The Fine Line Between Being a Germaphobe & Protecting Your Child’s Health ~Plus~ #Giveaway (10/5)

We are entering the dreaded flu season and my kids and I just got our flu shots at the doctor today. I never got a flu shot until I became a mother and I do it to protect my children. Anyways, I let my son have his pacifier to help sooth him a little extra in addition to some mommy snuggles, since he had a rough time with the poking and prodding, plus we still had the flu shot to go. A few minutes later, he dropped it on the floor. I don’t think the nipple of the pacifier touched the floor, but to play it safe I set it aside in my bag. I don’t even want to think about all the germs that are on the floor of a doctor’s office. Anyways, a couple minutes later, as I was chatting with another mom in the waiting room, he found it and put it back in his mouth. Yuck. My fingers are still crossed that he doesn’t come down with anything.

Then it got me thinking about when its healthy to let your kids get exposed to some germs to build immunity and when it becomes irresponsible parenting. I don’t think there is a right answer per say, but I do think that parents should take caution at health facilities and public areas that may be particularly prone to germs. I will shrug some things off from time to time, but I wasn’t too excited about the pacifier event this morning, because I had meant to keep the pacifier from him until I could find a sink to rinse it in. I know they will inevitably get exposed to things, but it is a challenge to find a good balance of when to take precautionary steps and when to let things slide. Another place where I am cautious about germs is when I put my kids in the shopping cart at the store or the highchair at a restaurant (on a side note, why are the seat belts ALWAYS broken or missing? Every time. It’s ridiculous!). I know I have read studies over the years about how many germs are on shopping carts and restaurant high chairs so I purchased a shopping cart cover when my daughter was an infant, which also served the dual purpose of giving her some padding on those hard, metal shopping carts.

We lost our original shopping cart cover in the car accident a couple years ago, so I was due to get another one for my son and began my research once again. I looked around at a number of different options, and found myself back on the Etsy shop where I had bought my original cover. I loved the designer fabrics, padding and other details so I decided I would purchase through her again, but get a fun, boyish print this time around. The cover seemed to have been updated over the past couple of years, although it had been some time since I had the previous one in hand and I chose the adorable guitar print. We keep it in the car and enjoy using it when we are out and about and the fun patterns keep the kiddos entertained for short periods of time as well.

Shopping cart covers range in size, thickness, shape and quality, but I liked the Michael Mooo Designs covers because they are a little thicker than some others on the market and used designer fabrics I love. I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but I do try and make an effort to keep unnecessary germs from contaminating my kid’s and compromising their health. Do you use shopping cart covers or do you consider that a a germaphone or unnecessary accessory?

Win it!

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  1. I love the Boutique Shopping Cart Cover SAPPHIRE LUNA Shopping Cart Cover!

  2. I don’t have a shopping cart cover yet but think it is a great idea. The fabric at Michael Mooo is beautiful I would have a hard time deciding which to choose. The Baby Zoology in black is pretty cute.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I love Under Construction. It is soooo cute!!

  4. Sarah Johnson says:

    I love the guitar design, but would probably go for sapphire luna to keep it gender neutral!

  5. traci robinson says:

    i love their chocolate and blue damask basket cover!!!

  6. Jessica Sapalio says:

    I like the Sapphire Luna Baby shower gift set.

  7. I like the pink and chocolate damask shopping cart cover!

  8. traci robinson says:

    this article is soooooo me! im a nurse and im a germaphobe, but i have realized i can’t protect my baby from everything, so sometimes when he drops things i might just wipe it off and give it back, or if i can’t stand it i hide it! lol

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