Trying to Make Our Master Bathroom a Retreat

The first bathroom freshener I purchased after I was married was a “cone” freshener. A little bulky, seemed to shrivel up in no time at all and not all that appealing in terms of decor. I moved on to the plug-in fresheners shortly after, but they use some electricity and now that we have pets and little hands in our home I am limited as to where I can place them– most of our outlets, outside the kitchen and bathrooms, are all low on the walls.

With two litter boxes in our master bathroom, odor control is a must and I have a very sensitive nose. This means I don’t want to smell odor, but I don’t want fragrances to knock my socks off either. I am always paranoid that our house smells like pets, and I think we have all been to homes that do and I don’t want to be that house!

The new Febreze Set Refresh Air Fresheners do have a punch to them when you open them, but similar to the cone fresheners you can slide the opening up and down to customize the strength of the scent. I initailly put if on the largest opening, because the two cat boxes in our master bathroom make it far from the “escape” a master bathroom should be, but discovered I needed a little less fragrance for my taste.

I like how slim the freshener is compared to a cone freshener, it seems to last longer and you can easily replace the cartridge so you don’t waste unnecessary plastic and can alternate scents to your liking. It also doesn’t take up any outlets or use electricity, which is a plus and it have been nice in our master bathroom to battle the litter box odors. I think I will also alternate scents, because my nose stops smelling it after it gets used to it as well as to keep things interesting. The air freshener doesn’t necessarily eliminate the litter box odors completely (my boy cat stinks up the bathroom like none other), but it adds a pleasant enough scent that I don’t notice odors as much.

I received the linen scent to review and although I am partial to fruity or food scents, I liked it better than I expected. When I visited the Febreze Set & Refresh website I did notice they do have an Advanced Odor Eliminator available, which I think would be the best fit for our home, and who knows, maybe our master bathroom would have hope to be a retreat someday. The white unit we received tied in with my bathroom decor nicely, don’t you think? Now hopefully our cat sitters won’t judge us for our bathroom odor once we return from vacation. Should I open the freshener up a little before we leave for an extra kick?

To learn more about Febreze and the new Set & Refresh product, visit their website at

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Febreze and received a Set & Refresh unit plus refills to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. May have to try this one. I would like the linen scent….i like fresh, clean scents. thanks!

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