Improve Circulation or Reduce Swelling & Pain During Pregnancy or Athletics with Fresh Legs ~Plus~ #Giveaway (8/21)

I am neither pregnant or a serious athlete, but as some of you may recall from previous posts or my About Me section, I am the survivor of a major auto accident. Although I have hardware in my legs and the bones have healed, the trauma of having both legs crushed still leaves my legs and feet tired if I am on them for long periods of time.

At first I wore these around the house and maybe for an errand or two, but the real test was last weekend when I was visiting family in Indiana. Since we had such a short time together we decided to have some fun at the Indiana State Fair, but my legs were definitely a concern. After all, they often tire, ache or get sore after running errands with the kids for a couple of hours, so I was a little nervous to be on my feet for an entire day. Of course we took frequent breaks, but it was my first all-day excursion in a long time.

I was relieved that evening when my legs had some soreness, but no more than they did on my shorter jaunts around town. I also like the seamless design, so you don’t end up with any uncomfortable pressure or lines from seams and the orange pair I chose were vibrant and cheerful. These will also be useful when we travel overseas this fall, to reduce discomfort when I exercise and are perfect for air travel, athletes, varicose veins, or anyone who is one their feet for long periods of time. They are also appropriate for maternity compression, and I would recommend the sock version since we all know that our feet get just as swollen as the rest of our legs when we are expecting.

For the full line of compression products, colors and additional information about the company you may visit or

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