got some new make-up that I’ve actually been putting on more than one day a week.

The Cake Lingerie nursing bra lifts and supports things just right so I think it makes me look a notch slimmer. Now that I think of it, I think I have read that a properly fitting bra should do that. It has a generous 6 hook-and-notch adjustment to grow with you during pregnancy and nursing, or postpartum weight loss and the bra is lined with cotton so it is never scratchy or uncomfortable. The straps have trim padding and I love the dainty boning and lace details. The Frosted Almond Bra and Brief Set I received is a wireless design, but they also have many bras that use their special flexiwire, which is a flexible alternative to the “forbidden” under-wire that offers support without constriction.

The only disappointment was that when I was fitted for my bra at the ABC Expo, that I discovered my nursing “endowment” had dwindled over the past 9 months and I was a smaller cup size than I had been wearing. Bummer! Regardless, I feel like I have been feeling better about myself which makes me a better mom and wife. I am much more amiable when I take some time for myself and I think my happiness is contagious. And probably a lot more attractive. So here’s to having your cake and eating it too!

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I received a sample from the company to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I need a nice new nursing bra!! Mine are in sad shape and with as hard as they are to find… well, I’m still procrastinating… with 4 weeks until EDD… lol

  2. this is going to sound weird, but my hands… I’ve always had small hands but when I look down and see my son holding my hand, my hand looks like my Mom’s and my Grandma’s before that and that image is so strikingly beautiful

  3. since i’ve had my son, 3 years ago, i feel like my eyes are more smiley…if that makes sense! he makes me laugh everyday :)

  4. Rachel Shelton says:

    My life and soul. My baby has made my life so much joyable and worth living. Before if something happened to me I didn’t worry to much about it. But now I’m scared something will happen to me and my baby won’t have a mom, so he is a gift to me and makes me apperciate life more.

  5. My hair is amazing. I know that will probably change post-partum, but I’m loving it now!

  6. My toes, because my girl loves commenting on them:)

  7. Sarah Hull says:

    Since having my son, I look at my body completely differently. I am in awe that my body grew, carried and birthed my son – which is amazing! I look at my body now and see all of the wonderful, beautiful aspects that make me, “me”. I think that my whole body is more beautiful now, since having my son than it ever was before. I think it is beautiful that life grew inside of me!

  8. Lauren Knipp says:

    I definitely have more respect for my body and all that it is capable of! I may not be happy with it, but it created and grew an amazing being!

  9. In general I just stand tall and proud as a mom. After staying home with an infant, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, etc…..I feel like I can take on anything.

  10. I feel like I have a motherly glow now…and bigger boobs :)

  11. Something that is more beautiful now? I’d have to say the reflection of my daughter in my eyes.

  12. That I don’t care what other people think of me now. I just focus on my family and that is all that matters.

  13. I feel more beautiful because I feel needed and wanted and like i really have a purpose on this earth. being the best mother to my kids as possible

  14. sara myrick says:

    I never saw myself as beautiful before I had my son. It was something smothered out of me growing up that I didn’t even realize I was lacking until I became a mom. My son is an amazingly beautiful little boy and i’m positive his sister will be beautiful too when she is born :) Their beauty helps me to believe that their is something beautiful inside of me to have made such a beautiful person! So the beautiful thing I have gained since becoming a mom is well I guess confidence? I know I am beautiful now, I make beautiful babies, how could I not be beautiful? :)

  15. I feel more beautiful and in awe of the amazing things my body can do. I am pregnant with number two and I feel like I am assisting God in a miricle!

  16. The Knapps says:

    Since being pregnant I have a new respect for my body now that it’s carrying my baby :)

  17. Maybe not to the rest of the world, but I feel as if my image of myself to myself is more beautiful. I know what my body has been through and how far it’s come! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  18. I am pregnant with my second girl and I really like how my body looks when I’m pregnant. I think my big round belly is beautiful. :)

  19. I love my muscle tone! Hauling babies and extra chores pays off with more than just a “good feeling”! I’m in better shape now than ever before and 7 months preggers to boot!

  20. I feel more beautiful about every aspect of my body and the amazing ability it has to carry a child and provide shelter until they are ready to come into this world. My hubby likes the bigger boobies LOL.

  21. I love how my belly looks when pregnant. The curves are full and beautiful!

  22. bigger boobs :)

  23. Since becoming pregnant with my second child I love how my body jusy seems to know what to do. No one has to remind it to care for this new life it just knows. I have not only more love for my body but respect.

  24. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I think my soul is more beautiful

  25. I’d say bigger boobs, but I wore a 32GG before getting pregnant, so…physically, I’d have to say my hair. After the postpartum fallout, it grew in thicker and healthier than it has been in a LONG time.

  26. Well, I guess these newly huge boobs have a way of making me feel more beautiful, but this whole being a new mother thing. It’s hard to explain but I feel like a brand new person, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

  27. I’m due next month and have been looking everywhere for pretty nursing bras! These are so cute!

  28. something that i feel is MORE beautiful about me now is my outlook on life. i was a pretty pessimistic person before i had children, and i am much more positive now. i’ve learned to be patient and more understanding. Thanks for the chance!


  29. I feel like I am more beautiful as a person since becoming pregnant. I feel like my personality has grown and it’s just amazing learning what your body is capable of doing. The extra curves don’t hurt either! 😉
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  30. i think the most beautiful trait of motherhood for me is growing in confidence of myself, and learning what’s really important… having a 100% house isn’t most important, it’s that i spend time with my son, playing and teaching and helping him become a confident, happy person.

    posted wrong link for non-giveawawy post comment… this is the right one:

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