For a Silent Night, Swaddle Them Tight ~Plus~ BabyBonkie Swaddle #Giveaway (10/1)

If you’ve had a baby you know the magic of swaddling. A good swaddle can be the key for some parents to get a few extra hours of shut eye and I have heard mothers rave that their newborns slept 10 hours when swaddled just right (I obviously didn’t get the memo on this magical swaddle, since my babies don’t sleep that long until they’re like 8 months old). When my daughter was born I struggled to use flannel receiving blankets which I learned were only really good as burp cloths, and although I found some lovely and generously sized swaddles I liked for my son it seemed he would wiggle just enough after I set him down to get the swaddle loosened or unraveling. And call me crazy, but I was always worried that if I knotted the swaddle or found another means to secure it tighter that it could pose as a strangulation hazard or something along those lines. Plus, I didn’t want to swaddle him too tight either, because of the hip displacement risk so I would constantly swaddle and re-swaddle through the night.

Consequently, I see the perk of a velcro-tabbed swaddle like the Babyonkie. I have another hand-me-down velcro-closure swaddle I received before my son was born, but I never tried to use it because it seemed way too small even when my little guy was only 7 pounds. The Babybonkie Swaddles are generously sized, use machine washable luxury fabrics and come in some darling patterns. Other than the generous sizing, the fabrics are nothing like I’ve seen or felt before for a swaddle. Heck, you may have lots of extra helping hands with your new bundle of joy wrapped up in soft velour. Either way the fabrics are fabulous and since you don’t get to see their darling outfits when they’re all swaddled up, you may as well make a statement from the outside. My point and shoot camera doesn’t do the fabric justice, but I tried to take some close-ups so you could see the soft plush goodness (picture, above).

Babybonkie swaddles are available in two price ranges to fit different budgets or preferences. You can shop their affordable product line at or their luxury line at

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  1. The Groovy pattern is trey cool! I still don’t have swaddling down but this would make it super easy! :)

  2. I like the one for girls with the yellow birds on it…i didn’t see the name of the fabric though.

  3. love the bailey print

  4. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Groovy pattern!

  5. I really like the teddy pattern!
    wazzuroo at gmail dot com

  6. I love Teddy and Fredrick! They are so adorable!

  7. I love Elinor

  8. I like the Groovy print.

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I like the Ariel pattern.

  10. Sarah Johnson says:

    We’re expecting our first in January and everyone swears by these!

  11. I really like the Ben Baby Swaddle Blanket

  12. My favorite is the light pink toile design. Thanks.

  13. traci robinson says:

    i love the elinor pattern!!!

  14. Jessica Sapalio says:

    I like the Pierre Baby pattern.

  15. I LOVE the Bailey pattern!

  16. I love the Elinor Baby Swaddle Blanket!

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