My Craft Re-organization Project Featuring the Brother P-Touch Label Maker

After my son was born he stayed in the Master Bedroom for about five months until we decided it was time for him to move to his own room. The problem was that would mean our guest bed would have to move to storage and my sewing table and supplies would have to move into our bedroom. We cleared the third bedroom out, moved all of the nursery furniture in and our bedroom had stacks and stacks of sewing supplies and a double sewing table crammed into it for the past four months.

Even before I had the opportunity to participate in this blog tour I was sifting through, organizing and sorting my craft supplies in attempt to make our bedroom more bedroom-like; but without a place to put everything, it seemed like a lost cause until we got re-stationed in the future. I still have a bit to do to completely finish organizing all of my craft supplies, but I have made huge progress this past month! After searching for a craft cabinet (or a used hutch that I could repaint) for about two months I decided I needed to find an alternate solution. I just couldn’t find the perfect cabinet in the right price range for my supplies, so rather than making a hasty purchase I’d regret, I started some major reorganization efforts.

First, I purchased hanging shelves for the coat closet to store shoes and hanging shelves in the nursery to make better use of dead space so that I could free up other space around the house to store my craft supplies. I moved the bookshelf from the coat closet that had stored dozens of shoes into the nursery to tidy up his toy baskets and get them off the floor. After moving all the shoes to my new hanging shoe shelves I rinsed out all of the plastic shoe bins so I could use them to store all my crafts in a neat and organized manner. After putting three large bins of fabric on some shelves in the garage, and I started to tackle the rest.

I went through all of my fabrics and notions and I have organized the majority of my things. There are still a handful of things to go through or find a home for, but I figure if I finish some holiday projects this fall I will free up a little more storage space for the remaining items. Although not a permanent solution, all of the craft supplies have found a home in my linen closet. My linen closet previously stored the carpet cleaner, spot cleaner and misc items which now fit in my coat closet since I moved the shoe storage off the floor and up in the hanging storage shelves. I have recently donated a bunch of sheets and misc. household items which opened up some additional space in the linen closet so it is nice to be able to close the door and keep everything out of sight.

My photos don’t do justice to all the work, rearranging and organization this has taken! My husband exclaimed this week “I can see myself in the mirror!” after the last of the tubs that were stacked on our mirrored dresser found their new home. My reorganization results won’t make it into any fancy magazine, since the bins are surrounded by towels and sheets in the hall closet, but I finally cleared my bedroom, dresser and sewing table so I feel less anxious and crammed when I retire at night.

I used the Brother P-Touch label maker to label all of the containers so I know where everything is and was impressed that it was really easy to use. My handheld economy label maker had all of the letters in alphabetical order, which slowed things down since I am so used to the layout of a keyboard. The P-Touch label maker uses a keyboard style keypad where it is easy to find all the letters and you can change to capital letters by holding down the shift key just like you would at the computer.

I was surprised at how quiet the printer was and how much easier it was to cut than my previous model. Although intimidated by its size when I first received it, since I was accustomed to a handheld model, it is actually a lot easier to use and accommodates different-sized labels which makes it more versatile. I was tempted to use the Deco Mode for my craft organization project to make things pretty, but I decided to keep it simple and take advantage of that mode for other project in the future.

I finally feel like I am ready to tackle all of my fall and holiday projects now that I can actually get to all my supplies without having to dig through ceiling high piles! Do you have any fall or holiday projects planned?

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received product and a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Karly Olson says:

    This is a great idea. Too bad label makers are so expensive! I would love to do this in my kitchen, I buy most stuff in bulk so pretty much every thing is stored in tupperware. :) Thanks for sharing!

    • I love my brother label maker and recently found the tape at Sams for a discount in a three pack. The office supply places often use the label makers as their items that are rebated back for free or up to $10. So if you are already shopping for that type of supply (as in don’t get a store credit rebate you won’t use), it might be a great inexpensive way to get one for less than the price of a new label tape refill.

  2. I love that the machine is big enough to have a full keyboard.

  3. Hi,
    Great info but curious what model Brother P-Touch you are using?

    • It is the PT-1290. I still use it on a regular basis, especially this month organizing things for our move!

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