The New Charlie Banana Fashion Collection Features Art by Matthew Langille ~Plus~ #Giveaway (10/7)

There have been some recent trends in the world of cloth diapering and one of them is custom designed artwork for diapers. It is a trend I am enjoying, because it not only brings more variety to the cloth diapering world, but it is proof that cloth diapers are hip, progressive and a work of art. Even the printed characters and designs on disposables can’t touch that. It is the opposite of the preconceptions many non-cloth diaper users have about the current cloth diaper choices on the market.

While I was at the ABC Kids Expo it was fantastic to meet so many moms in the mother’s room (mainly retailers shopping for their stores) that were actually already cloth users, but I also had the chance to chat with one particular mom about cloth diapers. She was accompanying her parents along with her brand new baby to shop for their retail store. She had no idea how easy, different, modern and adorable cloth diapers were today and I had just changed my little guy’s diaper and she caught sight of the Charlie Banana BlackBeary One Sized diaper and she was taken back by what she saw.

After giving her my plug that they should consider carrying cloth diapers in their store and if not that she should get some for her new daughter, I continued on my way through the busy expo. I had that great feeling the rest of the day that you feel when you’ve helped change someone’s conception about someone and possibly saved them thousands of dollars. All because I changed a diaper.

Products are currently available at,,,, and national and international retailers.Visit for additional information as well as for a retailer near you.

Win it!

A sample from the fashion collection was provided. No compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love Cutie & Handsome-so cute!!

  2. I like Robot Boy!

  3. Rishel Hill says:

    The cutie is adorable!

  4. I would love to win this….so fun!

  5. Robot Boy is super cute!!!

  6. My favourite print is the blackbeary! Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  7. I love cutie and the butterflies!

  8. I love the Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth print!

  9. The “cutie” diaper is just that–cute!

  10. Love Robert Girl

  11. I LOVE the Blackbeary one! I debated about buying one, but if I could win one, that would be great!

  12. I love the “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth” print. So cute!

  13. Cutie and the Robot prints are cute from the new collection. Butterfly, Orbit and Construction are some of the other prints I also like.

  14. I love Charlie Banana’s product and I love the new patterns. They are very modern and not your “typical” pattern.

  15. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    I love the Butterfly Diaper!

  16. Robot Boy is my favorite for my son

  17. Marcy Simpson says:

    I Heart Robot Girl

  18. traci robinson says:

    love the blackbeary diaper!!!

  19. I love the cutie! It would be perfect for my little one on they way!

  20. Claire Dillon says:

    Awesome! I love talking about cloth and those diapers are SO cute!

  21. The ones with robots are my fave!

  22. I like the Cutie in red! So cute!

  23. I like handsome the best

  24. I like handsome!

  25. Karine Bordelon says:

    Fun new prints! Love them all!

  26. Nikki Harris says:

    I like on Charlie Banana and The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook! My favorite new print is the “BlackBeary” its Beary, Beary cute :)

  27. I love robot girl!

  28. angela lowe says:

    I still love the boy pattern construction print the best. the new one’s are super cute but I still stick with the origionals

  29. Vanessa Tommack says:

    I love the cutie diaper! It would be so cute on my cutie! :-)

  30. I love all the new designs. I want to buy the black one next since I just bought the pink robot and handsome diaper

  31. Blackbeary is my favorite!

  32. I love cutie and handsome!

  33. I really like the girly robots print!

  34. I love/need the robot boy!

  35. I LOVE the Robots!!!!

  36. I like the Robot Boy print best

  37. Jessica Sapalio says:

    I like Handsome!

  38. Tauni Morris says:

    Loving the BlackBeary print! I’d love to have one to put on my little girl! She is due Oct. 6th!! Thank you!

  39. I love the robot girl print!

  40. Claire Guisasola says:

    I love the new robot boy print! it’s so cute!

  41. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the BlackBeary!

  42. Amanda Alvarado says:

    UGH! I didn’t realize the tweet in the form wasn’t an actual tweet until after I had submitted it so here’s the right tweet link!!/Dolphin4176/status/119251333663563776

  43. Nancy Ludka says:

    I LOVE the blackbeary print!!

  44. I like the Cutie and the Handsome diapers

  45. I’m excited for the pink Robot diapaer!!

  46. I like the butterfly print the best.

  47. Lisa Garrett says:

    Blackbeary is my fave.

  48. Krista Myers says:

    I like the cutie print. :)

  49. I LOVE the pink robots!

  50. Love the Robot Boy.

  51. Under Construction is soooo cute!

  52. Mechele Johnson says:

    I am loving Robot Girl! Cute!

  53. I love Black Beary!! scrane @ videotron . ca

  54. Liz Robinson says:

    I like the one size in shanghai green or butter.

  55. Robot – Boy is my favorite.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. I like Blueberry.

  57. Jessica Kostka says:

    I love cutie! This is probably my favorite from the new collection. Like this artist’s style!

  58. I like the “handsome” print. So cute!!!

  59. I love the Handsome print!


  60. BlackBeary is precious!

  61. I love blackbeary

  62. I like the Under Construction print

  63. I love the Robot Boy print!

  64. lovin’ the robots!!!

  65. I love the Blackbeary print.

  66. Fave print: BlackBeary

  67. Robot boy is super cute!

  68. Samantha Allen says:

    Blackbeary is super cute!

  69. Very new to CD’ing. Glad I found your blog.

  70. Karly Olson says:

    I can’t tell if this is part of the new line but my favorite is the goodbye disposables, hello cloth. If that’s not in the new line then I’d have to say the blackberry. :)

  71. Sara Myrick says:

    My favorite print from the new Fashion Collection is the Blackbeary! :)

  72. My fav is the Black Beary… Nice and gender neutral :) I would pick robots boy but number 2 is on the way so gender neutral is best :)

  73. Michelle Talavera says:

    If I had to choose one (and it is soooo hard, since they are all cute!) I would choose Black Beary!

  74. Love the butterfly print!

  75. LOVE “Blackbeary”!!!

  76. heather stevens says:

    i like the BlackBeary – One Sized

  77. I love the cutie for my cutie!

  78. Julie Kratzer says:

    i like cutie!

  79. I like the “handsome” pattern.

  80. Ashley Jossick says:

    I love Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth!

  81. Material Girl Green says:

    I love the Cutie print

  82. I love the bear print!

  83. Tondreka p says:

    I really like the robot boy diaper super cute

  84. missy huntington says:

    like the robot boy print the best

  85. I like the The Fashion Collection BlackBeary.

  86. domestic diva says:

    Black beary is great.

  87. I LOVE the blackbeary print

  88. i like cutie and the butterfly

  89. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    I love the robot in pink!!!

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