Transitioning to the Big Boy Tub

Bathtime has not been my favorite time for the past few months, because my little guy has been in that in-between stage. He is too big for small infant tubs and I can’t bathe both my kids in the tub if I stick the big plastic tub in the bath so that he can sit in the larger toddler side. What I end up doing is trying to hold my slippery infant down as he tries to crawl, stand and do anything but sit still. At the end of bath time I am frustrated and drenched.

I was still convinced that the hassle was easier than bathing the two kids separately, but when I learned of the Blooming Bath I figured I had nothing to lose. The Blooming Bath is basically an oversized sponge that provides a soft spot for baby to bathe in the sink or bath and makes things a little less slippery for baby and mom. My three-year-old even sits on it after I take brother out of the tub, because it’s comfy and very cute. The petals can be spread apart or overlapped to adapt to different sized sinks or tubs and at $40 is comparable in price to some other grow-with-me and even newborn-specific bath products on the market.

I have been pleased with this product overall and love that you can machine wash and dry it or hang it to dry. I do end up getting myself wet trying to wring the excess water out, because it is so large and holds a good amount of water, but since I am already drenched from my ten-month-old splashing to his heart’s content this wouldn’t discourage me from using it. I like that in addition to being able to use it in the big tub when they are older, it also fits in a kitchen sink (one basin like mine, or split basin) so you can use it from the newborn stage well beyond the toddler years.

So even though I still end up drenched at the end of bath time, because my little guy likes to kick and splash the water like crazy, it has been a little easier to keep him safely in the big boy tub with sister and I am a little less stressed out. The cheerfulness the yellow sunflower also help brighten up bath time and it is also available in a fun Turquoise color. To learn more about the Blooming Bath or to purchase one online visit

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  1. The yellow sunflower is ADORABLE! He looks precious in it! What a great picture opportunity, too!

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